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January 1993


Maryland Midland to Purchase Three GP38 Locomotives

Maryland Midland has announced it will purchase three GP38 locomotives.. The purchase will be made through Helm Financial Corporation.


Amtrak Orders 50 Viewliner Sleeping Cars

Amtrak has placed an order for 50 Viewliner sleeping cars to be built in the United States by Morrison Knudsen Corporation.. The purchase also includes an option for 50 more cars.. Future orders will likely include lounge cars, diners and coaches as well, but sleeping cars are the current top priority because they represent the company's greatest need.


X2000 Train Slated For Metroliner Use

Amtrak's X2000 tilt-technology train is reportedly slated for use in Metroliner service beginning February 1993.


MARC Budd Cars Nearing End of Service

The days are numbered for MARC's fleet of Budd cars with their use in regular service likely to end within the next several weeks.. According to MARC, two or three of the cars will be kept in reserve.


MARC to Add E8, E9 Locomotives to Service

Leased E8 unit 62 is expected to be put into MARC service shortly.. In the meantime, the ex-Burlington Northern E9 units are being prepared for service, and they will be renumbered 64 through 69 inclusive.


David McKee Named Quality Director for CSXT

David McKee of West Virginia, a former Baltimore Division locomotive engineer, has been named quality director for CSX Transportation.


Conrail Acquiring New Locomotives

Conrail has announced it will acquire 225 new locomotives over a three-year period.. Orders have already been placed for 175 of them - 105 of class SD60M from General Motors, and 70 of class C40-8W from General Electric.


Vince Donegan Dies

Retired Western Maryland Railway tower operator Vincent Joseph Donegan died on December 24, 1992.. He was 70.

A long-time resident of Hancock, Maryland, and a veteran of World War II, his career with the WM spanned about four decades.

He began as a railroader very briefly as a fireman on steam locomotives, but he quickly took up duties as agent-operator working at various locations, including Pearre and Highfield, Maryland.

For about 20 years he worked the second-shift position at Big Pool, Maryland, and he was there when it closed in 1977.

From Big Pool, owing to a recent consolidation of his craft's roster on the WM with that of the B&O, he went to B&O's HO Tower at Hancock, West Virginia, where he worked the second-shift position until he retired about nine years ago.

He is remembered by those with whom he worked as a friendly and professional railroader.

He is survived by his wife, a son, a daughter, and three grandchildren.. His son, also named Vincent, is a CSXT locomotive engineer.


CSXT Locomotive Notes

Additions to the CSXT locomotive roster, as of December 27, 1992, include ten CW40-8 units, 7827 through 7836, inclusive.. Deletions include eight U23B units: 3238, 3244, 3258, 3260, 3272, 3273, 3274 and 3297.

A current breakdown of units by paint scheme, as computed by Robbie Brzostowski of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, include the following:










 ....Georgia RR






 ....Family Lines
















 ....CSX Gray


 ....CSX Gray - Yellow Nose


 ....Yellow Nose 1


 ....Yellow Nose 2






MARC E-9 Units

The E-9 units will be renumbered as follows:

 Old Number

 New Number