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May 1997


CSXT Redesignates R-Symboled Freight Trains With Q Symbols

CSXT has redesignated its R-symboled manifest freight trains with Q symbols. The Q symbol has been in use for certain trains since early 1992 to designate schedules arranged for specific customer commitments, while the R symbol remained for other manifest trains, including intermodals. Except that R-symboled intermodal trains generally got preference over other manifest train movements, Q-symboled trains were considered preferential over R-symboled trains. The numbers within the R and Q category were sequential, meaning there would not be both an R and Q train with the same number. There were examples of some trains randomly being switched from R to Q designations, and vice-versa, with the same number prevailing. In December 1995, all Automotive Business Unit trains, some having R symbols, were grouped into the 200-series, all with Q symbols. The latest change groups all manifest trains under the Q symbol, but designations L and S will continue to be used for alternate schedule and second section respectively.


Freight Train Derailment in Graham Tunnel Disrupts Capitol Limited

Amtrak's Capitol Limited east of Pittsburgh was suspended April 23 and 24, with passengers bused, due to a freight train derailment in Graham Tunnel on CSXT's Cumberland Subdivision.


CSXT Begins HPO Phase II on Western Side of System

CSX Transportation began the first wave of its HPO (High Performance Organization) Operational Excellence phase II on April 29 on the western side of the system, including the former Louisville & Nashville Railroad. The territory represents about one-third of CSXT's total merchandise traffic, and the program is designed to reduce elapsed shipment time by about 40 percent. The second wave is scheduled to be implemented on the eastern side on June 3, and on the former B&O on July 8.


Amtrak Seeks Air Rights Developers for 30th Street Station in Philadelphia

Amtrak is interested in finding developers to make use of air rights above the tracks next to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, particularly for a hotel, theaters, and retail stores, according to a press report.


Passenger Trains May Return to Kansas City Union Station

The developers of the old union station in Kansas City, Missouri, have agreed to return passenger trains to the depot if financing can be worked out. According to a report in the May 1997 issue of the Arkansas Railroader, a section of the building once housing a drugstore and soda fountain would be made available for passengers.