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May 1992


Current News

CSXT and the United Transportation Union have concluded an agreement to eliminate brakeman positions for through-freight operations on the former Seaboard Coast Line portion of the system.

General Electric has opened a warehouse next to CSXT's heavy repair facility in Waycross, Georgia, which will supply components to renew GE locomotives at the facility. According to the CSXT Employee News Service, the warehouse will relieve CSXT of inventorying materials or waiting for parts to be shipped.

MK Tower on CSXT's Western Subdivision at Versailles, Pennsylvania, has closed. It was deleted from the timetable on April 15, 1992.

Amtrak's Montrealer now operates with reduced consists and service levels. From April to October the train will be combined with the Garden State and the Free State between New York and Washington. Only one locomotive will normally be used north of New Haven, and the consist will include three Amfleet II coaches and one sleeper. A second sleeper will be added on peak weekend days. Instead of tray meals, coach passengers can purchase refreshments in the lounge car, and first-class passengers will receive box dinner and continental breakfasts in their rooms. According to the March 30, 1992, edition of Amtrak's Newsbreak, no consideration is currently being given to rerouting the train.

Amtrak has completed construction of a new mail facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Located next to the passenger station, the facility features a high-level, 240-foot-long platform and four tractor-trailer bays.

Roadrailer equipment was attached to the rear of the westbound Capitol Limited from Washington on April 15, 1992.

An attempt by York County, Pennsylvania, has begun for restoration of the depot at New Freedom. Due to funding restrictions, work will reportedly stop for the time being once the structure is stabilized.

Conrail has donated a 1941 fire engine to the Altoona, Pennsylvania, fire department According to a report by Eula Jean Veit in the March 1992 edition of the Conrail Technical Society Journal, the fire engine will be repainted into its original PRR red, and will be used for parades and fire prevention demonstrations, and as a backup unit. It was rebuilt in 1976, and fought its last fire in 1981.

Included in this issue are the latest track maps of CSXT's RF&P Subdivision. The maps have been reduced in size due to space, but some maps were reduced less than others to highlight certain details. Consequently, the maps are not in the same uniform scale as the originals.

RF&P Track Maps, Click Here