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Reconstruction of Miller Tower

November 20, 2005, was the day in which Miller Tower got reassembled at its new home just west of the Martinsburg, West Virginia, Roundhouse complex. On that day, a Sunday, the second floor was placed atop the first floor, its switch machine was put back in place, and the roof reattached atop the building.

Second floor being hoisted for placement atop the first floor [photo by Doug Koontz]


Levers being hoisted for placement within the tower [photo by Doug Koontz]


The tower gets its roof [photo by Doug Koontz]


Roof now atop the building [photos by Mark Ryman]


Work completed, as an eastbound train rumbles past [photo by Doug Koontz]

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The previous week, on November 12, a crane placed the tower's first floor upon its recently-built foundation. This was followed by placement of the lower portion of the linkage for reassembly between the first floor and the sub-basement within the building's interior. The second floor of the building was then placed next to the first floor to await lifting and reattachment to the first floor, which took place November 20.

The work was coordinated by Joe Vanorsdale, president of the Bunker Hill Train Club.

The following photos were taken November 12..

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Miller Tower, formerly serving CSX (x-B&O), located at Cherry Run, West Virginia, closed in September 2000. In February 2001 the building was disassembled and moved 14 miles to the roundhouse complex in Martinsburg where it has remained in pieces. Eventually, the tower will be restored to its 1950s-era appearance and made functional once again as an interpretive display.

Miller Tower, as it appeared when it was still in service...

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