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SIGNAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FOR MARC COMPLETED: Switches and signals at East Brunswick, Maryland, including new main track crossovers in service, are now controlled from the CSXT dispatching center in Jacksonville, Florida. This completes the CTC project which began in 1990 to upgrade signaling on the Capital and Metropolitan subdivisions on behalf of MARC commuter service. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

NEW PLAN ANNOUNCED FOR POTOMAC YARD: After the failed attempt at building the Washington Redskins stadium at Potomac Yard, Va., a new plan has been announced. RF&P Corporation (real estate developer) has announced plans to build a transportation hub at Potomac Yard. The transportation center would consist of an Amtrak station, VRE Commuter Rail, MARC Commuter Rail, Metro subway, Metro bus, and local bus lines. The proposed station would be called Potomac Central. According to a report in the Washington Post, RF&P would pay the $35-million construction costs and would like to have it built by 2001. This would be in addition to the 12 million square feet of townhouse, condominium, office and shop space already approved by Alexandria city officials. This would be the first Metro station to be built with private funds. Operational plans would have to be worked out with Conrail and CSX to run MARC trains from Washington Union Station south to Potomac Yard. RF&P officials see few complaints from the zoning boards because no taxpayer money would be utilized. [Bull Sheet, December 1993, from report by Greg Mazzie]

STATION AT ALEXANDRIA, VA., TO GET OVERHAUL: The Alexandria, Virginia, passenger station is due to receive a major overhaul. The city of Alexandria received a $672,000 federal grant as part of the 1991 Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, and Amtrak and the RF&P Corporation will be contributing an additional $168,000. In 1980, the station was being considered for closure because of its deteriorating condition. However, in March of 1982, Amtrak and RF&P paid for extensive exterior renovations which included removal of the rotting front porch. The brick work was chemically cleaned and the building was repainted. Ceremonies celebrating the renovation were held on January 24, 1983. Future renovations will be even more extensive. A new front porch will be built to match the one that was removed. A white suspended ceiling which was installed in the 1950s will be removed and the original stained pine vaulted ceiling will be exposed. This will also allow natural light through the original dormers. The black and white mosaic tile floor will be restored. Outside, turn-of-the-century cast iron street lights will be installed and trees and shrubs will be planted. Also, part of the renovation will be construction of ramps, curbs and accessible restrooms to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The original station was opened on September 15, 1905, and was named 'Union Station' because it consolidated the functions of four separate passenger stations. The new station was jointly used by the Washington Southern Railway, Southern Railway, and Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. On February 24, 1920, the Washington Southern was merged into the RF&P Railroad. The original station consisted of a main passenger depot and baggage building separated by an open passage and connected by a roofed shed. On the east side of the tracks was a 370-foot platform that served northbound trains. A Railway Express Agency building located south of the baggage building was erected in the 1930s. A tunnel connects the east and west side passenger platforms and is located on the north side of the station. The station was the last railroad depot built in Alexandria and is the only one to survive. It was built in the Federal Revival style at a time when most depots were designed in bolder styles. The station was jointly operated by RF&P, C&O and Southern until Amtrak came into being in 1971. The building is being considered for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Construction work should begin next fall and be completed in the spring of 1996. [Bull Sheet, December 1993, from report by Greg Mazzie]

WEST VIRGINIA NORTHERN TO BECOME A TOURIST LINE: A group of investors has reportedly purchased the West Virginia Northern between Kingwood and Tunnelton, W.Va., including its two locomotives, for $400,000. They plan on making it into a tourist line to be called the Kingwood & Northern. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

CSXT ADDS NEW AUTO SHIPPING LANES FOR CHRYSLER: CSXT recently began shipping new automobiles for Chrysler from Twin Oaks, Pennsylvania, to distribution centers in Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Tampa. The automobiles are trucked to Twin Oaks from Chrysler's assembly plant in Newark, Delaware, in a subcontract arrangement on a through-rate basis with CSXT. Over 2,000 carloadings are involved annually. The business had previously been a joint move with Conrail, which originated the loadings and interchanged with CSXT at Cincinnati. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

BURLINGTON NORTHERN ORDERS CHASSIS-RAILER TRAILERS: Burlington Northern has ordered 25 Chassis-Railer trailers from the Wabash National Corporation. The Chassis-Railer is a container chassis capable of carrying a 48-foot domestic container on rail or highway. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

UNION PACIFIC TO TEST NATURAL GAS IN LOCOMOTIVES: Union Pacific will begin a three-year test in January using a blend of liquefied natural gas in six of its locomotives to determine operating and environmental benefits compared with diesel fuel. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

CONRAIL TO ESTABLISH FOUR SERVICE GROUPS: Conrail will establish four service groups effective January 1. They include Intermodal, Automotive, Unit Train, and General Service. Each group will be headed by a vice president reporting to David LeVan who has been named executive vice president, formerly senior vice president-operations. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., GETS GRANT FOR ITS AMTRAK STATION: The city of Charlottesville, Virginia, has received a $762,000 federal grant to renovate its Amtrak station. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

NOFOLK SOUTHERN SELLS ORANGE, VA., DEPOT TO THE TOWN: Norfolk Southern has sold the depot at Orange, Virginia, to the town. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

CSXT YARDMASTER FUNCTIONS AT NEWPORT NEWS MOVED: CSXT yardmaster functions at Newport News, Va., were transferred to a consolidated office in Huntington, W.Va., on November 15. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

CSXT TIE GANG SETS RECORD: A CSXT tie gang has set an industry record for the number of wood ties installed in a single day. The gang, working on the Wilmington Subdivision on October 6, installed 4,024 ties. The old record was 3,919 ties, set on the Rock Island Railroad in 1977. [Bull Sheet, December 1993]

DISNEY THEME PARK IN VA. COULD STIR RAIL SERVICE: Walt Disney Co. has announced plans to build an American History theme park in Haymarket, Va. Probably the biggest concern of the proposed park is traffic. Residents and state officials fear that the current road system cannot handle the additional traffic. The planned site is less than a mile from Norfolk Southern's Front Royal branch which runs from Manassas to Riverton Junction. Planners are looking toward the possibility of running a commuter rail service to the park. The Front Royal branch is a highly maintained, welded-rail line which has seen an increase in freight traffic since Hagerstown, Md., became a busy interchange with Conrail after Potomac Yard was downsized. Virginia Railway Express could be in a position to take advantage of this market. [Bull Sheet, December 1993, from report by Greg Mazzie]

CSXT'S LAST GP35 LOCOMOTIVE REMOVED FROM ROSTER: CSXT's last GP35 has been removed from the roster. Unit 4426, formerly of the RF&P, was deleted on September 29. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

CSXT'S PITTSBURGH DISPATCHING FUNCTIONS TRANSFER TO FLORIDA: CSXT's Pittsburgh Terminal dispatching functions were move to Jacksonville, Florida, on October 11. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

CSX RAISES DIVIDEND: CSX Corporation raised its quarterly dividend to 44 cents from 38 cents a share effective with the December 15 payment. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

CSXT'S NOVA TOWER IN OHIO CLOSES: The CSXT tower at Nova, Ohio, closed on October 18. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

WEST VIRGINIA NORTHERN FILES FOR ABANDONMENT: The West Virginia Northern has applied for abandonment. There are local interests who would like to make the railroad into a tourist line. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

BUFFALO CENTRAL TERMINAL MAY BE DOOMED: The once magnificent Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York, could be close to demolition. According to the September issue of the Conrail Technical Society Journal, three separate developers have failed to improve the property and market it for a variety of uses, and a fourth tried to buy the property but was unable to secure funding. The city is taking the current owner to court for building code violations, and has threatened demolition as a way of stopping frequent fires set by vagrants and vandals. [Bull Sheet, November 1993]

BALTIMORE TERMINAL DISPATCHERS' OFFICE CLOSES: The Baltimore Terminal Dispatchers' office closed September 13. [Bull Sheet, October 1993]

CSXT ADDS THREE NEW DIVISIONS: CSXT has added three new divisions: the Cumberland Division, the Louisville Division, and the Jacksonville Division. The Cumberland Division is effective October 1, and the Louisville and Jacksonville divisions became effective in September. The Cumberland Division includes western territory of the Baltimore Division from the west end of Brunswick yard, along with some territory of the Detroit Division between New Castle and Willard. Branch lines which radiate from this main line segment also come under the Cumberland Division. The revised Baltimore Division territory now runs from Philadelphia to the north side of Richmond, and the Metropolitan, Old Main Line, Hanover and Shenandoah subdivisions. The Louisville Division includes the Louisville and Cincinnati terminals, the Indianapolis Subdivision, the former Monon lines, and the lines from Cincinnati to Nashville, Louisville to Henderson, and Cincinnati to Washington (Indiana). The Jacksonville Division includes the Jacksonville, Waycross and Savannah terminals, and the lines from Jacksonville to Auburndale, Jacksonville to Savannah, Jacksonville to Waycross, Callahan to Lakeland, Waycross to Jesup, Waycross to Brunswick (Georgia), and Starke to Red Level Tower. [Bull Sheet, October 1993]

WRECK OF THE SUNSET LIMITED: It was by far Amtrak's worst accident. In terms of fatalities, it was also the worst accident to occur on CSXT since its inception. It happened September 22, at or about 2:49 AM (CDT), on the Mobile Division, M&M Subdivision (ex-L&N), milepost 656.7, on bridge 196 crossing Bayou Canot. The train had left Mobile, Alabama, about 15 minutes earlier. By then, it was running 33 minutes late. CSXT sent accident experts led by chief operating officer Jerry Davis to the scene. "Our overriding concern is for the victims," said he. "Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives in this terrible tragedy." The accident scene was very remote. A rescue train using Amtrak equipment was dispatched from Mobile - terminus of the Gulf Breeze - to assist in transporting survivors back to a rescue station. An early account on CNN, several hours after the accident, when there were still a number of people unaccounted for, quoted a sheriff's department report that 50 people were confirmed dead. This implied that the count could go much higher, but the sheriff's report was wrong. The final death toll was 47. There were a number of reports of heroism among those aboard the train. The death toll would have been a lot higher had it not been for the courage of so many who instinctively went to the aid of others in this vital time of need. By evening it had become apparent that the accident was caused by a barge that had come loose in the fog, striking the bridge. The locomotives involved in the accident were reported as 819, 262 and 312. There were eight cars: a baggage car (1139), four coaches (39908, 34083, 34040 & 34068), a lounge car, dining car and sleeper. Detours were arranged with Norfolk Southern east of Mobile for trains affected, and a number of CSX freights were assigned temporary schedules and adjusted blocking pending reopening of the route. [Bull Sheet, October 1993]

CSXT, UTU IMPLEMENT TWO-MEMBER CREW AGREEMENT ON FORMER C&O: CSXT and the United Transportation Union have implemented a two-member-crew agreement to eliminate brakeman positions on the former C&O portion of the system. This comes on the heels of a similar agreement on the former B&O implemented several weeks earlier. Virtually all of CSXT now operates with a two-member-crew agreement. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

CSXT DONATES EQUIPMENT TO B&O MUSEUM: The following equipment from the CSXT track department at Laurel, Maryland, has been donated and moved to the B&O Museum in Baltimore: B&O-376321, an M15PD wagontop boxcar; B&O-471244, an M69B double-door auto parts boxcar; B&O-679, a B21M baggage car; and CSXT-X1346, a camp car which was formerly a C&O express car and blackout troop diner. The camp car will be moved to Sykesville, Maryland, on loan for the display of Lionel train equipment. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

MARC TO PURCHASE 19 REBUILT LOCOMOTIVES: The Maryland Rail Commuter Service has funding for the purchase of 19 rebuilt GP40-2 units from Morrison Knudsen, with delivery early next year at the rate of two a month. The likelihood is that these units will replace MARC's fleet of E and F units. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

CSXT CONVERTS BQ23-7 LOCOMOTIVES INTO B UNITS: CSXT class BQ23-7 units are being converted into B units with their windows plated over. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

CSXT ABANDONS PORTION OF BRIDGEPORT SUBDIVISION: CSXT has abandoned the westernmost five miles of the Bridgeport Subdivision between Short Line Junction and Wilsonburg, West Virginia. This was once part of the B&O Cumberland to Cincinnati mainline through Clarksburg and Parkersburg. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN OFFERING RETIREMENT PROGRAM: Norfolk Southern has announced the offering of a voluntary retirement program for 13 percent of non-contract employees of its railroad. [Bull Sheet, September 1993]

FINAL FIVE CSXT SERVICE CENTERS TO CONSOLIDATE IN JACKSONVILLE: The final five CSXT transportation service centers will be absorbed into the consolidated customer service center in Jacksonville, Florida. They are Cincinnati (Aug. 3, 1993), Detroit (Oct. 3, 1993), Walbridge (Dec. 5, 1993), Russell (Febr. 6, 1994), and Richmond (March 6, 1994). [Bull Sheet, August 1993]

CSXT LOANS BUDD CAR TO B&O MUSEUM: CSXT has loaned former B&O Budd car 9913 to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. It was dedicated in a special ceremony July 2, and put into service on the Mount Clare Express operating on weekends. [Bull Sheet, August 1993]

VRE ADDS EQUIPMENT: Virginia Railway Express has taken delivery of two leased GP40 locomotives from Conrail - 3210 and 3268 - for use as backup power. Also, VRE is purchasing 10 additional Budd de-powered RDC's from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to be refurbished and utilized with the regular fleet. [Bull Sheet, August 1993]

TWO-PERSON CREW AGREEMENT REACHED ON SOME CSXT LINES: CSXT and the United Transportation Union have implemented a conductor-only agreement to eliminate brakeman positions on the former Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal, Pere Marquette, and Hocking Valley portions of the system. Freight trains covered by the agreement now operate with two crew members - a conductor and an engineer. [Bull Sheet, August 1993]

WORK BEGINS ON NOTHERN CENTRAL TRAIL IN PA.: Work has begun to extend the Northern Central Railroad Trail north from the Mason-Dixon line into Pennsylvania. Known as the York County Heritage Trail project, the first mile was recently cleared by members of the Pennsylvania National Guard, and by the end of the summer a surface should be in place to enable trail users to gain access to the community of New Freedom. The route of the trail, both in Maryland and Pennsylvania, follows the right of way of the former Pennsylvania Railroad's Northern Central branch. North of New Freedom the old NCR track is still intact and serviceable. Completion of the trail north of New Freedom would require it to coexist with the railroad, although that portion is currently not operated. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

GG1 LOCOMOTIVE 4876 DELIVERED TO B&O MUSEUM: GG1 electric locomotive 4876 is now at its new home at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. It arrived in Baltimore from Philadelphia on June 11 and was delivered to the museum on June 16. This locomotive was made famous by its crash into Washington's Union Station. It joins sister locomotive 4890 at the museum, but the 4890 may be given another home at a later date. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

CSXT'S CUMBERLAND COAL BUSINESS UNIT ESTABLISHED: CSXT's Cumberland Coal Business Unit was established May 17, and the following subdivisions, formerly part of the Baltimore Division, have been assigned to the new unit: Belington, Berryburg, Bridgeport, Cowen, Fairmont, Georges Creek, Hampshire, Kingwood, Laurel, Mountain, Pickens, Richwood, SC&M, Short Line, Stony River, Thomas, Tygart, Williams River and WVA&P. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

C&O HISTORICAL SOCIETY SELECTED FOR $3,500 MATCHING GRANT: The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society was recently notified that it was selected by the Potomac Chapter NRHS to receive a matching grant for restoration and development of interpretative exhibits and programs for former C&O combination car 458. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

WALKING ON TRACKS IN VA. IS NOW A MISDEMEANOR: Effective July 1, 1993, there is a law in Virginia making walking on railroad tracks a misdemeanor subject to a $250 fine for the first offense. Repeat offenders face heavier fines, even going to jail. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

HYATTSVILLE, MD., DROPS PLANS TO ACQUIRE JD TOWER: The city of Hyattsville, Maryland, is no longer interested in acquiring CSXT's former JD Tower. There were compolications with the site in a flood plain to which the tower was to be moved. But the nearby town of Riverdale has expressed an interest in acquiring the building for one of its parks. JD Tower closed in March 1992. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

WINCHESTER, VA., FREIGHT AGENCY CLOSES: The CSXT (former B&O) freight agency office at Winchester, Virginia, closed June 25. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

INAUGURAL CSXT TRAIN DISPATCHER CLASS CONCLUDES: The inaugural class in CSXT's new train dispatcher training program concluded on June 11, and thirteen members graduated. The course lasted eight months. The graduates will now fill vacancies at the railroad's operations center in Jacksonville, Florida. The Federal Railroad Administration is using the program as a model for other railroads. [Bull Sheet, July 1993]

CONRAIL BEGINS DOUBLE-STACK CLEARANCE PROJECT IN PA.: Conrail has started detailed engineering design and preliminary construction work on a joint program with the state of Pennsylvania to accommodate double-stack container trains. Work is expected to be completed by the end of 1995. Conrail has committed more than $40-million to the project, plus there will be some state funding. [Bull Sheet, June 1993]

STEEL MILL PLANNED IN KENTUCKY TO BE SERVED BY CSXT: Two Canadian steel companies, Dofasco and CoSteel, have announced they will build a $300-million high-tech steel mill at Ghent, Kentucky, to be served by CSXT. The facility will open in 1995, and an expansion is planned for 1997 which would double the annual production of the facility to two million tons of flat-rolled steel. At that level, CSXT stands to handle more than 15,000 carloads annually of inbound scrap and outbound finished product. [Bull Sheet, June 1993]

BRUCE FALES DIES, NOTED PHOTOGRAPHER: Bruce D. Fales, a noted photographer and railroader, died at his home in Silver Spring, Md., on April 30. He was 84. He became fascinated with railroads at an early age, and he began his hobby of photography in the 1920s. In 1938 he was hired by the B&O as a locomotive fireman, first working in Brunswick, Md, and then in Washington, where he remained until 1952. He became a photographer for the B&O and its monthly employee magazine. His photos also began to appear in other magazines and books nationally. He prided himself in action shots of steam locomotives and he made numerous trips to where the railroad crossed mountains in Western Maryland and West Virginia. [Bull Sheet, June 1993, from report by Ric Nelson]

COCA-COLA CONSTRUCTING RAIL-SERVED FACILITY IN DORSEY, MD.: Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., has announced that its sister company, Coca-Cola USA, has decided to join it at its new site at Dorsey, Maryland, to be served by CSXT. According to the CSXT Employee News Service, Coca-Cola USA will incorporate a new syrup production and packaging operation with Coca-Cola Enterprises' planned bottling plant. Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin this summer and be completed by the fall of 1994. When completed, this will be the largest single Coca-Cola facility in the world, and should produce about 3000 cars of new traffic annually for CSXT. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

NEW CSXT CONTROL POINT IN SERVICE AT BUCK LODGE, MD.: Dispatcher-controlled power crossover switches and signals are now in service at Buck Lodge, Maryland, on CSXT's Metropolitan Subdivision. Bi-directional CTC is now in service on the Metropolitan Subdivision between that point and Washington. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

CSXT STILL HAS ONE WRECK CRANE IN ACTIVE SERVICE: According to CSXT, there is now only one company wreck crane remaining in active service. It is CSXT-991256, currently headquartered in Erwin, Tennessee. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

CSXT OPENS NEW ENGINEERING SHOP IN BALTIMORE: CSXT opened a new engineering shop facility at Riverside yard in Baltimore on April 16. It is now the headquarters for 40 maintenance of way, electrical and signal employees on the Baltimore Division, replacing a facility located in the basement of the shop building at the B&O Museum. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

CSX TO EXPAND TERMINAL FACILITY IN JACKSONVILLE: CSXT and CSX Intermodal have announced plans for a major expansion of the terminal facility at Jacksonville, Florida. The plans, expected to be completed in two years, call for additional container and trailer ramp space, and an increase in the loading area from 80 to 162 rail cars. There will also be a 1000-foot-long heavy-car repair facility. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

AMTRAK EXTENDING ITS BAN ON ON-BOARD SMOKING TO MORE TRAINS: Amtrak has announced it will extend its ban on smoking to all trains with origin-to-destination running times of less than four and one-half hours, plus several other trains with slightly longer runs. Smoking will still be permitted in designated areas of long-distance trains. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

CSXT LAUNCHING COAL BUSINESS UNIT IN CUMBERLAND, MD.: CSX Transportation has announced it is launching a separate business unit for coal marketing and operations to be based in Cumberland, Maryland. Its territory will include the former B&O and WM lines on the Baltimore Division. Ray Sharp, formerly assistant vice-president of utility coal, has been named general manager of the new unit. [Bull Sheet, May 1993]

HYATTSVILLE, MD., CONSIDERS PURCHASE OF FORMER JD INTERLOCKING TOWER: CSX Transportation has offered to sell JD Tower to the city of Hyattsville, Maryland, for one dollar, provided the city agrees to move the structure from railroad property. At a meeting of the Hyattsville Preservation Association on March 9, the topic was the tower and its possible use. About 30 people attended. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

CSXT CHANGES APPROACH SIGNAL RULE: The rule applying to action taken when encountering an Approach signal has been changed on the former Seaboard and Chessie portions of CSXT. Former rule: Proceed prepared to stop at next signal. New rule: Proceed prepared to stop at next signal. Trains exceeding medium speed must immediately begin reduction to medium speed as soon as the engine passes the approach signal. Medium speed is defined as one not exceeding 30 miles per hour. The Approach aspect on the former Seaboard is yellow, or yellow over red, or yellow over red over red. On both the former C&O and Western Maryland, it is yellow, or yellow over red. On the former B&O, the color-position signal is white over two diagonal yellows. On the former RF&P, where a separate rule regarding the Approach signal is already in use, the aspect is yellow, or yellow over red, or yellow over red over red. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

CSXT OPENS NEW REPAIR SHOP IN RICHMOND: CSX Transportation has begun transferring employees to its new $3-million work equipment repair facility at the Bryant Park Shops complex in Richmond, Virginia. The 85,000-square-foot facility, expected to be fully operational May 1, will employ approximately 140 people. Most of them will be coming from shops in Hamlet, North Carolina; Fairmont, West Virginia; Waycross, Georgia; and Columbus, Ohio. The new shop, located on the site of the old RF&P car and locomotive shop, will concentrate on the repair and servicing of heavy equipment for track work. According to the CSX Employee News Service, the work equipment repair shops at Hamlet and Fairmont will be closed, and those at Waycross and Columbus will be scaled back to light repairs. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

GERMANTOWN, MD., DERAILMENT DISRUPTS AMTRAK, MARC TRAFFIC: A major freight train derailment the evening of March 23, 1993, near Germantown, Maryland, closed both tracks of CSXT's Metropolitan Subdivision and caused disruption to Amtrak's Capitol Limited and MARC commuter service. The Capitol Limited in each direction was rerouted by way of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor and Conrail through Philadelphia and Harrisburg March 24 and 25, and the eastbound Capitol Limited was also rerouted March 26. Brunswick Line MARC service was maintained with commuters being bused around the derailment for two days. MARC trains resumed on March 26, but with minor delays passing the accident site. The derailment involved an 80-car eastbound train loaded mostly with new automobiles and vans. There were no injuries. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

NEW SD70M LOCOMOTIVES BEING TESTED ON CONRAIL: General Motors SD70M demonstrator units are currently being tested on Conrail. They are slated to be tested out of Harrisburg beginning about April 7. They will then reportedly be tested on CSXT out of Cumberland, Maryland, beginning about the middle of the month. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

BALTIMORE LIGHT-RAIL EXTENSION TO OPEN: Extension of Baltimore light-rail service south from Patapsco Avenue to Linthicum begins April 2, 1993, for Orioles games. Regular service is slated to begin later in the month. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

'MARC TO THE PARK' SPECIALS TO BE OFFERED: MARC To The Park baseball specials will be offered to all home Orioles games this season, but specials from and to the Brunswick line have been eliminated. Virginia Railway Express may operate some specials from Virginia on an experimental basis, but plans for these are not definite. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO LOCATE CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER IN ATLANTA: Norfolk Southern has announced that its new system-wide customer service center will be located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is expected to be fully staffed and operational by December, 1993. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

CSXT RETIRES LAST OF ITS GP16 LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT has retired the remainder of its GP16 locomotives. [Bull Sheet, April 1993]

RENOVATION COMPLETED FOR ABERDEEN, MD., MARC TRAIN STATION: Sunday, February 7, 1993, was a big day for the folks at Aberdeen, Md. For on that day the ribbon was cut for the city's MARC Penn Line commuter station following a $400,000 renovation project. Sunday is normally a day for the station to be closed, with no commuter trains running, but on that day the building was full of atmosphere complete with dignitaries, onlookers, a model train layout, musical entertainment, speeches, and cookies and punch which they ran out of early. "Harford County commuters have made riding the MARC a true success story," said County Executive Eileen Rehrmann. "In less than two years of service, the Marc Penn Line from Harford County to Baltimore and Washington has become one of the most traveled routes on the MARC commuter system. Harford County and MARC make a great team," she added. "Thanks to everyone for making it work." The present station, situated along Amtrak's Northeast corridor, dates from the second World War. It was designed by Lester Tichy, chief architect of Raymond Loewy Associates, who also designed the station currently in MARC use at Odenton, Maryland. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

CSXT REDESIGNATES TRACK IN CUMBERLAND, MD.: It is somewhat traditional to think of CSXT's Mountain Subdivision from Cumberland, Maryland, to East Grafton, West Virginia, as beginning its east-to-west route at Viaduct Junction. After all, that's where the line from Baltimore splits with Pittsburgh-bound trains going straight, and Grafton-bound trains going to the left. But the Mountain Subdivision officially began its lofty and scenic route back at Williams Street, near the present-day Amtrak station, which is six-tenths of a mile east of Viaduct Junction. This meant that trains from the east en route to the Pittsburgh line -- including Amtrak's Capitol Limited -- found themselves using a short portion of the Mountain Subdivision to make their way from the Cumberland Subdivision (which ended at Williams Street) to the Keystone Subdivision (which began at Viaduct Junction), just six-tenths of a mile away. But that is all history now. Effective February 2, 1993, the track between Williams Street in Cumberland (Milepost BA 178.3) and Viaduct Junction (Milepost BA 178.9), previously designated as a portion of the Mountain Subdivision, is now designated as a portion of the Cumberland Subdivision. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

'THE HILL GETS STEEPER,' CSXT HEAD SAYS: CSX Transportation president and CEO Pete Carpenter, speaking at a recent senior managers' meeting, made reference to the retrenchment of Sears, Roebuck and Company, its writing off $1.5 billion, eliminating 50,000 jobs, and leaving the catalog business, as an example of a company "struggling to regain better days." He used this reference to emphasize to employees of CSXT that they must continue to work toward "being the best." Last year was a "super year" for CSXT, he said, but "our challenge now is to sustain the momentum. We must commit as a team and avoid complacency, because the hill does get steeper." [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

CONRAIL TO REDUCE ENGINE IDLING IN MASSACHUSETTS: Consolidated Rail Corporation has agreed to reduce the idling of locomotives at certain rail facilities in Massachusetts. According to press reports, Conrail said terms of the agreement call for it to limit idling to no longer than 30 minutes at specific facilities, and the company will begin testing new technologies toward eliminating the need for idling in colder weather. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

SOUTHERN TIER LINE TRACK CHANGES: Vic Stone, a student at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, has sent along the following information about track changes on Conrail's Southern Tier line. They include the removal of No. 1 track (the westbound main) between Milepost 279.5 and CP-GIBSON at Milepost 290.1, and the removal of No. 2 track between CP-CASS STREET at Milepost 331.8 and Swain at Milepost 348.1. At Swain, a new switch connects the controlled siding (old No. 2 track) with the main (old No. 1 track). Reportedly, there are more changes to come. [Bull Sheet, March 1993, from report by Vic Stone]

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE TO ACQUIRE HARPERS FERRY TRAIN STATION: CSXT and the National Park Service have reached agreement for the trade of property, with the railroad acquiring some land in Cumberland and the National Park Service acquiring the station at Harpers Ferry. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

AMTRAK CONNECTION TRACK TO BE BUILT AT NEW CASTLE, PA.: Amtrak's board has voted to spend $2.6-million as Amtrak's share toward building a track at New Castle, Pennsylvania, to connect CSXT and Conrail for use by the Broadway Limited which will eliminate a backup move. According to issue 473 of Rail Travel News, the project should be completed in the fall of 1994. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

NEW CROSSBUCK SIGN BEING INTRODUCED TO RAIL INDUSTRY: A new type standard crossbuck sign, equipped with a red and chrome striped yield sign, is being introduced to the railroad industry, starting in Ohio. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

MARYLAND MIDLAND RECEIVES FIRST OF THREE GP38DC LOCOMOTIVES: Maryland Midland unit 301, a GP38DC, has arrived and is in service. It and two others are being purchased from Helm Financial Corporation. The three units will be numbered 300-302. [Bull Sheet, March 1993]

CSXT REIMPLEMENTING STOP & PROCEED SIGNAL: CSXT is reimplementing the signal 'Stop and Proceed.' .. It replaces 'Restricted Proceed' which had been in use for about a decade... Signals with a 'G' marker, however, are 'Grade' signals, which eliminate the need to stop if conditions permit. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

D&H TRAINS RETURN TO NORTHEAST CORRIDOR, PORT ROAD: Delaware & Hudson trains between Harrisburg and Potomac Yard returned to the former Northeast Corridor/Port Road route on January 26, 1993... The trains, 555 and 556, run at night. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

SCHEDULE ARRANGED FOR AMTRAK'S TRANSCONTINENTAL TRAIN: Tentative schedule for Amtrak's transcontinental train beginning April 4, 1993, includes a westbound departure from Miami at 1:45 PM, Orlando at 6:48 PM, Jacksonville at 10:30 PM, and Tallahassee at 2:15 AM... The eastbound train departs Tallahassee at 10:20 AM, Jacksonville at 2:45 PM, Orlando at 5:50 PM, and arrives Miami at 11:00 PM... There will be a total of 14 stations served east of New Orleans as an extension of the existing Sunset Limited to form the coast-to-coast train... Departures from Miami and Los Angeles in each direction will be Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

'STEELLINK' IMPLEMENTED ON CONRAIL: Conrail and CWS Incorporated have formed a joint venture providing 48-hour door-to-door intermodal steel service - called 'SteelLink' - between Philadelphia and Chicago. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

CROSSING ACCIDENTS DECLINE ON CSXT: Crossing accidents on CSXT in 1992 declined 21 percent from the previous year, compared to a decline of about 10 percent nationwide. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

CSXT MANIFEST FREIGHT TRAIN CHANGES: New CSXT train R386 began operating January 14, 1993, from Willard to Cumberland... It runs Thursday through Sunday, and makes same day connections at New Castle with Q216 and following day connection at Cumberland with Q378. Trains R402 and R403 were eliminated effective January 26, 1993, replaced by D&H trains 555 and 556 using trackage rights on Conrail and Amtrak by way of Perryville, Maryland... Northbound 555 is scheduled to leave Potomac Yard at 2130, and southbound 556 is called at Harrisburg at 1900 for arrival in Potomac Yard about 0200. Schedules of R412 and R413 have been changed to accommodate connections with he new D&H trains... R412 now operates one hour earlier, arriving Potomac Yard 1230... R413 leaves Potomac Yard 0830 with work at Fredericksburg (0945-1015), Doswell (1115-1130), Acca Yard (1200-0300), Collier (0415-0515), Weldon (0645-0800), arriving Rocky Mount 0930. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

HAMPSTEAD, MD., DEPOT RESTORATION PROPOSED: The historic former Western Maryland Hampstead, Md., railroad station may be saved... The building is in poor condition with peeling paint and holes in the roof... This situation may change if a Hampstead councilwoman gets her wish. Jackie Hyatt has begun negotiations with CSX Transportation, owner of the depot... She says that the project would be a 'labor of love.' Stewart Rhine, a member of the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society in Union Bridge, Md., says that the society will assist he town council with the preservation. The station was built in 1913 at a cost of $4,100... The last passenger train to call there was in 1942... The freight agent was removed in the early 1970s, and the building was boarded up in 1979 after the railroad maintenance crews stopped using it. If the town can gain ownership, the structure would be restored and used for meeting space and offices. [Bull Sheet, February 1993]

MARYLAND MIDLAND TO PURCHASE THREE GP38 LOCOMOTIVES: Maryland Midland has announced it will purchase three GP38 locomotives.. The purchase will be made through Helm Financial Corporation. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

AMTRAK ORDERS 50 VIEWLINER SLEEPING CARS: Amtrak has placed an order for 50 Viewliner sleeping cars to be built in the United States by Morrison Knudsen Corporation.. The purchase also includes an option for 50 more cars.. Future orders will likely include lounge cars, diners and coaches as well, but sleeping cars are the current top priority because they represent the company's greatest need. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

X2000 TRAIN SLATED FOR METROLINER USE: Amtrak's X2000 tilt-technology train is reportedly slated for use in Metroliner service beginning February 1993. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

MARC BUDD CARS NEARING END OF SERVICE: The days are numbered for MARC's fleet of Budd cars with their use in regular service likely to end within the next several weeks.. According to MARC, two or three of the cars will be kept in reserve. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

MARC TO ADD E8, E9 LOCOMOTIVES TO SERVICE: Leased E8 unit 62 is expected to be put into MARC service shortly.. In the meantime, the ex-Burlington Northern E9 units are being prepared for service, Their numbers are: 64 (x-9902), 65 (x-9905), 66 (x-9906), 67 (x-9907), 68 (x-9908) and 69 (x-9911). [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

DAVID MCKEE NAMED QUALITY DIRECTOR FOR CSXT: David McKee of West Virginia, a former Baltimore Division locomotive engineer, has been named quality director for CSX Transportation. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

CONRAIL ACQUIRING NEW LOCOMOTIVES: Conrail has announced it will acquire 225 new locomotives over a three-year period.. Orders have already been placed for 175 of them - 105 of class SD60M from General Motors, and 70 of class C40-8W from General Electric. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

CSXT LOCOMOTIVE NOTES: Additions to the CSXT locomotive roster, as of December 27, 1992, include ten CW40-8 units, 7827 through 7836, inclusive.. Deletions include eight U23B units: 3238, 3244, 3258, 3260, 3272, 3273, 3274 and 3297. [Bull Sheet, January 1993]

TEMPORARY CHRISTMAS SEASON INTERMODAL TRAINS BEGIN ON CSXT: R231 and R232 temporary Christmas season intermodal trains for United Parcel Service began operating on CSXT Dec. 1 between New Jersey and Florida. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

LOCOMOTIVE ROSTER CHANGES ON CSXT: As of Novembr 28, newly-delivered CW40-8 locomotives through and including 7826 were on the CSXT roster. Meanwhile, the company has been retiring older units at a rapid rate. These include a number of GP16, U18B, GP38, U23B, GP40 and U30C units. Only one U30C remained on the roster. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN, CONRAIL FORM DOUBLE-STACK SERVICE ON THREE ROUTES: Norfolk Southern and Conrail have announced a joint venture involving double-stack Triple Crown intermodal service on three routes. One of the routes - New York to Atlanta - involve trains operating by way of Hagerstown and Manassas. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

VRE RIDERSHIP INCREASING: Virginia Railway Express officials report that ridership has been increasing by about 10 percent a month since service began early this past summer. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

D.C. METRO BRAKES GOUND ON FRANCONIA-SPRINGFIELD STATION: Washington D.C. Metro has broken ground on its Franconia-Springfield station, ultimate southern terminus of the Blue Line, with completion of the line slated for mid-1997. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

GERALD GRINSTEIN ELECTED CHAIRMAN OF AAR: Gerald Grinstein, chairman and CEO of Burlington Northern, has been elected chairman of the Association of American Railroads for a one-year term, beginning January 8, 1993. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

FLORIDA RAISES FINE FOR DRIVING AROUND LOWERED CROSSING GATES: The fine for driving around lowered crossing gates in Florida was recently raised to a maximum of $1500. [Bull Sheet, December 1992]

AMTRAK CONSIDERING EXPANSION OF SANFORD AUTO TRAIN TERMINAL: Amtrak plans to begin using Superliner equipent on its Auto Train in 1995. But to accommodate this equipment, the facility in Sanford, Florida, must be either expanded or replaced. One location Amtrak is considering is Orlando. But land in Orlando is more expensive, and Sanford officials have met with Amtrak to urge that the Auto Train facility remain in their city. [Bull Sheet, November 1992]

X2000 TRAIN ARRIVES FOR TESTING BY AMTRAK: The Swedish X2000 tilt-tchnology train set for service testing by Amtrak on the Northeast corridor arrived by ship in Baltimore on October 20. [Bull Sheet, November 1992]

FEDS DESIGNATE WASHINGTON-CHARLOTTE CORRIDOR AS POTENTIAL HIGH-SPEED TRAIN ROUTE: The U.S. Dept. of Transporttion has designated Washington, D.C., to Charlotte, N.C., as a rail corridor to receive initial federal funding for a potential high-sped train route. [Bull Sheet, November 1992]

COCA-COLA TO BUILD RAIL-SERVED FACILITY IN HOWARD COUNTY, MD.: Coca-Cola will build a $125-million production and distribution facility on a 120-acre site in Howard County, Md., for completion in the fall of 1994. It will be served by CSXT. [Bull Sheet, November 1992]

PLANS SCRAPPED FOR FOOTBALL STADIUM AT POTOMAC YARD, VA.: Plans to build a new football stadium at Potomac Yard, Va., have been abandoned. [Bull Sheet, November 1992]

THREE RIVERS RAILWAY BUYS 60 MILES OF P&LE BRANCH LINES: The Three Rivers Railway has purchased about 60 miles of Pittsburgh & Lake Erie branch lines with accompanying yards and sidings. They include a 20-mile northern section from Youngstown, Ohio, to New Castle, Pennsylvania; and a 40-mile southern section from McKeesport to Brownsville Junction, Pennsylvania. The company will also operate on a 61-mile center section under a lease agreement with CSXT. Meanwhile, CSXT has filed an application with the ICC for control of Three Rivers Railway. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

MARYLAND MIDLAND SELLS ITS TWO F-UNITS: Maryland Midland has sold its two F unit locomotives to Rail Images Ltd. of California, which is a leasing company of locomotives to the movie-making industry. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

LAUREL, MD., TRAIN STATION TO BE REPAIRED FOLLOWING FIRE DAMAGE: The state of Maryland has reportedly agreed to py $280,000 to fix up the 109-year-old station in Laurel, Md. The building suffered extensive fir damage on Jan. 14, and MARC passengers have been making use of a trailer placed at the site. In a related development, plans to institute a secon stop in Laurel - at the parking lot of the Laurel Race Course - have been put on hold for another year due to funding restrictions. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

CSXT'S QN TOWER IN WASHINGTON DC CLOSES: CSXT's QN Tower in Washington, D.C., closed September 28. Built for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1906 as part of a track-building project involving wye tracks to connect the then-Washington branch with the Metropolitan branch, tracks into the then-new Union Station, coach and engine yards and new freight yard, its closing was part of a signal-improvement project on behalf of MARC commuter service. An earlier phase of that same project included the closing of JD Tower in Hyattsville, Md., this past March. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

CONRAIL TO INVEST $7-M TO IMPROVE SOUTHERN TIER LINE IN N.Y. STATE: Conrail will invest $7-million to improve service on its Southern Tier line between Buffalo and Binghamton, N.Y. Conrail had granted Delaware & Hudson an option to buy the line in 1990, but the parties were unable to reach an agreement early this year. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

PLAN BEING RELEASED FOR TRAIL ON FORMER WESTERN MARYLAND LINE: A master plan is to be released this month for a recreational trail on the formr Western Maryland Railway right-of-way between Sideling Hill and Big Pool, Md. The state purchased the property from CSXT in 1990. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN ROADRAILER TRAINS STOP USING VAN DORN ST. YARD: Norfolk Southern RoadRailer trains no longer use Van Dorn Street yard in Virginia. The last such train to originate there departed on Sept. 17. Standard piggyback trains still use the facility. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

AMTRAK CARDINAL SWITCHES TO DINETTE INSTEAD OF DINING CAR: According to the September 1992 issue of Cinders, published by the Philadelphia chapter NRHS, Amtrak replaced the dining car of the Cardinal with a Horizon fleet dinette effective Sept. 21. This had already happened on some of the train's runs sevral weeks earlier, but now it appears to be official. [Bull Sheet, October 1992]

VRE TO IMPLEMENT MID-DAY SERVICE: Virginia Railway Express has decided to implement mid-day service, and it could bgin before the end of the year. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

MARC TO FORM COMMUTERS' ADVISORY COMMITTEE: MARC is forming a commuters' advisory committee to be composed of patrons who can volunteer their time and attend meetings in Union Station, Washington. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

JOHN COLLINSON DIES, RETIRED CSX OFFICIAL: John Collinson, retired vice-chairman of CSX, has died. He was 66. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

BALTIMORE LIGHT-RAIL OPENS LINE SOUTH FROM CAMDEN STATION: The latest increment of Baltimore's light-rail line, south from Camden Station to Patapsco Avenue, opened on August 30. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

AMTRAK REVISES SOUTHBOUND SCHEDULE OF SILVER METEOR: Amtrak has revised its schedule for the southbound Silver Meteor. It now leaves New York at 6:30 P.M. (instead of 3:35 P.M.) and arrives Tampa and Miami respectively at 6:30 P.M. and 9:13 P.M. the following day. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

CSXT, UTU AGREE TO ELIMINATE BRAKEMEN ON FORMER RF&P: CSXT and the United Transportation Union have reached an agreement to eliminate brakeman positions on long-distance feight trains running on the former RF&P. [Bull Sheet, September 1992]

POTOMAC YARD BEING CONSIDERED FOR SITE OF FOOTBALL STADIUM: Potomac Yard in Virginia could be the site of a new football stadium according to a plan announced by Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Washington Redskins, and Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder. The proposal faces a great deal of opposition, however. [Bull Sheet, August 1992]

LITTLE ROCK UNION STATION UNDERGOING RENOVATION: The 71-year-old union station in Littl Rock, Arkansas, is currently undergoing renovation. "The station has never looked better," according to the August issue of Arkansas Railroader, monthly publication of the Arkansas Railroad Club. Most of the upper floors will be rented out as office space, there will be a children's museum on the first floor, and Amtrak will use space at track level. [Bull Sheet, August 1992]

AMTRAK EXPANDS AGENCY BASE THROUGH CANADIAN TRAVEL AGENTS: Amtrak has expanded its agency base through the addition of 3,900 travel agents in Canada. Previously those agents sold Amtrak tickets through VIA, which received a commission for the service. [Bull Sheet, August 1992]

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER IN GEORGIA JAILED FOR NEAR-MISS AT CROSSING: According to a report from the CSXT Employee News Service, a school bus loaded with high school students in Atlanta, Georgia, was involved in a near-miss recently. Its driver drove the bus in front of a CSXT freight train. There was no collision, but the driver was arrested, found guilty of failing to stop for a railroad crossing, and sentenced to a year in jail. [Bull Sheet, August 1992]

FORMER BOWIE, MD., INTERLOCKING TOWER MOVED TO PARK: Bowie Tower along the Northeast corridor in Maryland, which closed in 1988, was moved to a close-by park on July 14. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, August 1992]

RF&P DISPATCHING FUNCTIONS TRANSFERRED TO JACKSONVILLE: The dispatching functions of the Richmond, Va., control center of the former RF&P has been slated to be cut over to control from Jacksonville on July 1. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

WESTERN MARYLAND RED & WHITE UNIT 6573 RETIRED: Former Western Maryland unit 6573 has been retired by CSXT. The unit, still painted red and white, was moved to Cincinnati several weeks ago following major mechanical problems. It was reportedly deleted from the roster on June 25. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

MARC TO LEASE TWO GP40 UNITS: MARC has negotiated a lease for two GP40 units, Reportedly they are from Conrail, numbers 3198 and 3205. In a related note, leased E8 unit 61 will shortly join the MARC fleet, which already includes one other E8 unit, number 60. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

AMTRAK PLANS STARTUP OF SUNSET LIMITED EXTENSION TO FLORIDA: Amtrak has announced the startup of three-day-a-week service between New Orleans and Miami for April 4, 1993. It will be an extension of the Sunset Limited to and from Los Angeles, thus making this Amtrak's truly first genuine transcontinental train. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

AMTRAK'S AUTO TRAIN BEGINS TO CARRY VANS: Beginning July 1, Amtrak will carry vans in its Auto Train. To accommodate the vans, Amtrak converted six tri-level cars into bi-levels, which increased the maximum vehicle height from 65 to 85 inches. Initially, two of the bi-levels will be conveyed in each train, both ways, with two cars being kept as spares. Amtrak projects an annual revenue increase of $2,3-million by transporting vans. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

AMTRAK TESTING SATELLITE SERVICE ON EMPIRE BUILDER: Amtrak is now testing a satellite service on the Empire Builder. According to the June 8 edition of Amtrak's Newsbreak, the satellite link will allow Amtrak to monitor and respond to passenger space availability, food and beverage resupply requests, and safety and mechanical concerns. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

GRAIN BUSINESS INCREASES ON CSXT: CSXT has nearly doubled the revenue generated by the feed grain business in the past five years. In April, the number of carloads was up 18 percent compared to the same month last year, said the CSX Employee News Service. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

SIXTEEN 'HARDY SOULS' HIKE FIVE MILES OF FORMER CHESAPEAKE BEACH RAILWAY: Sixteen hardy souls, age 7 to 80, recently set off to hike the final five miles of the Chesapeake Beach Railway's right-of-way from Marlboro-Ritchie road to Seat Pleasant, Md. This concluded a five-year effort to hike the entire line. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, July 1992, from report by Vince Cipriani]

NEW FREEDOM, PA., DEPOT BEING RESTORED: Work has begun to restore the old Pennsylvania Railroad depot in New Freedom, Pa. The restoration is being undertaken by York County using various funding sources, with the intention of using the building in connection with a planned extension of the Northern Central Railroad Trail north from the Maryland state line. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, July 1992]

AMTRAK TO ACCEPT EUROPEAN EXPLORER PASSES: In an effort to attract foreign customers, Amtrak has reached agreement with Eurotrain International to allow travelers to exchange European Explorer passes for Amtrak passes good in the U.S. The company anticipates the exchange will provide $1.5-million in revenues in FY-1993. [Bull Sheet, June 1992]

AMTRAK OPENS METROPLITAN LOUNGE IN PHILADELPHIA: Amtrak's fourth Metropolitan Lounge opened on May 25 in Philadelphia's 30th Street station. It is for use of first-class passengers while waiting for trains. Similar lounges are also located in New York, Chicago and Washington. [Bull Sheet, June 1992]

AMTRAK TO RUN PENINSULAR SERVICE BEGINNING JULY 1: Amtrak will begin operating the Peninsular service between San Francisco and San Jose on July 1. The service runs 54 trains each business day. [Bull Sheet, June 1992]

DAVID GOODE TO BE CHAIRMAN, CEO OF NORFOLK SOUTHERN: David Goode, president of Norfolk Southern, has been named chairman and CEO to succeed the retiring Arnold McKinnon effective Sept. 1. [Bull Sheet, June 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN STUDYS MODERNIZATION OF LAMBERTS POINT COAL FACILITY: Norfolk Southern is studying modernization of its Lamberts Point coal facility in Norfolk, a major component being the construction of a new pier. [Bull Sheet, June 1992]

AMTRAK SCHEDULED TRAIN SPEEDS: The average systemwide scheduled Amtrak train speed is 49.4 MPH. This comprehends distance and time among 311 trains from origin to destination. Running speeds outside of stations are 25 to 50 percent faster. MORE.. [Bull Sheet Statistical Dept., June 1992]

CSXT, UTU AGREE TO ELIMINATE THROUGH BRAKEMEN ON FORMER SCL: CSXT and the United Transportation Union have concluded an agreement to eliminate brakeman positions for through-freight operations on the former Seaboard Coast Line portion of the system. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

GE OPENS WAREHOUSE NEXT TO CSXT'S HEAVY REPAIR FACILITY IN WAYCROSS: General Electric has opened a warehouse next to CSXT's heavy repair facility in Waycross, Georgia, which will supply components to renew GE locomotives at the facility. According to the CSXT Employee News Service, the warehouse will relieve CSXT of inventorying materials or waiting for parts to be shipped. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

MK TOWER IN PA. CLOSES: MK Tower on CSXT's Western Subdivision at Versailles, Pennsylvania, has closed. It was deleted from the timetable on April 15, 1992. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

AMTRAK REDUCES CONSIST, SERVICE LEVELS OF MONTREALER: Amtrak's Montrealer now operates with reduced consists and service levels. From April to October the train will be combined with the Garden State and the Free State between New York and Washington. Only one locomotive will normally be used north of New Haven, and the consist will include three Amfleet II coaches and one sleeper. A second sleeper will be added on peak weekend days. Instead of tray meals, coach passengers can purchase refreshments in the lounge car, and first-class passengers will receive box dinner and continental breakfasts in their rooms. According to the March 30, 1992, edition of Amtrak's Newsbreak, no consideration is currently being given to rerouting the train. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

AMTRAK COMPLETES NEW MAIL FACILITY IN JACKSONVILLE: Amtrak has completed construction of a new mail facility in Jacksonville, Florida. Located next to the passenger station, the facility features a high-level, 240-foot-long platform and four tractor-trailer bays. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

ROADRAILER EQUIPMENT ON CAPITOL LIMITED: Roadrailer equipment was attached to the rear of the westbound Capitol Limited from Washington on April 15, 1992. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

YORK COUNTY, PA., BEGINS RESTORATION OF DEPOT AT NEW FREEDOM: An attempt by York County, Pennsylvania, has begun for restoration of the depot at New Freedom. Due to funding restrictions, work will reportedly stop for the time being once the structure is stabilized. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

CONRAIL DONATES VINTAGE FIRE ENGINE TO ALTOONA FIRE DEPT.: Conrail has donated a 1941 fire engine to the Altoona, Pennsylvania, fire department According to a report by Eula Jean Veit in the March 1992 edition of the Conrail Technical Society Journal, the fire engine will be repainted into its original PRR red, and will be used for parades and fire prevention demonstrations, and as a backup unit. It was rebuilt in 1976, and fought its last fire in 1981. [Bull Sheet, May 1992]

CSXT'S JD TOWER IN HYATTSVILLE, MD., CLOSES: CSXT's (former B&O) JD Tower in Hyattsville, Md., closed March 5, 1992. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, April 1992]

CSXT TO PURCHASE 50 ADDITIONAL CW40-8 LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT plans to exercise an optio for the purchase of an additional 50 wide-car CE40-8 units from General Electric for delivery later this year. There are currently 109 such units on the CSX roster, numbered 7650-7758. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

CSXT GRAY LOCOMOTIVES GETTING YELLOW NOSES: Some CSX Gray ('stealth') locomotives have been receiving yellow-nose paint applications. The name selected for this hybrid is CSX CRAY/YN. [Bull Sheet, March 1992[

CSXT REALIGNS OPERATING DIVISION MANAGEMENT: CSXT has announced a realignment of the management of its eight operating divisions by establishing three regions, each headed by a general manager with an office in Jacksonville. The position of division manager has been eliminated, and each division will continue to function from its present headquarters, headed by a superintendent of operations reporting to one of the general managers. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

ANDREW CARD NOMINATED U.S. SECRETARY OF TRANSPORTATION: Andrew H. Card Jr. has been nominated as U.S. Secretary of Transportation to replace Samuel Skinner who left the department to become White House Chief of Staff. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

RAILFONE SERVICE TO BE ADDED TO AMTRAK'S SAN JOAQUIN TRAINS: Railfone service is slated to be added to Amtrak's San Joaquin trains between Oakland and Bakrsfield, California, on April 6. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

BARSTOW TRAIN STATION GETTING RENOVATED: The Barstow, California, train station is getting renovated as a project of the California Transit Capital Improvement program. A second phase of the project includes refurbishing the adjacent Harvey House restaurant and hotel, to be modeled after the building's original design. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

CSXT'S JD TOWER SLATED TO CLOSE: For nearly a century, B&O's rustic JD Tower at Alexandria Junction, Md., has stood as a proud symbol to an era in railroading. It is slated to close in late March. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

ART HIERS DIES, VETERAN B&O TOWER OPERATOR: Retired B&O interlocking tower operator Arthur Johnson Hiers died on February 6. He was 65. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, March 1992]

CSXT TO CUT 325 FROM NON-CONTRACT WORK FORCE: CSX Transportation plans to reduce its non-contract work force by 325 employees during the first half of 1992. The company also plans to relocate a number of departments from Baltimore to Jacksonville. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

AMTRAK IMPLEMENTS 'EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGES' PROGRAM FOR METROLINER PASENGERS: Amtrak is implementing an 'Executive Privileges' program for frequent Metroliner passengers. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

AMTRAK, UNITED AIRLINES EXPAND AIR-RAIL TRAVEL PLAN: Amtrak and United Airlines have expanded their air-rail travel plan with increased options. Included are five nw vacatin packages that allow passengers to travel between the four air-rail zones. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

AMTRAK ADDS CUSTOM CLASS SERVICE TO ANN RUTLEDGE AND HOSSIER STATE: Custom class service is now available on Amtrak's Ann Rutledge and Hoosier State trains. The service is available at extra charge and includes reserved seating in a private area along with coffee and a newspaper [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

TEXAS EAGLE NOW CARRIES MAIL: Amtrak's Texas Eagle now carries mail between Chicago and Fort Worth. Previously, the Texas Eagle was Amtrak's only major daily long-distance train not having a mail contract. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

AMTRAK OFFERING SENIOR DISCOUTS, AGE 62 AND OLDER: Amtrak now offers senior citizens age 62 and older a 15 percent discount, applicable to the lowest one-way or round-trip excursion fare. Certain conditions apply, and discounts are not valid on Metroliners or the Auto Train. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

MARC LEASES E8 LOCOMOTIVE, THREE OTHERS TO FOLLOW: E8 locomotive 4327 (formerly NJ Transit) has been leased by MARC, and reportedly three additional E8 units will be included at a later date. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

NEW HIGHWAY GRADE CROSSING SIGN BEING TESTED IN KANSAS: A new highway grade crossing warning sign is now being tested in Kansas. According to the Jan. 17 edition of Rails, the design updates the traditional crosbuck with improved reflective material and a 'Yield' sign. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

RAIL 'FERRY' PROPOSED IN ARKANSAS: A rail line that the Union Pacific plans to abandon in a marshy and isolated part of southeastern Arkansas could be put to use as a 'ferry' to transport cars and trucks on railroad cars as a highway link. According to press reports, a 20-mile section of the line between Snow Lake and Watson, including bridges spanning the Arkansas and White rivers, could be used for the service. The cost of providing the service would be less than the cost of building a road, and this would eliminate the environmental problems that building a road would create. Similar rail ferries are used in Alaska. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

FIRE DAMAGES LAUREL, MD., TRAIN STATION: The 108-year-old depot at Laurel, Md., was damaged in a fire on Jan. 14. The exterior of the building was not too badly damaged, but the interior was gutted. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

'Q' REPLACING 'R' FOR CERTAIN CSXT FREIGHT TRAIN DESIGNATIONS: Certain CSXT freight trains now carry 'Q' prefixes replacing the 'R' prefixes that had been used throughout the system for trains having regularly-assigned schedules. Some trains still carry 'R' designations, but the use of 'Q' on the trains so designated indicate that their schdules have been arranged around specific commitments to customers with respect to arrival and placement. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN RENUMBERING HOPPERS: Norfolk Southern is in the process of renumbering its four- and five-digit hoppers to six digits. According to a report by Ed Durnwald in the Jan. issue of The Train Order, published by the Marion Railfan Society, cars with four digits receive a '31' in front of their old number as well as NS reporting marks, and cars with five-digit nunbers get a '3' in front of the number and the NS markings. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

KEYSTONE-ADORND INCLINE-PLANE CARS INSTALLED AT HORSESHOE CURVE: Keystone-adorned incline-plane cars have been recently installed as part of the new visitor center at the Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania. The center will open this spring. [Bull Sheet, February 1992]

RF&P ABSORBED INTO CSXT: The Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad has been absorbed into CSXT. The line north from Greendale, Va., is now known as the RF&P Subdivision, a part of the Baltimore Division. Alpha milepost prefix is 'CFP' The RF&P south of Greendale (MP CFP 4.8) is now known as the Richmond Terminal Subdivision, a part of the Florence Division. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

FIRST TWO VIRGINIA RAIL EXPRESS COACHES EN ROUTE FROM BRAZIL: The first two Virginia Rail Express commuter coaches have been shipped from Brazil. Startup of service between Washington and Manassas is reportedly being considered for May, with Fredericksburg service possibly starting a month later. Twenty-one used coaches from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority have been purchased, and up to 20 of the new cars from Brazil are expected to be on hand by mid-May. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN PLAN 50 NEW LOCOMOTIVES THIS YEAR: Norfolk Southern plans to purchase 50 new locomotives in 1992. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

TOURIST OPERATION BETWEEN STAUNTON AND CHARLOTTESVILLE BEING PLANNED: According to an item in the Dec. 18 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the owners of the Allegany Central Railroad have plans for a tourist operation to run between Staunton and Charlottesville, Va., beginning in 1993. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

CSXT'S SALT RIVER BRIDGE IN KENTUCKY REOPENED FOLLOWING ACCIDENT DAMAGE: CSXT's Salt River bridge in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, which was heavily damaged in an accident on Nov. 19, was reopened to rail traffic after 17 days of reconstruction. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

AMTRAK BEGINS CAPITAL CORRIDOR SERVICE IN CALIFORNIA: Amtrak, on Dec. 12, inaugurated its 'Capital Corridor' service in affiliation with Caltrans between the Bay Area and Sacramento. The service began with three daily roundtrips between San Jose, Oakland and Sacramento, including one that originates in Roseville. Amtrak expects more than 500,000 riders to use the new service each year. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

JOHN CHITTENDEN DIES, RETIRED B&O TOWER OPERATOR: Retired B&O tower operator John Clark Chittenden died Dec. 8 after a lengthy illness. He was 61. MORE.. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

CSXT'S PATTERSON CREEK TOWER IN W.VA. CLOSES: 'FN' Tower at Patterson Creek, W.Va., on the former B&O, closed Dec. 20. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

AMTRAK'S BAY TOWER IN BALTIMORE CLOSES: Amtrak's former PRR Bay Interlocking and Block Station along the Northeast corridor in Baltimore closed Dec. 2. [Bull Sheet, January 1992]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN CREWS CALLING SIGNALS ON RADIO: Norfolk Southern crews are now calling signals on the radio. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

AMTRAK TO IMPORT SWEDISH TRAIN FOR NORTHEAST CORRIDOR USE: Amtrak intends to import a Swedish train in late 1992 or early 1993 for use on the Northeast corridor. The train, called X2000, is capable of speeds of up to 155 MPH, and incorporates tilt-technology for rapid operation around curves. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

VIA IN CANADA OFFERING DISCOOUNTED ON-BOARD SLEEPER SPACE: VIA in Canada is now offering discount sleeper space, if it is available at the time, to coach passengers who are aboard the train once it is underway. The program is intended to fill space that has not been sold prior to train time. A roomette typically costing $70 would be sold for $34. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT TO CLOSE INTERMODAL FACILITY AT POTOMAC YARD, VA.: CSXT intends to close its intermodal facility at Potomac Yard, Virginia, early next year, and transfer the business to the Seagirt terminal in Baltimore. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT INSTALLS 45 MPH CROSSOVERS AT DORSEY, MD.: A double set of number 20 power crossovers is now in service at Dorsey, Maryland, on CSXT's Capital Subdivision. Signals permit limited speed - 45 MPH - through these crossovers. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT TRAIN DERAILS IN KENTUCKY, CAUSED BY GARBAGE TRUCK: A major derailment on CSXT at Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on November 19, was caused by the collision of a garbage truck with an underpass causing a shift in the track overhead. According to press reports, the height of the truck exceeded the posted clearance by more than a foot and a half. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT TO EQUIP RAIL FLEET WITH IDENTIFICATION TAGS: CSXT plans to equip its rail fleet with automatic equipment identification tags, and will install trackside reading devices over the next three years. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT SELLS 61-MILE LINE IN ALABAMA: CSXT has sold a 61-mile-long line between Flomaton and Coduroy, Alabama, to the Wabash & Grand River Railway Company. The line will be operated as the Alabama Railroad. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

MARYLAND MIDLAND GETTING LOCOMOTIVE REBUILT: Maryland Midland unit 200 has been sent to Livingston, Montana, for a low-voltage rebuild. When it returns, it will reportedly have a chop-nose front. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

AMTRAK'S METROPOLITAN LOUNGE OPENS IN D.C.: Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge in Washington Union Station opened on November 15. It is for use by first-class passengers. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

AMES WILLIAMS DIES, R.R. BOOK AUTHOR: Ames Williams, author of 'Otto Mears Goes East - The Chesapeake Beach Railway,' died on November 8. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

CSXT APPLYING YELLOW NOSES TO EARLY-SCHEME LOCOMOTIVES: It has been learned that some locomotives in the early CSX paint scheme slated for repainting have, within the past several weeks, emerged from the paint shop with just the yellow noses being painted. Consequently, CSX is still applying the 'YN1' scheme in some instances. [Bull Sheet, December 1991]

AMERICAN EUROPEAN EXPRESS WILL NOT OPERATE IN THE SPRING: The American-European Express will not resume service in the spring of 1992.. Although resurrection of the idea in 1993 is being considered, it will not be in the recent form.. The AEE equipment has been moved to Waycross, Georgia.. A resumption of the AEE operation will require a complete reorganization and rccapitalization. [Bull Sheet, December 1991, from report by Mark Sublette]

CSXT DEDICATES NEW CAR REPAIR FACILITY IN KENTUCKY: CSXT dedicated its new car repair facility at Ravenna, Kentucky, last month. The site covers three repair tracks. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMTRAK FURNISHES REVISED ROUTE GUIDES: Amtrak has begun giving passengers of selected long-distance trains revised route guides using a new format that combines it with the Welcome Aboard brochure. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMTRAK FOOD VENDOR CHARGED WITH MAIL FRAUD: The president of an Amtrak food vendor has been charged with two counts of mail fraud. He had allegedly paid kickbacks to a former Amtrak buyer in exchange for the buyer's help to create $400,000 in double payments from Amtrak. The buyer allegedly involved in the scheme has since died. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

LITTLE ROCK UNION STATION SOLD: The 70-year-old Union Station in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been sold to John and Patricia Bailey of Chicago for $500,000. According to the September issue of Arkansas Railroader, published by the Arknsas Railroad Club, the nw owners plan to move to Little Rock to oversee restoration of the building. Amtrak's Texas Eagle stops in Little Rock once daily in each direction, and Amtrak's lease with the facility will continue. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMTRAK'S REVENUE-TO-EXPENSE RATIO IMPROVES: Amtrak's revenue-to-expense ratio for August was 78.6 percent, a 1.9 percent improvement from the same period last year. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMTRAK DROPS LOCAL ATLANTIC CITY RUNS: Amtrak has dropped its local Philadelphia-Atlantic City runs, but trains from north, south and west of Philadelphia to Atlantic City will continue to operate. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

FIVE VIRGINIA RAIL EXPRESS LOCOMOTIVES SIGHTED IN D.C.: Five Virginia Rail Express locomotives were sighted at Ivy City, Washington, D.C., last week. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

B&O SUNBURST SCHEME APPLIED TO LOCOMOTIVE: A B&O 'sunburst' paint scheme has been applied to CSXT locomotive 4253. The painting, which was agreed to by CSXT, took place at Parkersburg, West Virginia, on September 22. It came about through the efforts of members of the Affiliation for Baltimore & Ohio System Historical Research, as a finale to their 1991 convention. Previous requests in 1984 and 1988 to apply sunburst designs to an engine had been denied, and temporary cardboard mockups were used on those occasions for photo sessions. The 1991 effort, however, is genuine. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

BILL CALLIS RETIRES, B&O YARDMASTER: Veteran B&O yardmaster Bill Callis retired on October 31 after over 35 years of railroad service. For the past 17 years he had been a yardmaster at Jessup, Maryland. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

PERRYVILLE, MD., DEPOT COMES TO LIFE: It has been about three decades since the 1905 depot at Perryville, Maryland, has been used for its intended purpose. Several weeks ago, following an extensive restoration effort, the building's doors were once again opened. Some finishing touches remain to be completed. A vintage telephone booth for the outside is one of them, according to MARC officials, and a number of items for the interior will be added later. Perryville is the northern end of MARC commuter service to Baltimore and Washington. The building is slated to be dedicated at ceremonies scheduled for November 18. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

NEW SIGNAL IN SERVICE AT WESTPORT, MD.: A new signal is in service at Westport, Md., on CSXT's Hanover Subdivision governing westward movements on redesignated number 1 track. Previously that track had been known as number 2 track. Track designations between this point and Mount Winans had been numbered from south to north, which was an exception to the normal procedure, but now the tracks are numbered north to south. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMTRAK ELIMINATES SNACK-PACKS FOR SLEEPER PATRONS: Snack-packs (called 'Trak-Paks'), which Amtrak had been distributing to sleeping car passengers as a bedtime feature, were discontinued early last month. The packs contained crackers, cheese, nuts, and a mint. Reportedly the company had been having some difficulty keeping the packs properly stocked for all of the trains that needed them, so evidently this problem got solved by discontinuing them altogether. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

AMERICAN-EUROPEAN EXPRESS SUSPENDS SERVICE: The American-European Express has suspended service, at least until early next year, for financial reasons. According to CSXT's employee news service, AEE experienced cash problems linked to the grade crossing accident on June 21 in Indiana, which damaged six of the company's cars, and this resulted in reduced space availability during the summer months. AEE had been operating twice-weekly luxury train service between New York and Chicago by way of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and was planning to convert to a wintertime New York-Florida service beginning later this month. These plans are now on hold. [Bull Sheet, November 1991]

CUMBERLAND TO ALLOCATE FUNDS TO WESTERN MARYLAND SCENIC R.R.: The city of Cumberland, Md., has voted to allocate $30,000 per year for the next five years to the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. According to the Western Maryland Chapter NRHS publication 'Automatic Block,' the funds will come from the city's portion of the hotel-motel tax, which is collected by Allegany County. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

FRA RANKS CSXT SAFEST OF SEVEN MAJOR FREIGHT CARRIERS: For the first time since the merger of the Seaboard and Chessie systems, the Federal Railroad Administration has ranked CSXT as the safest of the seven major freight carriers in terms of train accidents. Norfolk Southern was ranked second. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

HERSHEY FOODS TO BUILD CSXT-SERVED FACILITY IN WINCHESTER, VA.: Hershey Foods will build a pasta plant in Winchester, Va., which will be served by CSXT. The plant, once in full production, is expected to add 2,000 cars a year in new business. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

TWO APPOINTED TO KEY POSITIONS AT CSXT: Fred Favorite has been named vice-president and controller of CSX Transportation, and John Giles has been named vice-president of planning. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

RF&P GETS DIVISION ASSIGNMENTS: Once CSX's pending takeover of the RF&P is completed, the Baltimore Division will assume the mainline, and the Florence Division will assume Richmond's Acca Yard. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

AMTRAK TESTING ON-BOARD PHONES ON CAPITOL LIMITED: Amtrak is testing cellular phones on the Capitol Limited for use by on-board services chiefs to call in food service supply information, to relay no-show accommodation figures, and for use in emergencies. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

AMTRAK SALES CALLS INCREASE: Amtrak's reservation sales offices handled 3.2 million calls in July, a 2.3 percent increase from July 1990. Call conversions, a term to describe calls resulting in reservations, improved by 11.7 percent. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, DEPOT DEDICATED, RENAMED: The Amtrak depot at Holland, Michigan, has been dedicated following extensive renovation. It has been renamed the Padnos Transporttion Center. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

CHICAGO-MILWAUKEE AMTRAK SERVICE TO INCREASE: Amtrak round-trips between Chicago and Milwaukee will be increased from 44 to 55 a week (eight a day Monday to Saturday, and seven on Sunday) effective October 27. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

NEW CSXT BIDS TERMINAL IN SERVICE IN BALTIMORE: CSXT's new Bulk Intermodal Distribution Services terminal is now in service at the site of the former Mount Clare 'A' Yard in Baltimore. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

HIGH-LEVEL PLATFORMS CONSTRUCTED AT MARC'S GREENBELT STATION: High-level platforms have been constructed for MARC's new Greenbelt station near the Capitol Beltway in Prince George's County. When open, it will replace the present stop at Berwyn. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

ROBERT SCARDELLETTI ELECTED PRESIDENT OF TCU: The Transportation-Communications Union, which represents railroad clerical and car department employees, has elected Robert Scardelletti as its international president, replacing Richard Kilroy. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

HB TOWER IN BALTIMORE DEMOLISHED: The former B&O's HB Tower in Baltimore has been demolished to make way for track improvements. The initials 'HB' were coined for nearby Hamburg Street, and replaced towers at Lee Street and Baileys, each with both an operator and a leverman. HB Tower closed in July 1984. The name HB Tower is still used as a location in the railroad's employee timetable. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

NEW SCHEME ADOPTED FOR CSXT CABOOSES: CSXT has adopted a paint and lettering scheme for its cabooses, and approximately 150 of the cars will have the new designs. One side has an Operation Redblock design, and the other side will have an Operation Lifesaver design. The scheme includes a silver roof, yellow ends and steps, gray sides, blue lettering and blue and yellow diagonal striping. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

STEAM LOCOMOTIVE 614 WELCOMED TO B&O MUSEUM: Septemer 28 was the date of the 'official' arrival of steam locomotive 614 at the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. Promptly at 1 o'clock, the huge 4-8-4 came thundering through a paper welcoming sign, stopping in front of the museum for a welcoming ceremony. Ross Rowland was at the throttle. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS, DEPOT NOMINATED TO NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES: The former Missouri Pacific depot at Arkadelphia, Arkansas, has been nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in the 1910's and later enlarged, it is a brick combination structure with space once used for passengers, express, offices and maintenance of way. Amtrak's Texas Eagle stops in Arkadelphia. [Bull Sheet, October 1991]

CSXT BUILDS NEW CONNECTION TRACK IN WESTPORT, MD.: CSXT has built a new track at Westport in Baltimore connecting the Hanover Subdivision with the South Baltimore Industrial Track. Trains en route from Curtis Bay to the Hanover Subdivision (the old Western Maryland line), and vice-versa, can now do so without having to make a backup move over the B&O/WM connection track at Mount Winans. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

CSXT'S TAMPA DIVISION DISSOLVED: CSXT's Tampa Division was dissolved Sept. 1. The Atlanta Division took over most of the trackage, while the Mobile Division assumed one line in the Florida panhandle. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

RICHARD DAVIDSON NAMED PRESIDENT, CEO OF UNION PACIFIC: Richard Davidson has been named president and chief executive officer of Union Pacific, replacing Michael Walsh who resigned. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

SUNSET LIMITED EXTENSION A POSSIBILITY IN 1993: A tri-weekly extension of the Sunset Limited from New Orleans to Miami is a possibility beginning in 1993. This would be for Amtrak its first-ever transcontinental train. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK CONSOLIDATES MARKETING, SALES DEPARTMENTS: Amtrak has consolidated its passenger marketing and sales departments into one department. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK BREAKS GROUND ON MAIL FACILITY IN BUFFALO: Amtrak has broken ground on a new $590,000 mail facility in Buffalo, N.Y. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK TO OPEN NEW RESERVATION SALES OFFICE IN CALIFORNIA: Amtrak will open a reservation sales office in Corona, California, on September 3. When fully-staffed, it will employ up to 250 employees on a part-time basis. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK EXPANDS YIELD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Amtrak's yield management system has been expanded to five trains, and will be further expanded over the next several months. The system, which began as a pilot program in 1988, establishes selection in the availability of reserved ticketing based on forecasted demand. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK TESTING NEW SEAT CUSHIONS: Amtrak is testing new seat cushions from three vendors aboard an Amfleet II coach operating on the Auto Train. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMERICAN-EUROPEAN EXPRESS TO BEGIN ROYAL FLORIDIAN SERVICE IN NOVEMBER: The American-European Express will begin its Royal Floridian service from New York on November 19, and it will run through March 18, 1992. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

CSX REPORTS 2-Q EARNINGS: CSX earnings in the second-quarter were $115-million, or $1.15 per share. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

RESTORATION OF EAST BROAD TOP RAILROAD ENDORSED: The Southwest Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission has endorsed restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad, and having the line incorporated into the National Park System. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

RESTORED EAST BROAD TOP DEPOT OPENED: The restored Robertsdale, Pa., depot of the East Broad Top Railroad was opened to the public informally on May 25, 1991, by the Friends of the East Broad Top. Meanwhile, the East Broad Top Coal Miners Historical Society has announced plans for a museum of its own to be housed in a former theater in Robertsdale. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

AMTRAK PLANS SALE OF 17 HERITAGE SLEEPING CARS: Amtrak is accepting bids to sell 17 of its heritage sleeping cars currently at Beech Grove, Indiana. They are Silver Slope, Silver Plateau, Silver Hollow, Silver Boulder, Silver Channel, Silver Vale, Silver Basin, Silver Ridge, Lake Wales, West Palm Beach, Winter Haven, Bradenton, Greenwood, Toronto Islands, Navajo Valley, Missouri Valley, and unnamed car 2479. [Bull Sheet, September 1991]

PARLOR SERVICE BEING ADDED TO AMTRAK'S PENNSYLVANIAN: The Keystone Classic Club Car, an exclusive daytime luxury parlor service, begins August 1 on Amtrak's Pennsylvanian. The service will operate westbound Thursdays and Saturdays, and eastbound on Fridays and Sundays. According to the July 22 edition of Amtrak's 'Newsbreak,' the car will accommodate up to 10 passengers, and amenities will include multi-course meals, a sitting room-library, observation windows, and complimentary bar service. Cost is $195, which is in addition to the applicable rail fare. The service is described as being aimed at 'upscale discretionary and business travelers,' but it is likely that rail enthusiasts will represent a significant portion of the market. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

AMTRAK TESTING ON-BOARD WASTE SYSTEMS: Amtrak is now testing three prototype waste systems for evaluation, one to be selected for fleet conversion to be completed by 1996. A pump-pressure system is being tested on the Auto Train; a vacuum system is being tested on the Cardinal, Empire Builder and Desert Wind; and a filter system is being tested on the Broadway Limited. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

AMTRAK TO OPEN MECHANICAL FACILITY IN TAMPA: Amtrak opens its new $600,000 mechanical facility in Tampa on August 3. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

INTERPRETIVE GUIDE SERVICE OFFERED ON SELECT AMTRAK TRAINS: Amtrak and the U.S. Forest Service began offering summertime interpretive guide programs last month aboard route segments of the Empire Builder, Pioneer and Coast Starlight. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

CSXT ADDING MORE CW40-8 LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT continues to take delivery of new CW40-8 locomotives. As of July 28, units up to and including 7721 were on the roster. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

CSXT PURCHASES 61 MILES OF P&LE LINE IN PA.: CSXT has purchased 61 miles of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie from New Castle to near McKeesport, Pa., and the P&LE will continue to use the line with CSXT under a lease agreement. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

JERRY FORD RETIRES, B&O OPERATOR, AGENT: Veteran B&O tower operator and agent Jerome McCauley Ford Sr. retired on July 5 after 42 years of railroad service. For the past 22 years, he was a ticket agent at Camden Station in Baltimore. [Bull Sheet, August 1991]

TROOPER ON TRAIN OPERATION A SUCCESS: CSXT and the Ohio State Highway Patrol teamed up on June 26 to conduct one of the most successful 'Trooper on the Train' operations in the history of the program. Seventeen highway patrol units, two of the their planes, 12 local enforecement agencies and three CSXT police officers combined to issue 51 traffic citations in connection with grade-crossing violations. The operation took place on three freight trains running between Lima and Toledo. Press reporters were also on hand to witness the event. [Bull Sheet, August 1991, from report by CSXT Employee News Service]

CSXT ANNOUNCES ORGANIZATION CHANGES: CSXT has announced that it will begin operating with two principal line departments: Operating, and Sales & Marketing. Jerry Davis will head Operations, and Pete Carpenter will head Sales & Marketing, both as executive vice-presidents, reporting to Bob Kirk, CSXT president and CEO. Also, Mechanical Operations will combine car and locomotive, reporting to Carl Taylor, vice-president of mechanical. A new Service Design organization will be headed by Bill Hart, vice-president. Bob Bernard has been named vice-president of safety, quality and environment, reporting to Jerry Davis. [Bull Sheet, August 1991, from report by CSXT Employee News Service]

CSXT LONG-RANGE STRATEGY: Even though CSXT has followed the rail industry's profit pattern in the 1980's and "performed very well in ralative terms, we're not really in control of our destiny," said CSXT president and CEO Bob Kirk. "At best, we only followed industry trends; we've got to do better than that," he said. He noted that challenging times were ahead for U.S. railroads, and predicted further shakeouts in the industry. "And when the dust has settled, CSXT will be one of the several large, viable carriers out there," he said. [Bull Sheet, August 1991, from report by CSXT Employee News Service]

OOPS! On Sunday, July 7, Amtrak's southbound Yankee Clipper missed making its scheduled stop at Kingstown, R.I., reportedly stranding about 100 passengers who were there waiting to get on. Those on the train who wanted to get off did not get to do that, either, and their friends and relatives became alarmed when Amtrak responded to inquiries that the stop had actually been made. A later train made a special stop to pick up those still waiting to be picked up. [Bull Sheet, August 1991, from report by National Assn. of Railroad Passengers]

RUSS MELLINGER DIES, RAILROAD CONDUCTOR: Russell Shreve Mellinger Sr., retired passenger conductor for the Pennsylvania Railroad, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak, died on June 9. He was 70. He was especially noted for his work on the famed Parkton Local commuter train, which ended service in 1959. When he retired in 1980 he was conductor on Amtrak's Broadway Limited's section between Philadelphia and Washington. Following retirement, he volunteered as a conductor on the Stewartstown Railroad in Pennsylvania. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

CSXT DEDICATES NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER IN JACKSONVILLE: CSXT dedicated its new customer service center in Jacksonville June 24. Some 475 employees currently work at the center, and another 570 service representatives are expected to be transfered there by the time consolidation is completed in 1994. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

AMERICAN EUROPEAN EXPRESS STRIKES VEHICLE, DERAILS: There was a grade crossing accident involving the American European Express and an empty flatbed tractor trailer on June 21 at Monon, Indiana, resulting in a derailment. Two passengers were slightly injured. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

AMTRAK CUTS MANAGEMENT BY 10 PERCENT: Amtrak, by June 1, had succeeded in reducing its management work force by 10 percent. Over 250 positions were eliminated. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

AMTRAK TO BEGIN USING CINCINNATI UNION TERMINAL: Amtrak now intends to start using Cincinnati's Union Terminal in late July. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

AMTRAK, FEC DISCUSS USING FEC AS AMTRAK ROUTE: Amtrak and the Florida East Coast have reportedly had discussions over the prospect of using the FEC as a route for one of Amtrak's trains. Such a routing would restore service to Daytona Beach, Cape Canaveral, and other places along Florida's Atlantic coastline. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

30TH STREET STATION REDEDICATED: Philadelphia's 30th Street Station was rededicated on June 14 following three years of renovations. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

VRE LOCOMOTIVE DEDICATED: Virginia Railway Express locomotive V01 was dedicated at Washington Union Station June 26. It is painted in a blue and silver scheme with red, white and blue stripes. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

CHICAGO'S METROPLITAN LOUNGE DEDICATED: Chicago's Union Station's new Metropolitan Lounge was dedicated on June 19. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

CLUB SERVICE TO BE ADDED TO AMTRAK'S PENNSYLVANIAN: Club car service is slated to be added to Amtrak's Pennsylvanian on August 1. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

MARYLAND MIDLAND UPDATE: At a June 14 shareholders' meeting of the Maryland Midland Railway, it was announced that the company's largest customer, Lehigh Portland Cement, has purchased a 13.5 percent ownership interest in the railroad. In other news, the EnterTRAINment Line, which runs a tourist operation on the railroad, has enjoyed a 400 percent increase in passenger loading, and Maryland Midland recently hired a new crew solely to operate that service. Substantial work is being done to bring the railroad's track up to Class II standards. Acquisition of the CSX line to Hagerstown remains its number one priority. The company considers its fleet of five locomotives adequate for the present time, and there are no plans to purchase any more units. [Bull Sheet, July 1991]

CSXT RETIRING MOST OF ITS CAMP CARS: CSXT is retiring most of its camp cars. They are being replaced by modular units mounted on flat cars. Delivery began in late March. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

CSXT'S CW40-8 LOCOMOTIVES BEING DELIVERED: CSXT's new wide-body CW40-8 locomotives are now being delivered, numbered in the series 7650 through 7702, inclusive. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK CONVERTING NEW HAVEN-BOSTON LINE FOR ELECTRIC OPERATION: Amtrak has begun a four-year project to convert its right-of-way between New Haven and Boston to electric operation. When completed in 1995, travel time between New York and Boston will be reduced to about three hours. The total cost of the project is $225-million. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK LEASING 15 DIESEL UNITS FROM HELM LEASING: Amtrak is leasing 15 diesel locomotives from Helm Leasing Service under a two-year contract at a cost of $6-million. The leased units will be used initially on the Crescent, California Zephyr, Auto Train and City of New Orleans. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK EXPECTS PHILADELPHIA-NEWARK CETC DISPATCHING TO BE COMPLETE BY MARCH 1994: Amtrak now expects to complete installation of its CETC dispatching system from Philadelphia to Newark, N.J., by March 1994. The cost of this portion of the project is expected to be about $60-million. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

CSXT LIFTS 40 MPH SPEED RESTRICTION ON NON-INTERMODAL FREIGHT TRAINS: CSXT has lifted, at least for the time being, the 40 MPH speed restriction the company had imposed in February for non-intermodal freight trains as a part of its Operation Train Pacing program. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK OFFERS SPECIAL ZONE FARES TO HONOR 20TH ANNIVERSARY: Amtrak is offering a special All Aboard America fare until June 30 to honor the company's 20th anniversary. The fares are $138 for one region, $188 for two adjacent regions, and $228 for all three regions. Restrictions apply, and these fares may not be usd in connection with first-class or custom-class service, or for travel in Metroliners or the Auto Train. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK STAGES CROSSING ACCIDENT DEMONSTRATION: Amtrak, on May 15, staged a grade crossing accident at Potomac Yard, Va., using P30CH locomotive 722 traveling at 30 MPH colliding with a car. The event was a demonstration in connection with Operation Lifesaver Awareness Day. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK HISTORICAL SOCIETY ENDS: Elsie Montano, president of the Amtrak Historical Society, has notified members that the society has been disbanded. The society was founded in 1990 by Chuck Montano, a one-time railroader, and it had the blessing of Amtrak management, but not as a part of that company. Chuck Montano died in August 1990, and Elsie, his wife, continued to manage the organization. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK'S AVERAGE SYSTEM-WIDE SPEED IS 49.4 MPH: The average scheduled speed of Amtrak trains, system wide, from origin to destination, is 49.4 MPH. This figure is down from 53.0 MPH at this time last year. [Bull Sheet, June 1991]

AMTRAK IS 20 YEARS OLD: May 1 is the 20th anniversary of Amtrak. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

CSXT REPORTS FUEL REQUIRED TO MOVE FREIGHT: The amount of fuel required for CSXT to move 1000 gross tons per mile was 1.39 gallons in March 1991 compared to 1.47 gallons in February and 1.58 gallons in January. March was the second month of the comany's Operation Train Pacing program. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

CSXT CHANGES NAME OF MAIN LINE SUBDIVISION VIA SAND PATCH: CSXT's Main Line Subdivision between Cumberland, Md., and Connellsville, Pa., by way of Sand Patch, is now known as the Keystone Subdivision. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

JOHN OTT NAMED EXECTIVE DIRECTOR OF B&O MUSEUM: John Ott has been named executive director of the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. He was formerly the executive director of the Atlanta Historical Society. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

MARC SERVICE COMMENCES PERRYVILLE SERVICE: May 1 is the startup for MARC service between Perryville and Baltimore. There will be three southbound trains in the morning and four northbound trains in the evening, and the trains will operate to and from Washington. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

AMTRAK ORDERS 140 NEW SUPERLINER CARS: Amtrak has placed an order with Bombardier Inc. for 140 new Superliner cars with delivery beginning in 1993. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS OLD RIDE FOR HALF-FARE ON AMTRAK: Children up to age 15 may now travel for half-fare on Amtrak. [Bull Sheet, May 1991]

NEW YORK CITY'S WEST SIDE CONNECTION DEDICATED: New York City's new West Side Connection was dedicated April 4, with service from Penn Station to the Hudson line to begin April 7. [National Assn. of R.R. Psgrs hotline, 4-5-91]

AMTRAK'S ILLINI DERAILS: Amtrak's southbound Illini derailed after striking a truck on March 28 at Peotone, Illinois. Twenty passengers were injured, none seriously. [National Assn. of R.R. Psgrs hotline, 4-5-91]

UNION PACIFIC CONSIDERING 8.4-MILE TUNNEL IN OREGON: Railway Ag reports that Union Pacific is studying building an 8.4-mile tunnel through Oregon's Blue Mountains to bypass the worst 28 miles of an existing line. It would take several years to build, but would speed freight service along with Amtrak's Pioneer. [National Assn. of R.R. Psgrs hotline, 4-5-91]

CAPITOL LIMITED TO CARRY THROUGH COACH FROM MIAMI: Effective April 7, the Capitol Limited will carry a through coach to and from Miami, and the train will be made up with the coaches on the rear.

AMTRAK'S PIONEER TO BE REROUTED THROUGH WYOMING: Amtrak has announced the rerouting of the Pioneer through Wyoming starting in June. The state, which has not been served by Amtrak since 1983, will now have service at Evanston, Green River, Rock Springs, Rawlins, Laramie and Cheyenne (Borie). The Pioneer runs between Seattle and Chicago by way of Denver. East of Denver the train will be combined with the California Zephyr. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

CSXT TO SERVE GENERAL FOODS PLANT IN WINCHESTER, VA.: CSXT's Shenandoah Subdivision will serve a General Foods plant being built in Winchester, Va. The plant will process and package food products. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

N&W DEPOT AT BERRYVILLE, VA., DEMOLISHED: The Norfolk and Western depot at Berryville, Va., has been demolished. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

AMERICAN-EUROPEAN EXPRESS LOCOMOTIVE UPDATES: The American-European Express has lately operated with typically six cars using a GP40 along with a MARC unit for power. The GP40 (AEE-1) was formerly CSXT-6599. AEE has reportedly acquired another unit, a GP40-2 (x-DRG&W-3108) to be designated AEE-2. AEE had been using a leased E8 unit (801) from the Wisconsin & Southern, but stopped using it. A combine car named 'London' is expected to be available for service in June, and it will serve as a power car along with its added duty as a health-club car. Presumably a locomotive capable of providing headend power will no longer be needed once the combine car is put into service. The round-end observation car 'New York' is expected to be available for service next month. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

CSXT REPORTS PROGRESS IN FUEL REDUCTION: CSXT's program to reduce fuel through reductions in maximum speed for non-intermodal freight trains appears to be working as intended, according to the company. The amount of fuel required to move 1000 gross tons per mile decreased from 1.58 gallons to 1.47 gallons during the first month of the program. Beginning the first week in February, non-intermodal freight trains were restricted to a maximum speed of 40 MPH. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

JERRY TOWNER DIES, RETIRED B&O TOWER OPERATOR: Retired B&O interlocking tower operator Jerry Towner died on February 13. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

RRP SWAPS BAGGAGE CAR FOR RPO CAR: Railroad Passenger Cars Inc. is swapping its ex-NYC baggage car 36 for an ex-ACL railway post office car from CSXT. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

AMTRAK REDESIGNED TIMETABLES: Amtrak has redesigned its timetables to make them easier to understand and to cut costs. According to the company, two system timetables are to become generally available to reflect their respective ridership categories: a Northeastern timetable for the Northeast corridor, and a National timetable for the rest of the country. There will still be a nationwide system timetable, but fewer copies will be printed than before, and it will be sent out only by request. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNION STATION TO BE UPGRADED: The Portland, Oregon, Union Station will be restored and expanded into a major transportation center during the next 10 to 15 years. According to the company, the new center will eventually link Amtrak to interstate and local bus systems, and to light-rail lines. The center will also include offices, shops, restaurants, a hotel, and a railroad museum. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

AMTRAK TO ACQUIRE AMD-103 LOCOMOTIVES: General Electric has furnished a design for the class AMD-103 locomotives the company will build for Amtrak. They will be part of a 52-unit locomotive order. The first 20 units, to be delivered in the first-quarter of 1992, will be based on the current Dash-8 design. Beginning in 1993, the first of the AMD-103's will be delivered, the final ten of which will be 'dual-mode' for use with a third rail. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

CSXT SELLS TWO LINE SEGMENTS: CSXT has announced the sale of line segments in Georgia and Ontario. A 77-mile line from Thomasville to Albany and Sylvester, Georgia, has been transferred to the Gulf & Ohio Railway, and a six-mile segment in Walkersville, Ontario, has been transferred to the Canadian National. Both transactions took place on February 15. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

AMERICAN FLAGS BEING APPLIED TO LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT's locomotive operations department is in the process of equipping all units with a sticker of the American flag on each side of the cab below the window. Employees have been instructed to maintain the flags in good condition 'without exception,' and any flags found to be torn or in defacd condition must be removed by crews immediately. Flags are also being applied to MARC units. [Bull Sheet, April 1991]

ALCO LOCOMOTIVE IN SERVICE ON STRASBURG: Alco-5 from Schenectady, N.Y., is in temporary service on the Strasburg. [Bull Sheet, April 1991, from report by Scott Hertel]

STRASBURG ACQUIRES 4-8-0 LOCOMOTIVE: An ex-N&W 4-8-0 locomotive from the Boone & Scenic Railroad in Iowa has been acquired by the Strasburg. It is being shipped in sections for reassdembly after arrival, and is expected to be put into service next year. [Bull Sheet, April 1991, from report by Stewart Rhine]

AMTRAK TO CUT NON-UNION WORK FORCE: In a move aimed at streamlining its efficiency, Amtrak intends to reduce its non-union work force 10 percent by June 1. According to Amtrak's 'Newsbreak' of February 4, voluntary early retirement incentives are being offered to management personnel age 55 and older. If the company's 10 percent goal is not met through those retirements, a voluntary severance program will then be implemented. If the goal is still not met, forced reductions will result. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

AMTRAK'S EMPIRE CONNECTION SLATED TO OPEN: Amtrak's 'Empire Connection' is now slated to open on April 7. Beginning that date, Amtrak trains now using New York's Grand Central Terminal will use Pennsylvania Station instead. This will allow passengers using trains of the Northeast corridor to make connections with trains of the Empire corridor without having to transfer to another station. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

CTC PROJECT ON CSXT'S CAPITAL SUBDIVISION BEGINS: Preliminary work has begun on the CTC project for CSXT's Capital Subdivision. The project, which is substantially funded by the U.S. and the state of Maryland on behalf of MARC commuter service, is expected to be completed in about a year. The elimination of JD Tower in Hyattsville is included in the plans. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO REMOVE SPRINGFIELD-FAIRAX, CLIFTON-MANASSAS TRACKS: Norfolk Southern intends later this year to remove its number 2 track between Springfield and Fairfax, Va., and between Clifton and Manassas, Va. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

MARYLAND MIDLAND'S GP9 UNIT 812 REBUILT: Maryland Midland's GP9 unit 812 has been rebuilt, repainted and renumbered as 202. Unit 794 (eventually also to be repainted and renumbered 201) is being sent to Conrail's Enola Yard for truck and generator work. It will be repainted sometime after it returns. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

MARYLAND MIDLAND PRODUCING PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: A 15-minute promotional video to be shown to customers is being produced for the Maryland Midland to highlight its operations. Included will be switching moves and runbys. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

MORRISVILLE LINE BEING SINGLE-TRACKED: Conrail's Morrisville line, onc known as the PRR Trenton Cutoff, is being single-tracked with the former westbound track being removed. All main line signals have been taken out with color-light (Reading type) signals being used at the two passing sidings at Langhorne and Plymouth Meeting. The line from MP 30.3 to MP 55.7, now known as the Dale Secondary track, has about two locals a day, while the balance of the line sees on average between six and eight trains a day. [Bull Sheet, March 1991, from report by Scott Hertel]

STAFFED INTERLOCKING STATIONS ON CSX: For a listing of staffed interlocking stations on CSX, as of February 4, 1991, CLICK HERE.. [Bull Sheet, March 1991]

MARC TESTS GO TRANSIT UNIT 561: The Maryland Rail Commuter Service (MARC) was testing Government of Ontario (GO Transit) F59 unit 561 on the Baltimore-Washington-Brunswick route late last month to determine its feasibility in consideration of a purchase of similar units. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

AMTRAK ORDERS 52 LOCOMOTIVES FROM GENERAL ELECTRIC: Amtrak has ordered 52 new diesel-electric locomotives from General Electric. The first 20, to be delivered early next year, are rated at 3200 HP. The second 22, to be delivered early the following year, are rated at 4000 HP. Lastly, ten 3200-HP dual-mode units, when delivered, will replace the FL9 fleet now serving New York City from the Empire corridor. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

JOHN SNOW ELECTED CHAIRMAN OF CSX, REPLACING HAYS WATKINS: John Snow, president and CEO of CSX, has been electred chairman of the board. He replaces Hays Watkins, who has retired. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

CSXT SELLS 20-MILE BRANCH LINE IN GA.: CSXT has sold a 20-mile branch between Albany and Dawson, Ga., to Railtex Inc., a short line company based in Texas. CSXT says it sold 505 miles of trackage to short lines in 1990. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

CSL CHANGES NAME TO CSX INTEMODAL: CSL International, the parent of CMX Trucking and CSX Services, has officially changed its name to CSX Intermodal. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

'UN' TRAIN ORDER OFFICE IN BRUNSWICK, MD., CLOSES: CSXT's 'UN' office in Brunswick, Md., closed January 16. Functions of this office, which included train orders and clearances, have been transferred to division headquarters in Halethorpe, Md. WB Tower, which was separate from UN office, remains open. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

CURTIS CONWAY NAMED MGR OF PASSENGER OPERATIONS FOR CSXT'S BALTIMORE DIVN.: Curtis Conway, formerly trainmaster at Jessup, Md., has been appointed manager of passenger operations for CSXT's Baltimore Division. He replaces Lew Bryant, who has been transferred to Jacksonville. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

AMERICAN EUROPEAN EXPRESS TO RUN CONCERT SERIES TRIPS: The American European Express has plans to operate special 'concert series' trips this month. They include Panama City-Chicago, Chicago-Washington, Washington-White Sulphur Springs, and White Sulphur Springs-Washington. Beginning March 1, regular schedules between Washington and Chicago are slated to begin with two round-trips each week with stops at White Sulphur Springs and Indianapolis. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

AMERICAN EUROPEAN EXPRESS TO INTRODUCE ROUND-END OBSERVATION CAR: Being introduced this year on the American European Express is a round-end observation car, the 'New York,' once used by the New York Central on its 20th Century Limited. Also being introduced is a baggage/combine car, the 'London,' which will include sauna and health facilities. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

GUY BOLLER DIES, RETIRED B&O AGENT/OPERATOR: Guy Wilbur Boller, retired operator and agent with the B&O, died January 25, 1991. He began his career with the railroad as an operator in 1938. He eventually took the daylight position at the tower at Gaither, Md., on the Old Main Line, and remained working there until the tower was closed in the early 1960's. From there he went to the agency at Sykesville, Md. Tropical storm Agnes destroyed much of the eastern part of the Old Main Line in 1972, including the tracks at Sykesville, and this forced the closing of the agency. He then went to Jessup, Md., as its control agent, and he remained there until his retirement in 1979. He was 71. [Bull Sheet, February 1991]

CSX ORDERS 150 NEW LOCOMOTIVES FROM GENERAL ELECTRIC: CSX has ordered 150 new C40-8 locomotives from General Electric. According to the company, they will be units of the wide-cab configuration, similar to units now in use on Conrail and Santa Fe. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

CSX SELLS 225 MILES OF LINE IN GEORGIA: CSX has sold 225 miles of line to the Georgia Central Railroad. The sale includes trackage between Savannah and Rhine, and between Vidalia and Macon. Also included in the sale are 16 locomotives and 195 freight cars. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

AMTRAK'S BELL TOWER CLOSES: Amtrak's Bell Tower closed on December 5, 1990. The last operator was Karl Ely, a 25-year veteran, who has since taken a position at the shops at Bear, Delaware. The only Amtrak towers now remaining in service south of Philadelphia are K Tower in Washington; Bay Tower in Baltimore; and Baldwin (part time). [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

AMTRAK USING TABLE MENUS IN MOST DINING CARS: Beginning in December, Amtrak returned to using table menus in most of its dining cars. The menus had been printed on meal check cards which patrons would use to check off their meal selections. The new menu has a pastel drawing of a rose and representative table setting on the cover. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

NEW NAME FOR CSXT EMPLOYEE NEWSPAPER: 'CSXToday' is the new name of CSXT's employee newspaper, replacing 'CSXT News.' One of the items included in the last issue published under the old name was a photo and caption about Remembrance Day at HX Tower. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

AMTRAK PARTNERS WITH UNITED AIRLINES IN NEW TRAVEL PLAN: Amtak and United Airlines will implement a new air/rail travel plan beginning January 2. The program is aimed at passengers who want to travel round-trip but do not have the time to take the train both ways. It may also be used for passengers who want to fly to a certain destination, take the train to a second destination, and then return home by plane. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

AMTRAK TO ELIMINATE SERVICE TO PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Amtrak will eliminate service to Philadelphia International Airport on January 8. This is the result of a decision by Midway Airlines to phase out its operations at that location, consequently the through-ticketing arrangement it had with Amtrak for travel through Philadelphia en route to Atlantic City. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]

PHIL RICHARDSON DIES, ASSISTANT CHIEF CLERK: Phil Richardson, assistant chief clerk at CSX's Baltimore Terminal Service Center, has died. He was 43. [Bull Sheet, January 1991]