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February 1998


CSXT Begins Use of Second Track in Indiana

CSXT has begun utilizing a newly-constructed second track between Garrett and Albion, Indiana. The upgrade is part of a $220-million project to create a double-track route linking the Midwest and the Northeast and Atlantic Coast.


Emerald Express a Success

CSXT's Emerald Express, which moves trash between Sealston, Virginia, and Annapolis Junction, Maryland, accounted for more than 1,600 carloads between its inception last summer and the end of 1997.


CSX Announces Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan

CSX Corporation has announced a new direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan to enable investors to buy the company's stock directly from the company without going through a broker. Minimum initial investment is $500, plus a $10 enrollment fee. A prospectus is available through Harris Trust Company of New York by calling 888-261-6800.


CSXT Begins Work on New Crossovers at Featherstone, Virginia

CSXT has begun work on new crossovers at Featherstone, Virginia, just south of Woodbridge on the RF&P Subdivision, in a project funded by Virginia Railway Express.


Norfolk Southern Increases Funding for Capital Improvements

Norfolk Southern plans to spend $903-million for capital improvements in 1998, up from $781-million originally planned for 1997. Included will be the purchase of 116 new six-axle locomotives.


Norfolk Southern to Sell North American Van Lines Subsidiary

Norfolk Southern has announced the sale of its North American Van Lines subsidiary to a fund managed by the investment firm of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, Inc., to be consummated before the end of May.


Out of Fuel Engine of Freight Train Delays Amtrak's Cardinal

Amtrak's westbound Cardinal on January 9 was delayed 53 minutes at North Gordonsville, Virginia, when its locomotive was needed to cut off and clear a local freight into a siding because the freight train's engine had run out of fuel.


Amtrak's Ridership Shows Increase for Quarter

Amtrak ridership jumped nearly seven percent October through December 1997, the largest quarterly increase in 14 years. The 6.8 percent leap represents 5.3 million passengers for the first quarter FY-1998, versus 4.96 million during the same period the previous year. Passenger revenue for the quarter increased 3.4 percent. The Southwest Chief showed a 19.4 percent increase in ridership, the Coast Starlight showed a 23.7 percent increase, and the Cardinal showed an 11.2 percent increase. The Capitol Limited had a 2.2 percent decline.


CSXT Installing Emergency Information Crossing Signs

Developed in cooperation with the Federal Railroad Administration, the program is intended to improve the ability of local emergency responders and the motoring public to quickly and accurately report to the railroad when a vehicle is stalled on a crossing. The installation of signs at about 28,000 crossings across the system was about one-quarter completed by the end of 1997. Included on the sign is CSXT's toll-free emergency number (800-232-0144) along with the crossing number and station milepost designation.