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May 1996


RG Tower Closes

CSXT's RG Tower in Philadelphia has closed. Its last official day was March 29, but operators remained on duty until April 3. The tower was located in the office building serving East Side Yard at the east end of the Schuylkill River swing-span bridge. The building was built as part of a B&O modernization project in 1960 combining the functions of other offices. A 1928 agreement book listed seven towers serving the B&O in Philadelphia. Now there are none.

Shown in the photo above is the model board at RG Tower.


CSXT Applies "D" Markers to Certain Signals

CSXT has been mounting "D" markers on signals, and "D" marker signs at the departure end of passenger stations located in the block immediately preceding an absolute signal in other than train control territory. The marker is round with a black background containing a white "D" in the center. They are intended to remind engineers in push-pull or MU passenger trains making the station stop of requirements to approach the absolute signal at controlled speed not exceeding 40 MPH, as provided by emergency order of the Federal Railroad Administration.


Ashley Drew & Northern Given Abandonment Permission

The Ashley Drew & Northern Railway in Arkansas has been granted permission to abandon its line between Whitlow Junction and Monticello, and to sell the remaining five-mile portion between Crossett and Whitlow Junction to its sister line, the Fordyce & Princeton. The matter was decided by the Surface Transportation Board on April 9.


BNSF to Restore Stampede Pass Route

Burlington Northern Santa Fe plans to restore the 78-mile Stampede Pass route between Auburn and Cle Elum, Washington. According to the company, the $125-million project will connect with the Washington Central Railroad route at Cle Elum that extends through Yakima Valley, and will give the company a third route linking central Washington with the Pacific Coast. BNSF has signed an agreement to acquire the Washington Central for $40-million.


CSXT Issues New Operating Procedures Manual

CSXT has issued a new operating procedures manual containing safety, operating, hazardous material, train handling, and helper service rules. The book is softbound, about the size of a pocket dictionary, and replaces the looseleaf binder format. The binder is still being used for division timetables.


CSXT to Repair 11 Bridges in Illinois

CSXT bridge forces will be making repairs to 11 bridges on the Decatur Subdivision between Dana and Decatur, Illinois, with work expected to last until the end of September.


CSX Corporation Records Higher Earnings

CSX Corporation recorded first quarter earnings of $146-million, or 69 cents per share. The results are 21 percent higher than the corresponding quarter in 1995.


CSXT Locomotive Roster Update

As of April 28, there were 2,734 units on the CSXT locomotive roster. CW44AC units through and including 171 had been delivered.


Strike a Possibility on May 9

The Transportation Communications Union intends to strike one or more of the nation's railroads on May 9. But the establishment of a Presidential Emergency Board could postpone the strike for 60 days or longer. The TCU, which represents clerical and car department personnel, was released from mediation by the National Mediation Board on April 8 following 17 months of negotiation. The May 9 strike date follows a required 30-day cooling-off period. The establishment of a Presidential Emergency Board is a "very strong possibility," according to the union, but not a certainty.