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Amtrak Long-Distance Trains

Performance for six-day Thanksgiving period 2019

 Daily performance

 Pct on-time arrival

 Overall avg arrival

 Avg arrival if late

 Wednesday, November 27

 28 %

 56 mins late

 1 hour, 17 mins late

 Thursday, November 28

 49 %

 30 mins late

 58 mins late

 Friday, November 29

 54 %

 1 hour, 5 mins late

 2 hours, 22 mins late

 Saturday, November 30

 37 %

 58 mins late

 1 hour, 32 mins late

 Sunday, December 1

 25 %

 1 hour, 2 mins late

 1 hour, 23 mins late

 Monday, December 2

 22 %

 59 mins late

 1 hour, 16 mins late

 Thanksgiving period (6 days)

 36 %

  55 mins late

 1 hour, 26 mins late

Thirty-six percent of Amtrak's named long-distance trains arrived at their final destination on time during the six-day 2019 Thanksgiving period, November 27 through December 2, inclusive. The remaining trains, on average, arrived one hour, 26 minutes late.

(Last year's Thanksgiving period had 37 percent on-time arrivals with the remaining trains, on average, arriving one hour amd 43 minutes late.)

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Performance of Individual Trains . . . .

Auto Train

California Zephyr

Capitol Limited



City of New Orleans

Coast Starlight


Empire Builder

Lake Shore Limited

Maple Leaf


Silver Meteor

Silver Star

Southwest Chief

Sunset Limited

Texas Eagle



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The Bull Sheet calculates arrival performance at final destination of Amtrak's named long-distance trains. The data are based upon the reported arrival times of each of the affected trains, and there is no grace allowance for minimal lateness. If a train arrives at its final destination behind schedule, even by a minute, it is considered 'late.' The Bull Sheet considers that long-distance trains have sufficient padding in their schedule to offset typical en route delays, and it is not necessary to apply a grace allowance on top of that padding to bolster on time reporting. Accordingly, these reports generally represent a more accurate analysis than what is reported by Amtrak.

Thanksgiving is a very important time for Amtrak.. Trains are usually booked to capacity during this six-day period, and timely arrival at destination is typically depended upon.