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February 1991

Current News

The Maryland Rail Commuter Service (MARC) was testing Government of Ontario (GO Transit) F59 unit 561 on the Baltimore-Washington-Brunswick route late last month to determine its feasibility in consideration of a purchase of similar units.

Amtrak has ordered 52 new diesel-electric locomotives from General Electric. The first 20, to be delivered early next year, are rated at 3200 HP. The second 22, to be delivered early the following year, are rated at 4000 HP. Lastly, ten 3200-HP dual-mode units, when delivered, will replace the FL9 fleet now serving New York City from the Empire corridor.

John Snow, president and CEO of CSX, has been electred chairman of the board. He replaces Hays Watkins, who has retired.

CSXT has sold a 20-mile branch between Albany and Dawson, Ga., to Railtex Inc., a short line company based in Texas. CSXT says it sold 505 miles of trackage to short lines in 1990.

CSL International, the parent of CMX Trucking and CSX Services, has officially changed its name to CSX Intermodal.

CSXT's 'UN' office in Brunswick, Md., closed January 16. Functions of this office, which included train orders and clearances, have been transferred to division headquarters in Halethorpe, Md. WB Tower, which was separate from UN office, remains open.

Curtis Conway, formerly trainmaster at Jessup, Md., has been appointed manager of passenger operations for the Baltimore Division. He replaces Lew Bryant, who has been transferred to Jacksonville.

The American European Express has plans to operate special 'concert series' trips this month. They include Panama City-Chicago, Chicago-Washington, Washington-White Sulphur Springs, and White Sulphur Springs-Washington. Beginning March 1, regular schedules between Washington and Chicago are slated to begin with two round-trips each week with stops at White Sulphur Springs and Indianapolis.

Being introduced this year on the American European Express is a round-end observation car, the 'New York,' once used by the New York Central on its 20th Century Limited. Also being introduced is a baggage/combine car, the 'London,' which will include sauna and health facilities.

Guy Boller Dies [Reported by Allen Brougham]

Guy Wilbur Boller, retired operator and agent with the B&O, died January 25, 1991.

He began his career with the railroad as an operator in 1938. He eventually took the daylight position at the tower at Gaither, Md., on the Old Main Line, just a few steps from where he lived, and remained working there until the tower was closed in the early 1960's.

From there he went to the agency at Sykesville, Md. Tropical storm Agnes destroyed much of the eastern part of the Old Main Line in 1972, including the tracks at Sykesville, and this forced the closing of the agency. He then went to Jessup, Md., as its control agent, and he remained there until his retirement in 1979.

He is remembered by those with whom he worked as a very serious and professional railroader.

I first met Guy in 1970 when I went to Sykesville to promote forthcoming B&O fall-foliage train excursions to West Virginia on behalf of Oakleigh Tours, which included departures from Sykesville. Guy, who was well know by the community, was quite instrumental in promulgating word of the trips. Of the nearly 600 passengers who attnded the trips that fall, about one-third boarded the trains in Sykesville. There were a number of others who wanted to attend as well, but the trips sold out.

Guy, who mostly went by his middle name except on the railroad, was very active in his community.

He was a life member of the Freedom District Lions Club, where h once served as its president, later as govenor of the district serving Carroll, Frederick, Washington, Allegany and Garrett counties. In 1969 he was chairman of the organization's council of governors for the districts serving Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

He was a member of the Gaither United Methodist Church where he served as its Sunday School superintendent and chairman of the administrative council.

Other activities he was involved in included memberships in the Carroll County Commission on Aging, Senior Overland Services, Strawbridge Shrine Association, Sykesville-Freedom District Volunteer Fire Company, and Carroll Transit Corporation. He was also on the board of the Sykesville Federal Savings Association, and served as its president since 1980. He had also served for the past five years on the Maryland State Tax Appeals Board, a position he was appointed to by the governor.

He was 71.

CSX Gift Shop [Reported by Ray Saunders]

Among the stores located on the retail level of CSXT's headquarters in Baltimore is the CSX Gift Shop. Aimed at CSX employees but open to the general public, the shop offers a wide selection of railfan garb (assorted hats, shirts, belt buckles, etc.) and executive accessories (travel alarm clocks, gymbags, portfolios, etc.), all with CSX or CSXT logos. There are also numerous items available by special order, such as jackets, sweaters and golf accssories.

New Hope & Ivyland [Reported by Scott Hertel]

Steam locomotives 9 and 10 went into the shop at New Hope a few months ago. They were inspected, found to be in good shape, and are now undergoing repairs. It now appears that the line will be 100 percent steam by spring, and the line is under new ownership.