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January 1991


Current News

CSX has ordered 150 new C40-8 locomotives from General Electric. According to the company, they will be units of the wide-cab configuration, similar to units now in use on Conrail and Santa Fe.

CSX has sold 225 miles of line to the Georgia Central Railroad. The sale includes trackage between Savannah and Rhine, and between Vidalia and Macon. Also included in the sale are 16 locomotives and 195 freight cars.

Amtrak's Bell Tower closed on December 5, 1990. The last operator was Karl Ely, a 25-year veteran, who has since taken a position at the shops at Bear, Delaware. The only Amtrak towers now remaining in service south of Philadelphia are K Tower in Washington; Bay Tower in Baltimore; and Baldwin (part time).

Beginning in December, Amtrak returned to using table menus in most of its dining cars. The menus had been printed on meal check cards which patrons would use to check off their meal selections. The new menu has a pastel drawing of a rose and representative table setting on the cover.

'CSXToday' is the new name of CSXT's employee newspaper, replacing 'CSXT News.' One of the items included in the last issue published under the old name was a photo and caption about Remembrance Day at HX Tower.

Amtak and United Airlines will implement a new air/rail travel plan beginning January 2. The program is aimed at passengers who want to travel round-trip but do not have the time to take the train both ways. It may also be used for passengers who want to fly to a certain destination, take the train to a second destination, and then return home by plane.

Amtrak will eliminate service to Philadelphia International Airport on January 8. This is the result of a decision by Midway Airlines to phase out its operations at that location, consequently the through-ticketing arrangement it had with Amtrak for travel through Philadelphia en route to Atlantic City.

Phil Richardson, assistant chief clerk at CSX's Baltimore Terminal Service Center, has died. He was 43.