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This feature was published in the September 2005 issue of the Bull Sheet


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The Initials a Name Make!

An Update From 10 Years Ago . . .

Item from the Bull Sheet, July 1995:

"Gary and Bonnie Taylor of Sanford, Florida, are now the proud parents of a baby boy whom they had named Charles Samuel years before the stork arrived. But Bonnie, a crew van driver for CSXT and also a railfan, came upon a further idea to make the lad's name more complete. By inserting an X, his initials would honor a certain railroad...

"Thus it is for Charles Samuel Xavier Taylor - initials CSXT."

Could it be that Charlie Taylor may be the only person ever to have indigenous initials to honor this (or any other) railroad? Perhaps. But 10 years after the fact, I felt it was time to print an update on the fellow's progress - and to see if he had developed into a railfan...

Bonnie, his proud mom, has offered the following:

Dear Allen,

Thank you so much for your kind letter of June 21, and please forgive this late reply!

In reference to young C.S.X.T., Charlie is doing very well. Yes, he does like trains - when I go out to see them, he comes along with me.

He is in the fifth grade now and does fairly well in school. He also plays sports and some piano.

Charlie and I took two Amtrak trips this year. The first was from Sanford to Trenton, N.J., where we rented a car and then went to see a program of the Bethlehem Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Pa. We also saw snow! We had a sleeper and we both slept really well.

The second trip was about the time your letter came! We took the Auto Train to Virginia and then went to the mountains, Luray Caverns, Singing Tower, etc.

Allen, it's all going well so far.

His favorite trains are the Juice Train and the Circus Train.

Best to you,

Charlie Taylor (CSXT), 10 years old