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July 1998


CSXT's Hardman Tower Closes

Hardman Tower on CSXT's Mountain Subdivision in West Virginia has closed. Its final day was June 18. Built circa-1907, Hardman, located at the base of Newburg Grade where helper engines were added or cut in, was an electro-mechanical interlocking tower with armstrong levers. There are now fewer than ten electro-mechanical towers remaining in the United States.


CSXT and Norfolk Southern Agree on Dividing Conrail Equipment

CSXT and Norfolk Southern have reached agreement on how Conrail equipment will be divided on "Day One," the actual day of the now-approved acquisition, and are entering the "trading" phase of the planning process. The agreements cover the division of 1,910 locomotives, 55,000 freight cars, and 4,100 units of roadway work equipment.


Conrail Freight Cars for CSXT Get Restenciled

Conrail freight cars that will come to CSXT are being temporarily restenciled with the "NYC" reporting mark.


CSXT Adopts "Business Casual" Dress Code

CSXT has implemented a pilot "business casual" dress code policy which will be in effect until October 1. It is intended to promote a "more comfortable, less autocratic working environment, encouraging teamwork and thus enriching the quality of work life."


CSXT Combines Operations of Bayside and Curtis Bay Piers

CSXT has announced it is combining the operations of the Bayside Coal Piers with its Curtis Bay Coal and Ore Piers in Baltimore. The combined operation will be named Chesapeake Bay Piers.


New Track Safety Regulations Announced

The Federal Railroad Administration has announced updated track safety regulations. Included are stricter standards for "excepted track," new standards for the installation and maintenance of welded rail, and a requirement for more frequent searches for internal rail defects.


Burlington Northern Santa Fe Sells 39 Miles of Track

Burlington Northern Santa Fe has sold 39 miles of track between Kirbyville, Texas, and DeRidder, Louisiana, to Timber Rock Railroad, Inc.