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Bull Sheet Ends Monthly Publication

The Bull Sheet, the monthly newsletter by Allen Brougham for the past 19 years about railroads, has been terminated effective with its September 1, 2005, edition.

Brougham, 64, notified his subscribers that he will be moving later this year and that he needed the time to prepare for and make the move. He added that he felt the publication's "time had come," even if he did not use moving to a new location as the reason for terminating it.

The Bull Sheet began its monthly format in October 1986 with what had been intended as a "commemorative issue," with no intention that it continue. It did, however, "and the rest is history." Its first edition was distributed to about 20 readers. Through mostly word of mouth the number of subscribers increased to, at one point, nearly 600. There were about 450 subscribers at the time the publication ended, with a print run of 500 copies.

Brougham, a retired railroad interlocking tower operator, said he would continue the Bull Sheet website, "at least for now." Most features that appeared in the newsletter would normally get added to the website eventually anyway, so any features he should decide to produce in the future can similarly be added. The website has averaged nearly 700 daily visits in recent months, he said.


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