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September 1994


Potomac Yard in the Process of Closing

Potomac Yard in Virginia is in the process of closing. It is still considered an interchange point, but CSXT trains becoming Conrail trains by way of trackage rights to CSXT, and Conrail trains becoming CSXT trains from CSXT by way of trackage rights no longer change crews there. Trains affected include R250/Z414, R409/Z409, Q410/Z410, R412/Z412, and R413/Z413. Crews now change at Bay View in Baltimore.


CSXT Implements Efficiency Program on Chicago-Nashville Corridor

A program to improve the efficiency of CSXT's Chicago-Nashville corridor was implemented last month with the coordination of crew management, service design, and customer service functions within the same situation room at the Jacksonville operations center. Included in the program was the rearrangement of freight train schedules over the route involved specifying where trains should meet each other to maintain on time performance.


Baltimore Division Expands its Territory

CSXT's Lurgan Subdivision between Lurgan and Miller, and the portion of the Cumberland Subdivision between Weverton and Mexico have been transferred from the Cumberland Division to the Baltimore Division.


CSX Intermodal to Provide New Chicago-New York Service

CSX Intermodal has entered into an agreement with Norfolk Southern and the New York Susquehanna & Western to provide new intermodal service between Chicago and the New York City metropolitan area at Little Ferry, New Jersey. The new service provides second morning availability from Chicago and sixth morning availability from Southern California.


Dredging Begins at CSXT Rockport Terminal

CSXT's Rockport Terminal in Tampa, Florida, will handle increased phosphate business with deeper berths for loading ocean-going vessels. Dredging has begun to increase channel depths from 34.5 feet to 43 feet.


Amtrak Adopts Radio Codes to Simplify Messages

Amtrak has begun using radio codes to simplify certain messages from train to station. Codes 1 through 4 apply to the need for police assistance, and codes 5 through 7 are to request Red Caps.


MARC Applying Names to Heritage Coaches

The Maryland Rail Commuter Service is placing names and small keystones on its fleet of former PRR heritage coaches. The names are those used when the cars were Pennsylvania Railroad sleepers.


Lake Shore Limited Derails

[Reported by Mark Sublette] . . . Westbound Amtrak train 49, the Lake Shore Limited, derailed at speed at 3:34 AM near Batavia, New York, on Wednesday, August 3. The train was traveling at 78 MPH in a 79 MPH zone when the lead truck of the first MHC mail car climbed over the rail, instigating the derailment of 14 of the following 16 cars. Why the mail car derailed will take some extensive investigation.

F40PH 374 (did not derail)
F40PH 207 (did not derail)
MHC 1500 (west truck only derailed)
MHC 1505 (did not derail)
Baggage 1162 (did not derail)
Coach 4705 (west truck only derailed - $20,000 damage)
Coach 4602 (west truck only derailed - $20,000 damage)
Coach 4728 ($30,000 damage)
Amlounge-II 28021 ($40,000 damage)
Dome coach 9411 (scrap - went down embankment)
Diner 8503 Silver Chef (scrap - went down embankment)
Coach 4007 (scrap - went down embankment)
Coach 4716 (scrap - went down embankment)
Coach 4640 ($300,000 damage)
Sleeper 2430 Pacific Falls ($300,000 damage)
Sleeper 2433 Pacific Heights (scrap)
Slumbercoach 2056 Vermilion Harbor (scrap)
Baggage-dorm 1621 ($300,000 damage)

Due to the shortage of 10/6 sleepers caused by the combined effects of the Smithfield, North Carolina, wreck of the Silver Meteor, and the wreck of the Lake Shore Limited, the Executive Sleeper service between Washington and New York was canceled as of August 17.