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June 1991

Current News

CSXT is retiring most of its camp cars. They are being replaced by modular units mounted on flat cars. Delivery began in late March.

CSXT's new wide-body CW40-8 locomotives are now being delivered, numbered in the series 7650 through 7702, inclusive.

Amtrak has begun a four-year project to convert its right-of-way between New Haven and Boston to electric operation. When completed in 1995, travel time between New York and Boston will be reduced to about three hours. The total cost of the project is $225-million.

Amtrak is leasing 15 diesel locomotives from Helm Leasing Service under a two-year contract at a cost of $6-million. The leased units will be used initially on the Crescent, California Zephyr, Auto Train and City of New Orleans.

Amtrak now expects to complete installation of its CETC dispatching system from Philadelphia to Newark, N.J., by March 1994. The cost of this portion of the project is expected to be about $60-million.

CSXT has lifted, at least for the time being, the 40 MPH speed restriction the company had imposed in February for non-intermodal freight trains as a part of its Operation Train Pacing program.

Amtrak is offering a special All Aboard America fare until June 30 to honor the company's 20th anniversary. The fares are $138 for one region, $188 for two adjacent regions, and $228 for all three regions. Restrictions apply, and these fares may not be usd in connection with first-class or custom-class service, or for travel in Metroliners or the Auto Train.

Amtrak, on May 15, staged a grade crossing accident at Potomac Yard, Va., using P30CH locomotive 722 traveling at 30 MPH colliding with a car. The event was a demonstration in connection with Operation Lifesaver Awareness Day.

Elsie Montano, president of the Amtrak Historical Society, has notified members that the society has been disbanded. The society was founded in 1990 by Chuck Montano, a one-time railroader, and it had the blessing of Amtrak management, but not as a part of that company. Chuck Montano died in August 1990, and Elsie, his wife, continued to manage the organization.

The average scheduled speed of Amtrak trains, system wide, from origin to destination, is 49.4 MPH. This figure is down from 53.0 MPH at this time last year.

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