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July 1996


CSXT to Test 6000-HP Locomotive

CSXT has announced that the first of its 6000-horsepower AC locomotives is expected to arrive this month for testing.


CSXT Improves Locomotive Utilization

Work continues on improving utilization of the CSXT locomotive fleet. According to a news report, CSXT was able to release 54 leased units recently. Road locomotive utilization has improved to 56.5 percent (as to time units are pulling freight), and average miles per week to as many as 1300, according to the report. Meanwhile, CSXT has advanced its testing of AC locomotives in merchandise service. According to Tom Schmidt, vice president-network operations, 35 AC locomotives are in merchandise service, most in single-unit operation. "Our goal is to hit a ratio of 1.5, in which a single AC unit replaces one and a half Dash-8 or comparable model locomotives," he said. "Right now, we're at 1.3 - about what the Union Pacific is seeing in its AC fleet - and our data indicate we would realize significant efficiencies if we could reach at least 1.4."


CSXT to Purchase 80 More AC Locomotives, Including 25 from EMD

CSXT has announced agreements to purchase 80 additional AC locomotives, including 25 from EMD. This is in addition to its earlier order for 250 AC locomotives from GE which continue to be delivered. Included in the new orders are 55 CW44AC units from GE, and 25 SD70AC units from EMD. "Locomotive reliability is key to delivering the higher level of service required to our customers," said John Basso, vice president-supply and services management. "The AC technology has been proven in the difficult railroad operating environment." In addition to increased tractive effort, AC locomotives require significantly less maintenance than conventional locomotives powered by direct current, according to a CSXT news report.


CSXT Continues to Receive CW44AC Locomotives

CSXT continues to take delivery of CW44AC units with ten more arriving in the final days of last month. Units delivered in June were numbered 201 through 210 inclusive. Tentative delivery schedule includes 15 units this month, 22 in August, and 33 in December.


CSXT and Ohio Central Inaugurate Steel Coil Service

CSXT and Ohio Central have teamed up to inaugurate biweekly transportation of steel coils from AK Steel in Middletown, Ohio, to Armco in Coshocton, Ohio. Armco has committed to a minimum of 250,000 tons over five years from the AK facility.


CSX a Partner in European Intermodal Venture

Netherlands Railways Ltd. (NS Cargo), Deutsche Bahn AG (DB), and CSX Corporation have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture to provide door-to-door intermodal freight transportation across Europe. The partnership will operate as NDX Intermodal, and will be organized as a service-sensitive intermodal marketing company. Startup operations are planned for early 1997, according to a CSXT news report.


Pete Kelley Retires

Veteran B&O railroader Pete Kelley, first-shift operator at Sand Patch Tower in Pennsylvania, retired on June 28.