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August 4, 2005...

This evening we concluded our 2005 biking program on the Northern Central Railroad Trail. It was a nostalgic event as we met in Freeland, Maryland, with 10 of us in attendance, and biked our way northward into Pennsylvania. Brenda, the park naturalist who led our group in previous years, was our guide.

The program began on June 2 in Phoenix, and then on successive weeks we biked from Sparks, Monkton, White Hall and Freeland - always going northward before turning around. Then we repeated the agenda with five more adventures.

The July 7 trip from Phoenix was canceled due to heavy rains, and the July 21 trip from Monkton was also canceled (officially), but since it looked as though the rain would abate (which it did), two of us biked the planned route anyway, and we did not get wet.

Fifteen participants attended one of our outings, but about eight was the norm this year with one of the trips being attended by only five. Still it was a lot of fun, and we look forward to the 2006 program.


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