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CSXT'S UN TOWER IN NEW CASTLE, PA., CLOSES: CSXT's UN Tower in New Castle, Pa., closed November 5. UN controlled the junction of the former B&O's P&W Subdivision with the P&LE mainline at the east end of New Castle Yard. The closing was part of an extensive cutover project involving five different control points. Some of the signals now in service display C&O-style color-light aspects, replacing the traditional B&O-style color-position-light aspects. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON RAIL TRAIL ALONG NORTHERN CENTRAL IN PA.: Construction has begun on the segment of the York County Heritage Rail/Trail between New Freedom and Hanover Junction, Pa., with completion of the segment slated for next spring. An earlier segment between the Maryland state line and New Freedom was completed last year. Eventually the trail will extend to York, with completion of the final segment slated for late 1997. The York County trail is Pennsylvania's portion of the Northern Central Railroad Trail, which extends in Maryland from Ashland to the state line. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

CENTRAL UNION TERMINAL IN TOLEDO TO BE RENOVATED: Amtrak personnel moved out of Toledo's Central Union Terminal and into an adjacent former maintenance building on October 17 as work began by the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority to renovate the former New York Central rail facility. The Port Authority bought the depot from Conrail in September for $23,000. The Lake Shore and Capitol limiteds currently serve the Toledo market. The approximately $8.3-million renovation plans call for passenger operations to be moved to the station's track-level floor which once housed baggage-handling facilities, becoming Amtrak's new operations base and possibly a bus terminal. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

AMTRAK TESTING VIEWLINER SLEEPERS: Two production Viewliner sleepers have been delivered to Amtrak from Morrison-Knudsen's Hornell, New York, facility, and two more were expected by October 27. Numbers 62000 (American View) and 62001 (Atlantic View) were expected to be joined by 62003 and 62004 to go into captive test service on the Lake Shore Limited to work out any teething problems. Possible test operation in Florida service was also under consideration. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

MARTINSBURG, W.VA., DEPOT TO BE RENOVATED: As part of West Virginia Governor Gaston Caperton's Homecoming '96 project, the city of Martinsburg, West Virginia, has adopted the planned renovation of the historic Baltimore & Ohio ticket station/railroad hotel as a project to help showcase the best that a particular community has to offer. The city recently learned that the renovation of the 1847 structure had been approved for funding through the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA). Federal money of $750,000 will be matched with $187,000 in city funding. Commercial reuse of the former B&O shops across the tracks from the station is also envisioned with a pedestrian-enclosed footbridge over the mainline showing prominently in a design by Grove Architecture. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

GEORGETOWN BRANCH RAIL-TRAIL MAKING PROGRESS: A new concrete deck was poured in the morning of September 30 for the old B&O bridge over the C&O Canal and Canal Road at Arizona Avenue in northwest Washington, formerly part of the Georgetown Branch, and a major obstacle to completion of the Capital Crescent Trail, the National Park Service said. The trail, a 10-foot-wide asphalt hiking and biking path, is to extend from Georgetown, D.C., to Bethesda, Maryland, over the abandoned railroad right of way. The Park Service said the 87-year-old bridge needs extensive repair before it can be used to carry the trail. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

EMPORIA, VA., DEPOT TO BE RENOVATED: The city of Emporia, Virginia, plans to renovate its turn-of-the-century depot to house its Chamber of Commerce, to showcase displays of local attractions, and to serve as a future stop for Amtrak trains. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

B&O ROUNDHOUSE AT BRUNSWICK, MD., DEMOLISHED: The old B&O roundhouse at Brunswick, Maryland, has been demolished. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

CSXT REACTIIVATES 14 B23-7 LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT has reactivated 14 B23-7 locomotives it had earlier retired. They are units 3115 through 3128 inclusive. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

CSXT REGROUPING AUTOMOTIVE TRAINS INTO Q200-SERIES: Resymbol/renumber of CSXT Automotive Business Unit trains is slated to become effective December 20. Under the plan, all ABU trains will be grouped into the 200 series with a Q prefix. [Bull Sheet, December 1995, from report by Mark Sublette]

WILBUR SMITH DIES, RETIRED B&O OPERATOR: Retired Baltimore-area B&O tower operator Wilbur William Smith died on November 25. He was 72. [Bull Sheet, December 1995]

CSXT EXPANDS PUMPKIN LOCOMOTIVE FLEET: As of October 29, CSXT had 42 orange (pumpkin) maintenance of way locomotives on the roster. The fleet consists of older model road units whose reliability is no longer high enough to place them in regular road service. According to the company, the program is improving locomotive utilization by allowing more reliable units to serve revenue-producing trains. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN, CONRAIL INAUGURATE STACK SERVICE VIA HAGERSTOWN: Norfolk Southern and Conrail officially inaugurated joint north-south doublestack container service on October 4 following a $17-million project to lower tracks or raise clearances. Implementation of the service is the "finishing touch" on service begun May 15 using the Hagerstown, Md., gateway between the two railroads. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

'BALTIMORE GATEWAY' VISITOR CENTER PLANNED AT PENN STATION: The city of Baltimore has announced plans to create a 'Baltimore Gateway' visitor center at Penn Station. About 36,000 rail passengers a week now pass through the station, which is served by Amtrak and MARC trains, and within the next two years will also be served by an extension of Baltimore's light rail system. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

DELTA AIR LINES TO EXPLORE MAGLEV OPPORTUNITY IN FLORIDA: Delta Air Lines intends to explore joint commercial opportunities with American Maglev Technology, Inc., in connection with a proposed maglev rapid transit system in Florida. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

CSXT RETAINS STOP-AND-PROCEED SIGNAL: CSXT intended to re-implement its Restricted-Proceed signal effective October 1, but on that date the company rescinded the change. Instead, the signal Stop-and-Proceed remains in effect on CSXT lines. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

CSX BOOSTS QUARTERLY DIVIDEND: CSX Corporation's board of directors has boosted the company's quarterly dividend from 44 cents to 52 cents a share, and approved a two-for-one stock split. The 52 cent dividend is on a pre-split basis. The two-for-one split becomes effective December 21. The company had 105.2 million common shares outstanding on June 30. [Bull Sheet, November 1995]

CSXT'S IVORYDALE TOWER IN CINCINNATI CLOSES: CSXT's Ivorydale (NA) Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been retired. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

CSXT TRANSFERS RF&P SUB TO BALTIMORE DIVISION: CSXT's RF&P Subdivision, formerly part of the Florence Division, has been transferred to the Baltimore Division. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

CSXT TRANSFERS YEMASSEE SUB TO FLORENCE DIVISION: CSXT's Yemassee Subdivision from Central Junction, Georgia, to Meads, South Carolina (including Charleston Terminal), formerly part of the Jacksonville Division, has been transferred to the Florence Division. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

CSXT IDENTIFIES BALTIMORE, LOUISVILLE FOR SERVICE LANE STATUS: CSXT has identified two more service lanes to be implemented early next year. They include Baltimore and Louisville. A service lane, similar to a division, is a key corridor comprehending specific service design responsibilities. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

CSX INTERMODAL PLANS HEADQUARTERS MOVE: CSX Intermodal plans to move its headquarters from Hunt Valley, Maryland, to Jacksonville, Florida, next year as part of a restructuring. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN ORDERS 240 LOCOMOTIVES FROM GE: Norfolk Southern has placed an order for 240 class C40-9W dual-control locomotives from GE, half to be delivered each in 1996 and 1997. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

ASHLEY DREW & NORTHERN FILES FOR ABANDONMENT: The Ashley Drew & Northern Railway has filed for abandonment of its 40-mile line from Crossett to Monticello, Arkansas. Five miles of the line, from Crossett to Whitlow Junction, would be purchased by the Fordyce & Princeton, a sister railroad having trackage rights over that portion of the ADN. Both lines are owned by the Georgia Pacific Corporation. [Bull Sheet, October 1995]

CSXT'S EAST NORWOOD TOWER IN CINCINNATI CLOSES: CSXT's East Norwood Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been retired. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

CSXT AUTOMOTIVE TRAIN TO LOSE LONG-STANDING DESIGNATION: Over a quarter of a century ago the B&O designated its premier automotive train as 396. This number was carried through the Chessie years and into the CSX-era. In recent years it was given an alpha-prefix - first R and later Q - but the number remained. Now it appears that the designation for that particular train will vanish. Under a proposal to group all CSX automotive trains into the Q200 series, Q396 is slated to become Q286. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

CSXT TO REDESIGNATE NON-AUTOMOTIVE TRAINS FROM 200-SERIES: As part of the plan to group CSX automotive trains into the Q200 series, non-automotive trains with R or Q designations in the 200 series will be redesignated. R250, the Orange Juice Train, is slated to become K450; and R280, the Trash Train, is slated to become K502. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

CSXT ADOPTS 'SERVICE LANE' TITLE: CSXT has adopted the title 'Service Lane' to some key corridors. The first of these was the Chicago-Nashville corridor. Now comes the Florence Service Lane, with implementation of new service design responsibilities slated to begin later this month. As part of the plan, the RF&P Subdivision is slated once again to become a part of the Baltimore Division. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

CSXT SEEKS EMPLOYEE HELP IN FINDING IDLE LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT has a locomotive awareness team made up of people from all operating departments. They are attempting to find under-utilized locomotives to handle the annual business peak this fall, thus helping to avoid the need to lease units from other companies. One way to find locomotives is to ask the rank-and-file employees to look for them. A recent issue of CSXT's Midweek Report, distributed to all employees by computer, has asked for everyone's help in finding at least 100 locomotives having the potential to spend more of their time pulling freight. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

JIM COLLINS DIES, RETIRED B&O DISPATCHER: Retired Maryland-area B&O train dispatcher Charles Nelson Collins Jr., 68, died on July 27. He went by the name Jim, or Chuckie. Earlier in his career he worked as an operator in the Brunswick, Md., area. [Bull Sheet, September 1995]

CSXT PAINTS CABOOSE WITH PUMPKIN SCHEME: CSXT caboose 904094 has been repainted into a bright orange (Pumpkin) scheme for use in maintenance of way service. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

CSXT FORMS MANAGEMENT TEAM TO IMPROVE LOCOMOTIVE UTILIZATION: CSXT has formed a locomotive management re-engineering team to find ways to improve utilization of its locomotive fleet. One of the team's recommendations was to divide planning and management of the fleet into four categories: (1) scheduled trains, (2) non-scheduled trains, (3) local and mine runs, and (4) yard service. Larry Koster, on loan from the mechanical department to the transportation department, has been named project manager to lead implementation of the recommended initiatives. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

GEORGIA PACIFIC TO PLACE CSXT-SERVED FACILITY IN FREDERICK MD.: Georgia Pacific has announced plans to place a lumber manufacturing and distribution center in Frederick, Maryland, to be served by CSXT. According to press reports, the company expects to receive about 70 percent of its products by rail, and will build a track onto the property. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

BURLINGTON NORTHERN/SANTA FE MERGER APPROVED: The Interstate Commerce Commission has voted approval of the merger of Burlington Northern Inc. and Santa Fe Pacific Corporation by a 4-0 vote. It would create the nation's largest railroad. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

UNION PACFIC CUTTING MANAGEMENT BY 10 PCT: Union Pacific has accepted severance applications from about 500 managers, cutting non-agreement personnel by about 10 percent. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

STEAMTOWN OPENS IN SCRANTON, PA.: The Steamtown National Historic Site at Scranton, Pa., was dedicated on Saturday, July 1. The National Park Service is in charge of the $66-million plus project that turned the former Scranton yards of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, and associated trackage, into a tourist attraction. [Bull Sheet, August 1995]

TOM THUMB LOCOMOTIVE DAMAGED: The locomotive Tom Thumb was damaged on June 10. It was aboard a flatbed truck en route to Leakin Park in Baltimore for a display when it struck an overhead bridge. The Tom Thumb, a 1927 replica of Peter Cooper's 1829 experimental steam locomotive, is owned by the B&O Railroad Museum. An assessment is being made of the extent of damage, but the engine is probably repairable. [Bull Sheet, July 1995]

CONRAIL'S NS TOWER IN LIMA, OHIO, CLOSES: Conrail's NS Tower in Lima, Ohio, closed June 8. This had been an electro-mechanical interlocking with switches moved using armstrong levers and pipelines. Lima is now designated as an automatic interlocking, called "NS Interlocking." [Bull Sheet, July 1995, from report by Russell Heine]

CSXT BUYS MINORITY INTEREST IN PADUCAH & LOUISVILLE: CSXT is purchasing a minority interest in the Paducah & Louisville Railway in Kentucky, formerly a part of the Illinois Central. PAL operates 307 route miles, has 86 locomotives, 1316 freight cars, and 300 employees. CSXT will hold three of the seven seats on the board. Present local management will continue to operate the railroad. [Bull Sheet, July 1995]

CSXT PLANS MAJOR TRACK WORK BETWEEN LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE: A major track curfew for maintenance work is slated to be in effect on CSXT's Main Line Subdivision between Louisville and Nashville from July 10 to September 8. It will involve five different maintenance of way gangs working at once. Six of the 17 daily merchandise trains operating between Louisville and Nashville are planned to reroute over alternate CSXT routes or foreign roads. [Bull Sheet, July 1995]

BNSF OFFERS BUYOUT TO EMPLOYEES AGE 50 & OVER: Burlington Northern is offering a buyout program to employees age 50 and over who have been with the railroad for at least 10 years. As many as 400 employees may be eligible. [Bull Sheet, July 1995]

ENTERTRAINMENT LINE CEASES OPERATIONS: The EnterTRAINment Line has been forced to cease operations, at least temporarily, due to non-payment of charges to the Maryland Midland. [Bull Sheet, July 1995]

CSXT ADOPTS ORANGE SCHEME FOR WORK TRAIN LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT has renumbered six of its older 4-axle locomotives into the 9500 series for use in work train service and repainted them into an orange (Pumpkin) scheme to match the railroad's ballast cars. The six units include 9500 (x-1984), 9501 (x-1977), 9502 (x-1918), 9550 (x-3242), 9551 (x-3257), and 9552 (x-3288). [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

CSX ORDERS IRON HIGHWAY TRAIN: CSX has awarded a contract to MK Rail Corporation to develop and manufacture a prototype train for 'Iron Highway' with testing to begin this fall. Iron Highway employs a continuous platform with a split-ramp design to permit easier loading and unloading, and is intended to make short and medium hauls of containers more competitive with over-the-road trucks. [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

CSXT NAMES LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER SCHOOL FOR RETIRING OFFICER: CSXT's locomotive engineer training school in Cumberland, Maryland, has been named in honor of Richard A. Fliess, vice president-operations support, a 32-year veteran railroader who began his career on the C&O. He retires this summer. [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

CSX REPORTS 1-Q EARNINGS: CSX Corporation posted its fourth consecutive quarter of earnings growth in the first three months of 1995. Earnings were $121-million, or $1.15 per share, a 64 percent increase over the same quarter in 1994. [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

JOHN ANDREWS NAMED PRESIDENT OF CSX TECHNOLOGY: John F. Andrews was appointed president of CSX Technology Inc. effective April 1. He replaces George Sekely, who has retired. [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

CONRAIL PLANS TO DOWNSIZE TRACKAGE: Conrail has announced plans to downsize by approximately one-third of its trackage, which it hopes can be sold to other carriers. [Bull Sheet, May 1995]

HOTEL ROANOKE TO REOPEN THIS MONTH: The historic Hotel Roanoke is slated to reopen April 3 following extensive renovation. The hotel, formerly owned by Norfolk Southern, closed over five years ago. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN, VRE DISCUSS MANASSAS LINE SALE PROPOSAL: Norfolk Southern and Virginia Railway Express are discussing a proposal for VRE to purchase the NS line between Alexandria and Manassas. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

RICHMOND CONSIDERS TRANSPORTATION CENTER FOR MAIN STREET STATION: City officials in Richmond, Virginia, are considering a proposal to revitalize Main Street Station for use as a transportation center to include Amtrak train service. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

'VERMONTER' NAME OF NEW AMTRAK TRAIN: Amtrak's new daylight train to serve the state of Vermont (55 & 56) will be called the 'Vermonter.' The train replaces the overnight Montrealer, but a bus connection between St. Albans and Montreal will serve the new train. The Vermonter will actually be an extension of a Northeast Corridor Springfield line train. Meanwhile, Amtrak's Adirondack (68 & 69) will become a through train between Washington and Montreal. New schedules are effective April 2. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

UNION PACIFIC BOARD APPROVES C&NW ACQUISITION: Union Pacific's board has approved the company's $1.2-billion acquisition of Chicago & North Western. On March 23 it began a tender offer of $35 per CNW share. The offer expires April 19. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

CSXT AC-LOCOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE FINDINGS: It has been determined that typically two CW44AC units can replace three Dash-8 units on a 90-car coal train. This is the finding explained in a CSXT report made available last month to its locomotive engineers. Other combinations are being used, but this is the most common. The extensive testing that was done with the three pre-production units demonstrated that two AC units have the capability to handle these trains, but some reliability problems have caused some trains to stall on critical grades, according to the report. [Bull Sheet, April 1995]

CONRAIL'S AC TOWER IN OHIO CLOSES: Conrail's AC Tower in Marion, Ohio, closed January 18. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT INTRODUCES 'DIXIE FLYER': CSXT has introduced 'Dixie Flyer' service to improve transit of Chicago-bound traffic from the Southeast by at least one day. The schedule of R646 has been changed to originate at Hamlet and bypass Nashville, and the schedule of Q648 has been adjusted to affect service from Waycross and connections from Florida. The service is designed to attract new paper business, but other commodities can benefit. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT PLACES REBUILT COAL HOPPERS INTO SERVICE: The first batch of coal hoppers rebuilt at the Raceland Car Shop in 1995 were loaded last month. Approximately 350 employees have been recalled at Raceland in anticipation of increased demand for coal with the total workforce now at about 450. Raceland is projected to rebuild about 4000 cars this year. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

YELLOW NOSE APPLIED TO CSXT REDBLOCK ENGINE: CSXT GP38-2 unit 2704 now has a one-of-a-kind paint scheme. It is the Redblock engine for the former Tampa Division. According to Bob Michaels of Howell, Michigan, it now has a yellow nose 1 (YN1) paint application. This make it the only Redblock unit with a yellow nose. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT SELLS MOUNT PLEASANT SUBDIVISION: CSXT has sold its Mount Pleasant Subdivision in Pennsylvania. The 4-mile portion between Broadford and Everson was bought by the Fayette County Transportation Company, and the 5-mile portion between Everson and Mount Pleasant was bought by the Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

YARDMASTER POSITIONS AT POTOMAC YARD ABOLISHED: Yardmaster positions at Potomac Yard, Virginia, have been abolished. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

VRE CONSIDERING WASHINGTON-RICHMOND TRAIN: Virginia Railway Express officials are considering plans to run an afternoon train from Washington to Richmond and return. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

AMTRAK TO BOOST AGENT COMMISSIONS FOR PROMOTIONAL FARES: Amtrak has announced it will increase commissions to travel agents on short-term promotional fares from 10 percent to between 12 and 15 percent. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

GERALD NICHOLS REPLACING JERRY DAVIS IN CSXT POST: Gerald L. Nichols, 59, has been named executive vice president and chief operating officer for CSXT. He succeeds Jerry Davis who has been named president of Southern Pacific. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT REALIGNS SOME DISPATCHING TERRITORIES: CSXT train dispatching territories on the Cumberland Division are being realigned as follows: The 'AT' dispatcher will have jurisdiction on the New Castle, Newton Falls and W&P subdivisions; and the 'CN' dispatcher will have jurisdiction on the Pittsburgh, Mon and P&W subdivisions. Meanwhile, on the Louisville Division, jurisdiction of the Midland, C&N, Lake Erie and Central Ohio subdivisions is being transferred from the 'CN' dispatcher to the 'AT' dispatcher. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT YARDMASTERS AT LOYALL AND KNOXVILLE RELOCATED: CSXT yardmaster functions at Loyall, Kentucky, and Knoxville, Tennessee, have been relocated to the division centralized yardmaster center at Corbin, Kentucky. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT EQUIPS LOCOMOTIVES FOR FUEL-TENDER OPERATION: Some CSXT CW44AC locomotives are equipped with fuel transfer systems by which they can be fueled automatically from a fuel tender when the locomotive fuel tank reaches a predetermined level. Fuel tender 993368 has been designed and built to operate with these locomotives. The tender is 77 feet long, equipped with bottom shelf 'F' couplers, and has a capacity of 26,600 gallons. It is an auxiliary tank on conventional freight car trucks with walkway platforms only on the ends. This arrangement will not allow access between locomotives coupled to both ends of the fuel tender. The combination of locomotives and fuel tender will decrease delays by reducing the need for stops to refuel. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

FOR CSXT ENGINEERING EMPLOYEES, WORK IS A 'REAL ZOO': Work has been a real zoo lately for about three dozen CSXT Engineering Department employees. These track, bridge and signal workers are building a new railroad at the Jacksonville, Florida, zoo. The project is part of a $700,000 corporate donation by CSXT. In addition to the new track structure, CSXT is contributing two custom-designed trains to carry visitors around the perimeter of the facility. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

CSXT RUNS FIRST HEAVY-LOADING GRAIN TRAIN FOR CARGILL: On January 13, Cargill loaded its first 286,000 pounds-per-car grain train on CSXT at Linden, Indiana, to its poultry feed mill at Oglethorpe, Georgia. The train consisted of 65 privately-owned 5150 cubic foot capacity covered hopper cars. Cargill is one of CSXT's largest agricultural customers. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

VERMONT TRAIN SERVICE TO CONTINUE: Vermont has made a deal with Amtrak to continue rail service in the state of Vermont through April 1996. The deal says that Vermont will give $581,000 to continue service, and Amtrak will increase all ticket fares on the train by $5. The train itself, however, will become a 'day' service, terminating in St. Albans. Currently Amtrak's Montrealer serves this route, and it runs at night. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

VINTAGE DEPOTS BEING BUILT AT RIVERDALE, MD.: Construction has begun for turn-of-the-century-looking depots to serve MARC passengers at Riverdale, Maryland. A 10' x 30' structure will be constructed along the westbound side of the CSXT Capital Subdivision (MARC Camden Line) with completion expected this spring. [Bull Sheet, March 1995]

MARYLAND TO BUY WESTERN MARYLAND SCENIC RIGHT-OF-WAY: The state of Maryland plans to purchase the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad's right of way between Cumberland and Frostburg as part of a plan to bolster the line as a tourist attraction. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

CLEARANCES BEING INCREASED IN AMTRAK TUNNELS IN D.C.: Work has begun on increasing clearances in the First Street Tunnels south of Washington's Union Station. Amtrak maintenance of way equipment began removing ballast from one of the twin tunnels during the second week of January to increase the height to at least 16 feet 2 inches in order to accommodate bi-level commuter coaches and Superliner cars. Work will be performed one tunnel at a time with catenary and platform work in the station's lower level to follow. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

AMTRAK MODIFIES SILVER SERVICE CURTAILMENTS: Amtrak has modified its plan of service curtailments by retaining the Silver Meteor and Silver Star as daily trains, but eliminating the Palmetto. In addition, the Silver Star will be downgraded with the loss of full-service dining and first-class sleeping cars. It will retain a Slumbercoach to Miami, however. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

AUTO TRAIN GETTING SUPERLINERS: The latest report on Amtrak's Auto Train is that it is to be equipped with Superliners on or about March 1. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

U.S. RAILROADS MOVE RECORD TONNAGE IN 1994: U.S. railroads moved 1.2 trillion ton-miles of freight in 1994, the record for the most freight moved in a single year. The record for the most freight moved in a single week was set the week of December 3 with 26.1 billion ton-miles. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

CSX OPERATING INCOME UP FOR 4-Q: Operating income for CSX Corporation's fourth quarter 1994 rose 21 percent from the same period in 1993. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

CSXT RETIRES SIGNAL SYSTEM ON MON SUBDIVISION: CSXT has retired the signal system on its (ex-P&LE) Mon Subdivision between McKeesport and Brown, Pennsylvania. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

MICHAEL RUEHLING NAMED TO CSX STATE RELATINS POST: Michael J. Ruehling has been named vice president-state relations for CSX Corporation. He replaces Daniel S. Green who has been named to head the Cumberland Coal Business Unit. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

BUFFALO & PITTSBURGH PETITIONS FOR LINE ABANDONMENT: The Buffalo & Pittsburgh has petitioned its (ex-CSXT) line between Orchard Park and Ashford Junction, New York, for abandonment. Traffic en route to B&P's Tift Street Yard in Buffalo would be routed over the Rochester & Southern line to Machias Junction and onto a new connection with Conrail's Buffalo line. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

OLD DOMINION CHAPTER NRHS BUYS LAND FOR ITS MUSEUM: The Old Dominion Chapter NRHS has purchased the land in Richmond where the chapter's Old Dominion Railway Museum is located. Norfolk Southern increased its quarterly dividend payable March 10 from 48 cents to 52 cents per share. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

AMTRAK GETS FIRST DELUXE SLEEPER: The first Amtrak Superliner-II deluxe sleeper, #32500 Palm Bay, built 11/23/94, has been delivered. It was in the 16th Street Shops on December 6. Only six of this type car are on order, all for duty on the Auto Train. The lower level is the same as a standard Superliner sleeper, but the upper level has a floorplan of ten deluxe bedrooms. The Auto Train is now slated to be equipped with Superliners in March. [Bull Sheet, February 1995, from reports by Mark Sublette and Tom Kraemer]

GATOR DELAYS SUNSET LIMITED: Amtrak train number 2, the eastbound Sunset Limited, had its air go into emergency near Akka, about five miles north of Mobile, Alabama, early one morning several weeks ago, the result of an air hose separation after the train struck an alligator. The train was delayed about 50 minutes. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

ARKADELPHIA, ARKANSAS, GETS GRANT FOR DEPOT: The city of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, has received $140,000 from its state's transportation enhancement program to help renovate the former Missouri Pacific depot at the site of the city's stop of Amtrak's Texas Eagle. [Bull Sheet, February 1995]

VRE TO EXPAND FREDERICKSBURG SERVICE; Virginia Railway Express and CSXT have reached agreement permitting VRE to expand its service on the Fredericksburg line. One additional round-trip is planned to be added by April. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

MARYLAND TO BUY DOUBLE-DECK COACHES: The Maryland board of public works has approved the purchase of 50 double-deck commuter coaches for MARC service for delivery in 1997. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

CSXT INCREASES CLEARANCES ON OLD MAIN LINE: Double-stack equipment up to 18'2" and multi-level equipment up to 19'1" are now permitted on CSXT's Old Main Line between Halethorpe and Point of Rocks, Maryland. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

CSXT, UNION PACIFIC TO SHARE EXPERTISE WITH CHINA: CSXT and Union Pacific will share railroading expertise with the Chinese Ministry of Railways under an agreement reached recently. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO PURCHASE 125 SIX-AXLE LOCOMOTIVES: Norfolk Southern plans to spend $148-million this year for the purchase of 125 six-axle locomotives. This is part of a $634-million capital improvements budget to include track programs, computer upgrades and freight car purchases. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

CONRAIL ACQUIRES TRACKAGE TO SERVE GENERATING STATION IN PA.: Conrail has purchased 5.8 miles of CSXT's Ridge Subdivision and leased 24.7 miles of CSXT's Indiana Subdivision in order to serve the Keystone Generating Station in Shelocta, Pennsylvania. The transaction was completed on December 9. Conrail will use trackage rights over the Buffalo & Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh & Shawmut railroads to reach the newly-acquired lines. The Keystone plant burns about four million tons of coal annually. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

CHESAPEAKE RAILROAD OPENS LINE IN DELAWARE, MARYLAND: The Chesapeake Railroad is now open from Clayton, Delaware, to Queen Annes, Maryland. The line has two 80-ton Whitcomb locomotives, numbers 85 and 95, and interchange is made with Conrail at Clayton. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

AMTRAK ANNOUNCES SERVICE CUTS: Amtrak has announced plans to reduce or eliminate about 21 pct of its service and to cut about 5500 jobs in increments beginning next month. Changes include the following: Effective Febr. 1, the Silver Star will operate three days a week, the Silver Meteor will operate four days a week, the Empire Builder will operate four days a week west of St. Paul, the Desert Wind will operate three days a week, and the Crescent will operate three days a week south of Atlanta. Effective April 1, Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha service, Chicago-Grand Rapids Pere Marquette, San Jose-Sacramento-Roseville Capitol service, St. Louis-Kansas City Mules, Birmingham-Mobile Gulf Breeze, Detroit-Pontiac service, Detroit-Toledo service, Philadelphia-Atlantic City service, Philadelphia-Harrisburg Keystone service, Springfield-Boston service, Montrealer service north of New York, Fort Wayne-Waterloo-Garrett bus service, and St. Louis-Carbondale bus service will be eliminated. Also on April 1 three Boston-Washington trains and one New York-Washington Metroliner will be cut. Further frequency reductions are planned for June and October, to be considered by Amtrak's board in March. [Bull Sheet, January 1995]

CSXT RENUMBERING CW44AC LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT's new CW44AC locomotives, initially numbered beginning with 9100, are being renumbered beginning with the number 1. Also, the units will have a lightning bolt symbol on the side of the operating cab exterior. As of November 28, there were 25 of the units on the roster, 12 of which were still numbered in the 9100 series. The CW44AC's have mostly been in use on coal trains operating from Tennessee and Kentucky. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

CSXT BEGINS PHOSPHATE SERVICE FOR CARGILL IN FLORIDA: CSXT has begun a shuttle service of phosphate rock for Cargill Fertilizer between Hookers Prairie and Bartow, Florida, making three 28-mile round trips per day with a train of rapid-dump cars. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

CSXT BEGINS SAND, GRAVEL SERVICE FOR HIGHWAY PROJECTS IN GA.: A partnership between CSXT and Martin Marietta Aggregates, Inc., has led to six-day-a-week unit train movements to support interstate highway projects in Georgia. A 32-car train will move 775,000 tons of sand and gravel a year between Camak and Savannah. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

CSXT BEGINS LOW-SULFUR COAL SHIPMENTS TO PARKERSBURG POWER PLANT: Unit coal trains of a CSXT move that will amount to 1.2 million tons a year have begun running to Ohio Power Company's Muskingum power plant near Parkersburg, W.Va. The coal is low-sulfur, and replaces high-sulfur coal that had been transported by conveyor belt from a nearby mine. A rapid-discharge system using electronically-activated bottom doors of aluminum hopper cars permits unloading of each car in about 15 seconds. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

COMMUTER STATIONS AT MUIRKIRK, MD., LORTON, VA., TO OPEN THIS MONTH: The MARC station at Muirkirk, Maryland, and the VRE station at Lorton, Virginia, are both slated to open this month. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

VINTAGE STREETCARS ENDORSED FOR BALTIMORE'S INNER HARBOR: A coalition of business and transportation museum executives has endorsed a plan to operate a vintage streetcar route around Baltimore's Inner Harbor. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

CUMBERLAND VALLEY SEGMENT TO BECOME TRAIL: Conrail has agreed to sell a stretch of surplus right-of-way from Shippensburg to Newville, Pennsylvania, to the non-profit Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails Council. According to press reports, the 11-mile corridor, once a part of the old Cumberland Valley Railroad, could be open as a limited-use crushed stone trail as early as next year. Meanwhile, a contractor hired by Conrail has been removing the four bridges that spanned Camp, Nealy, Fogelsanger and Big Spring roads along the route. The Cumberland Valley Railroad was completed in 1837. It became a part of Conrail in 1976. The trail portion was abandoned as a railroad in 1981 and the track was torn out in 1984. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

CSXT IMPLEMENTS DIRECT WORK ORDER REPORTING IN LOCOMOTIVES: CSXT is in the process of installing computer terminals in selected locomotives to replace the system of hand-written reports currently prepared by conductors. The new system, designated "DWOR" (for Direct Work Order Reporting), has the ability to cover yard jobs, locals and road switchers. The computer is connected wirelessly to the customer service center in Jacksonville, Florida, through a commercial communications vendor. Conductors will be given two or three days of training, including at least one day in a classroom working with a simulator. [Bull Sheet, December 1994]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO END STEAM EXCURSION PROGRAM: Norfolk Southern announced on October 28 that it will discontinue its steam excursion program after the conclusion of its 1994 season. The company said in a press release that it is ending the program -- begun 28 years ago by the Southern Railway -- because it "can no longer justify the program in terms of the physical, financial and human resources that it demands." The steam trips began in 1966 following the repurchase by Southern of its former 2-8-2 Mikado 4501 from the Kentucky & Tennessee, a short line that had used the locomotive as its number 12. Renumbered once again as 4501, the locomotive began excursion service that August in Louisville, and then on Labor Day weekend it was used at the NRHS convention in Richmond. In later years the program expanded with trips from many locations beginning in the spring and continuing through the fall. The 4501 was eventually joined by other engines, including 2-8-4 ex-C&O Kanawha 2716, 4-8-4 N&W J-class 611, 2-6-6-4 N&W class-A 1218, and others. For a number of years a set of Southern FP7 diesel units augmented the program on certain trips. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

SITE PICKED FOR SUBURBAN FREDERICK COMMUTER STATION: The Maryland MTA has announced the site of Frederick's suburban commuter station. It will be located along state route 355 near the Francis Scott Key Mall. There will also be a station downtown. Service to Washington is planned to begin in about four years. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

VINTAGE WOODEN COACH ACQUIRED FOR MA & PA EXCURSIONS: A 50-foot wooden clerestory-roof open-vestibule passenger coach has been acquired for use in planned excursion service on the restored Maryland & Pennsylvania right-of-way out of Muddy Creek Forks, Pennsylvania. The service may be running by next summer. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

MARYLAND MIDLAND CONSIDERING ADDITIONAL COMMON STOCK SALE: Maryland Midland is considering the sale of some more of its common stock. In a letter to shareholders last month, president Paul Denton explained the need for up to $1-million in additional capital to upgrade its capability to serve new or expanding customers. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

CONRAIL OPENS INTERMODAL TERMINAL IN TOLEDO: Conrail has opened the intermodal section of a joint automotive/intermodal terminal on the site of its former Airline Junction yard in Toledo, Ohio. The intermodal portion replaces a facility previously located near Central Union Terminal. The automotive portion should be in operation by the third quarter next year. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

SURGE IN SALES BOOSTS AUTO SHIPMENTS ON CSXT: A surge in U.S. auto sales has boosted automotive movements through CSXT's network of 30 auto distribution centers, and a monthly transloading record of over 401,000 autos was set in September. The ramp at Annapolis Junction, Maryland, recorded the largest volume for the month with 48,420 vehicles handled. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

CAPITOL LIMITED NOW OPERATING WITH SUPERLINERS: As promised, the Capitol Limited now operates with Superliner equipment. The first run with Superliners prematurely left Chicago on eastbound #30 October 26, arriving Washington the following day. This was due to the late arrival of #29 into Chicago on the 26th, and the Superliners formed a makeup train. But Superliners did not officially begin service until two days later. The last run with Heritage equipment, including a dome, left Washington on #29 on Saturday, the 29th. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

IZAAK WALTON INN PLANS FACILITY UPGRADES: The Izaak Walton Inn in Essex, Montana, reports on plans to update rooms to all private baths, to make the place accessible to the disabled, and to add some safety features to the building. "Much time has been spent to figure out how to accomplish these changes without changing our historic nature," innkeepers Larry and Lynda Vielleux write. Essex is a flagstop on the schedule of Amtrak's Empire Builder. [Bull Sheet, November 1994]

NEW UNIFORMS ISSUED FOR MARC SERVICE: In an effort to sport a new look, Maryland Rail Commuter Service conductors, trainmen and customer and station service representatives are being issued uniforms that are distinctive from other railroad uniforms. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

MD. GRANTS FUNDING TOWARD RECONSTRUCTION OF MONOCACY RIVER RAIL BRIDGE: The state of Maryland has approved a grant of up to $500,000 for reconstruction of the former PRR Monocacy River bridge and insurance for the Walkersville Southern to operate freight and tourist service between Walkersville and Frederick. Headquarters for the Walkersville Southern will be the original PRR Walkersville depot. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

POSTAL SERVICE INCREASES MAIL CONTRACTS WITH AMTRAK: The U.S. Postal Service has awarded Amtrak a $5-million per year increase in mail contracts. Mail revenues projected for FY-94 are $55.7-million, a 13.7 percent increase over FY-93. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

AMTRAK TO PURCHASE 55 MATERIAL HANDLING CARS: Amtrak has approved the purchase of 55 additional material handling cars at a cost of $27.6-million. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

CSXT TO RECALL 350 WORKERS TO RACELAND CAR SHOPS: CSXT will recall approximately 350 workers to its car shops in Raceland, Kentucky, as part of an agreement between the company and the union over the achievement of safety, quality, productivity and attendance goals. The company plans to rebuild 4000 coal cars at the Raceland shops in 1995. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

CUMBERLAND COAL BUSINESS UNIT EXPANDS TERRITORY: CSXT's Marietta and Ohio River subdivisions are now a part of the Cumberland Coal Business Unit. Formerly they were a part of the Cumberland Division. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

CSXT'S RF&P SUB NOW A PART OF THE FLORENCE DIVISION: CSXT's RF&P Subdivision is now a part of the Florence Division. Formerly it was a part of the Baltimore Division. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

CSXT ESTABLISHES CUMBERLAND TERMINAL SUBDIVISION: CSXT has established the Cumberland Terminal Subdivision on main tracks between Mexico Tower and Viaduct Junction in Cumberland, Maryland. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

GEORGE NIXON DIES, NOTED BALTIMORE RAILFAN: George F. Nixon, Sr., long considered as Baltimore's number one railfan, died on September 17. He was 88. His record of achievements spanned many decades. He was the first member of the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers in 1932, and the first member and first president of the Baltimore Chapter National Railway Historical Society in 1936. In fact, he was among those present when the idea of forming the parent NRHS was conceived. [Bull Sheet, October 1994]

POTOMAC YARD IN THE PROCESS OF CLOSING: Potomac Yard in Virginia is in the process of closing. It is still considered an interchange point, but CSXT trains becoming Conrail trains by way of trackage rights to CSXT, and Conrail trains becoming CSXT trains from CSXT by way of trackage rights no longer change crews there. Trains affected include R250/Z414, R409/Z409, Q410/Z410, R412/Z412, and R413/Z413. Crews now change at Bay View in Baltimore. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

CSXT IMPLEMENTS EFFICIENCY PROGRAM ON CHICAGO-NASHVILLE CORRIDOR: A program to improve the efficiency of CSXT's Chicago-Nashville corridor was implemented last month with the coordination of crew management, service design, and customer service functions within the same situation room at the Jacksonville operations center. Included in the program was the rearrangement of freight train schedules over the route involved specifying where trains should meet each other to maintain on time performance. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

CSXT'S BALTIMORE DIVISION EXPANDS ITS TERRITORY: CSXT's Lurgan Subdivision between Lurgan and Miller, and the portion of the Cumberland Subdivision between Weverton and Mexico have been transferred from the Cumberland Division to the Baltimore Division. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

CSX INTERMODAL TO PROVIDE NEW CHICAGO-NEW YORK SERVICE: CSX Intermodal has entered into an agreement with Norfolk Southern and the New York Susquehanna & Western to provide new intermodal service between Chicago and the New York City metropolitan area at Little Ferry, New Jersey. The new service provides second morning availability from Chicago and sixth morning availability from Southern California. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

DREDGING BEGINS AT CSXT ROCKPORT TERMINAL: CSXT's Rockport Terminal in Tampa, Florida, will handle increased phosphate business with deeper berths for loading ocean-going vessels. Dredging has begun to increase channel depths from 34.5 feet to 43 feet. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

AMTRAK ADOPTS RADIO CODES TO SIMPLIFY MESSAGES: Amtrak has begun using radio codes to simplify certain messages from train to station. Codes 1 through 4 apply to the need for police assistance, and codes 5 through 7 are to request Red Caps. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

MARC APPLYING NAMES TO HERITAGE COACHES: The Maryland Rail Commuter Service is placing names and small keystones on its fleet of former PRR heritage coaches. The names are those used when the cars were Pennsylvania Railroad sleepers. [Bull Sheet, September 1994]

LAKE SHORE LIMITED DERAILS: Westbound Amtrak train 49, the Lake Shore Limited, derailed at speed at 3:34 AM near Batavia, New York, on Wednesday, August 3. The train was traveling at 78 MPH when the lead truck of the first MHC mail car climbed over the rail, instigating the derailment of 14 of 16 cars. Why the mail car derailed will take some extensive investigation. Due to the shortage of 10/6 sleepers caused by the combined effects of the Smithfield, North Carolina, wreck of the Silver Meteor, and the wreck of the Lake Shore Limited, the Executive Sleeper service between Washington and New York was canceled as of August 17. [Bull Sheet, September 1994, from report by Mark Sublette]

CSXT REARRANGES NEW JERSEY-FLORIDA INTERMODAL SERVICE: CSXT has added trains R173 and R174 for its intermodal service between Kearny, New Jersey, and Jacksonville, Florida. The trains operate from origin daily except Sunday and Monday. Trains R175 and R176 have been cut back to Philadelphia as origin and destination respectively, but L176 departing Jacksonville on Monday operates through to Kearny. The new arrangement is designed to provide more consistent and faster service between the Northeast and Florida. R173/R174 will make connections with R175/R176 and R191/R192 en route. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

CSXT F-UNITS ON LEASE TO POTOMAC EAGLE TOURIST TRAIN: CSXT F-units 117 and 118 are on lease to the South Branch Valley Railroad in West Virginia for use on the Potomac Eagle tourist train. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

MARC SEEKS BIDS FOR BI-LEVEL COACHES: The Maryland Rail Commuter Service is seeking bids for the manufacture of up to 59 bi-level coaches seating 140 passengers each. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

AMTRAK GIVES ON-BOARD STAFF INCREASED CUSTOMER PROBLEM-SOLVING AUTHORITY: Amtrak's on-board service employees have been given greater authority in handling customer problems on the spot. Conductors may now wave penalties for on-board ticket purchases when it is deemed appropriate, and lead service attendants and stewards are permitted to substitute stock items when necessary. In addition, conductors and on-board service chiefs may now issue service vouchers good for future travel to compensate for service deficiencies. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

AMTRAK IMPLEMENTS BUSINESS UNITS: Three business units being implemented by Amtrak are Northeast Corridor, Western, and Intercity. The NEC unit is slated to begin on October 1 with the other units beginning several months later. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

AMTRAK BEGINS STOPPING AT CHERRY HILL, N.J.: Amtrak's Atlantic City Express trains began serving a new station in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, on July 2. The station, which has high-level platforms, is a short walk from the site of the New Jersey State Fair, scheduled for August 5 through 14. Amtrak trains no longer stop at Lindenwold, New Jersey, but through ticketing is available to that location using NJ Transit connections in Philadelphia. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

SOUTHERN PACIFIC TO ACQUIRE 200 AC LOCOMOTIVES: Southern Pacific announced on July 13 that it will acquire 200 AC locomotives from General Electric for 1995 delivery. SP also plans to acquire 900 coal hoppers and will expand and improve terminals in Los Angeles, Dallas, Portland, Chicago, Memphis, San Antonio, El Paso, and Kansas City. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

DOUG PEARSON ELECTED PRESIDENT OF C&O HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Doug Pearson has been elected president of the Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society. He replaces Tom Dixon who was elected chairman after 25 years as president. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

DELAWARE VALLEY RAILWAY ASSUMES OCTORARO OPERATIONS: The Octoraro Railway in Pennsylvania and Delaware ceased operations on June 30, and operations were resumed under the name of the Delaware Valley Railway Company. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

EAST CABIN IN ILLINOIS CLOSES: East Cabin (CCP/IC) in East Dubuque, Illinois, a tower with armstrong levers and pipeline, closed in June. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

FLOODING DISRUPTS CSXT SERVICE IN THE SOUTH: More than 170 CSXT trains were rerouted around areas flooded from rains of tropical storm Alberto early last month. More than 30 washouts on the Manchester Subdivision between Atlanta and Manchester, and 35 washouts on the Fitzgerald Subdivision between Waycross, and Manchester halted the normal flow of traffic for several days, according to the CSXT Employee News Service. On the Dothan Subdivision in southeastern Alabama, a locomotive was swept into a gully created by the flooding near Newton. No one was injured, and the rest of the 73-car train remained on the track. Several manifest trains normally routed by way of the Chicago-Nashville corridor were rerouted through Potomac Yard and Cumberland. They included R120 of July 7 through 9, R121 of July 7 through 9, Q647 of July 6 through 10, and Q648 of July 9 and 10. Q648 of July 8 was rerouted through Gladstone and Clifton Forge, Virginia. [Bull Sheet, August 1994]

VRE CONSIDERS DOUBLE-DECK COACH PURCHASE: Virginia Railway Express officials are considering the purchase of 20 double-deck commuter coaches, similar to ones being ordered by MARC, provided VRE can arrange funding to undercut the tunnel between Washington's Union Station and Virginia Avenue to provide the clearance needed for the cars. According to press reports, increased clearance for the cars would also allow Amtrak to run Superliner equipment through the tunnel. VRE hopes to arrange funding in combination with Amtrak and MARC. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

VRE TO ADD FOUR TRAINS: Virginia Railway Express will soon introduce four more trains to the system, two each on both the Fredericksburg and Manassas lines. Additional stops on the Fredericksburg line are planned for Franconia-Springfield and Lorton, and a request for a stop at Widewater is being considered. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

SUPREME COURT RULES FOR CONRAIL IN EMOTIONAL-DISTRESS SUITS: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Conrail which had appealed lower-court rulings that the company claimed made it too easy for employees to win emotional-distress suits filed under the Federal Employers' Liability Act. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

PLATFORMS AT DUFFIELDS, W.VA., BEING BUILT FOR MARC: Platforms are being constructed for MARC trains at Duffields, West Virginia. Passengers had been boarding trains at the road crossing. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

CONRAIL LEASES 300 BI-LEVEL AUTO CARS: Conrail has leased 300 bi-level cars for transporting motor vehicles, bringing its fleet of enclosed multi-levels to 5500 cars. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

CONRAIL EXPANDING GIBSON YARD IN INDIANA: Conrail is expanding its Gibson Yard in Hammond, Indiana. The $2.5-million project will enable shipments of new automobiles from eastern United States assembly plants to reach western dealers faster and with less damage. The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad will operate the expanded service. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

HUNTINGTON RAILROAD MUSEUM OPENS IN BOWIE, MD.: The city of Bowie, Maryland, and the Huntington Heritage Society opened a railroad museum in a park adjacent to Amtrak's Northeast corridor on May 22. Included in the complex are three structures formerly serving the town: a tower, freight building, and waiting shelter. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

JD TOWER BURNS: The 76-year-old tower that for many years served the B&O interlocking known as Alexandria Junction in Hyattsville, Maryland, burned in a noontime fire on May 30. The suspected cause was arson. The building, which was vacant at the time, had ceased as an active interlocking office on March 4, 1992. [Bull Sheet, July 1994]

'OPERATION ROUNDUP' HEADS OFF TRESPASSERS IN KENTUCKY: CSXT police and law enforcement agencies cooperated in the third annual Operation Roundup in Kentucky on May 26. Three CSXT agents and seven Covington officers cited 18 juveniles on railroad property. Operation Roundup underscores to students the dangers of walking on railroad tracks. [Bull Sheet, July 1994, from CSXT Employee News Service]

UNION PACIFIC ORDERS 108 AC UNITS FROM EMD: Union Pacific has ordered 108 AC locomotives from General Motors for delivery 1995 through 1998. Units delivered through 1996 will be 4300-horsepower class SD90MAC, and units delivered in 1997 and 1998 will be equipped with a high technology engine rated at 6000-horsepower. The contract also calls for conversion of the 4300-horsepower units to 6000-horsepower beginning in 1998. [Bull Sheet, June 1994]

CONRAIL TO BUILD AUTO & INTERMODAL TERMINAL IN TOLEDO: Conrail will build an automotive and intermodal terminal at its now-idled Airline Junction Yard in Toledo, Ohio. The automotive facility will serve as a distribution hub for import vehicle business in the Midwest, and the intermodal facility will replace Conrail's Central Union Terminal. [Bull Sheet, June 1994]

BIKING, HIKING TRAIL PROPOSED FOR RAIL LINE IN CHARLES COUNTY, MD.: A seldom-used 13-mile rail line in Charles County, Maryland, serving the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head, could become a hiking trail. The line passes through wetlands and could serve as an educational trail for students to study the area. [Bull Sheet, June 1994]

ORDER COMPLETED FOR CSXT'S CW44-9 LOCOMOTIVES: All of CSXT's new CW44-9 locomotives have been delivered. Unit 9052, the last on the order, was delivered on April 2. Meanwhile, units 9000 through 9002, originally classed CW44-8 when they were delivered last year, have been reclassed CW44-9. Accordingly, CSXT now has 53 CW44-9 units on its roster. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

CSX REPORTS 1-Q RESULTS: CSX Corporation reported a $74-million profit in the first quarter, compared with a $9-million loss in the first quarter last year. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

CSXT RENAMES ITS ALEXANDRIA SUBDIVISION: CSXT's Alexandria Subdivision connecting the Capital Subdivision at Riverdale, Maryland, with Conrail at Anacostia Junction, D.C., is now known as the Alexandria Extension. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

AMTRAK F40 LOCOMOTIVES GETTING MODIFICATIONS: Amtrak F40 locomotives are being modified with a reduced permanent suppression feature which should aid in reducing incidents involving flat wheels. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

AMTRAK SELECTED AS OPERATOR OF SAN DIEGO TO OCEANSIDE SERVICE: Amtrak has been selected to be the operator of a new commuter service between San Diego and Oceanside, California. Service startup is scheduled for October 1 of this year. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

AMTRAK SIGNS DATA PROCESSING PACT: Amtrak has signed a 10-year contract with a subsidiary of IBM to take over most of the railroad's data processing. This will eliminate about 115 jobs at Amtrak. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

NORFOLK SOUTHERN TO HELP FUND ALEXANDIA PEDESTRIAN CONNECTOR: Norfolk Southern has donated $100,000 to the city of Alexandria, Virginia, towards a pedestrian connector between Alexandria Union Station and the adjacent King Street Metro station. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

COURT RULES AGAINST MA & PA GROUP IN OWNERSHIP SUIT: A York County, Pennsylvania, court has ruled against the Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society in a suit over ownership of a 1400-foot section of right of way. The society has been using an eight-mile portion of the former Maryland and Pennsylvania track as part of its preservation effort for several years. At issue was a legal interpretation of what constituted 'abandonment' after the railroad ceased operation of that part of the line in 1977. The society plans to appeal. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

WESTERN MARYLAND RWY HISTORICAL SOCIETY ACQUIRES FA2 LOCOMOTIVE: Former Western Maryland FA2 locomotive 302 has been acquired by the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

CSXT POLICEMAN FOILS PRISON ESCAPE: Special agent Greg Powers in late February helped law enforcement officials nab an escapee from a prison in eastern Kentucky. Crew members saw the prisoner jump off a train near Wayland and radioed the yard. Mr. Powers, based in Martin, Kentucky, arrived on the scene, and with the help of employees in the area, determined the escapee's last known position and waited. The man walked down the tracks, and Mr. Powers placed him under arrest for trespassing. It was determined the man was one of three escapees from the prison, and turned him over to authorities. The man was serving time for manslaughter. [Bull Sheet, May 1994, from CSXT Employee News Service]

MARYLAND MIDLAND TERMINATES NEW LINE PROJECT: The Maryland Midland Railway has decided not to go through with a plan to rebuild the abandoned railroad line from Taneytown, Md., to Hanover, Pa.. In a letter to MMID shareholders dated March 28, president Paul Denton explained: "I could see no reasonable opportunity for success at a cost we could stand to bear. Hence, on March 24, I recommended to our board that we terminate the project, and the board approved. This is not an ego trip to play railroad builder or anything else. So on to better things." The line involved is still in service south of Taneytown to Walkersville, Md., which MMID serves as designated operator. [Bull Sheet, May 1994]

AMTRAK, VRE WORK TOWARD TICKET AGREEMENT: Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express are working toward an agreement whereby VRE passengers on the Fredericksburg line may use Amtrak trains at no additional charge between stations that are served by both carriers. Currently, Amtrak serves Washington, Alexandria, Quantico and Fredericksburg, all of which are also served by VRE. The arrangement will offer flexibility of travel making use of Amtrak trains running at mid-day and on weekends. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

AMTRAK CHANGES ITS SMOKING POLICY: Amtrak has once again ordered a change to its on-board smoking policy. Effective May 1, smoking will be completely prohibited on the California Zephyr, Pioneer, Desert Wind, Broadway Limited, and Montrealer. Passengers who wish to smoke may do so on station platforms at selected stops having dwell times. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CONRAIL PLANNING TO CLOSE ITS REMAINING INTERLOCKING TOWERS: According to the spring issue of The Home Signal, quarterly publication devoted to railway signaling and interlocking towers, all of Conrail's towers are slated to be closed by the end of 1996. Included in the issue was a listing of 35 remaining towers, nearly half of which could close sometime this year. Tentatively included for 1994 - subject to change - are the towers at Cresson, Gallitzin, and Midgrade, Pennsylvania. (Midgrade is now only open part time.) [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CSXT ENDS ALEXANDRIA-ORGNGE TRACK RIGHTS ON NORFOLK SOUTHERN: CSXT's trackage rights agreement over Norfolk Southern between Alexandria and Orange, Virginia, was terminated on March 20. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CSXT'S FITZGERALD SUBDIVISION ASSUMES TERRITORY: CSXT trackage between Peachtree City and Manchester, Ga., on the Atlanta Division, formerly identified as the Manchester Subdivision, is now part of the Fitzgerald Subdivision. Mileposts are from ANB 826.9 to ANB 788.3. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CSXT LOCOMOTIVE DITCH LIGHTS TO BE DISPLAYED FOR GRADE CROSSINGS: On CSXT locomotives equipped with ditch lights, it is now required that the ditch lights shall be displayed approaching all public grade crossings. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CSXT LEASES FORMER HAMLET SHOP TO PLYWOOD COMPANY: CSXT's former wheel and axle shop at Hamlet, North Carolina, is to be leased by Diamond Hills Plywood Company for use as a distribution service facility generating about 250 carloads in rail traffic annually. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

SOUTHERN PACIFIC TO BUY 100 CW44-9 LOCOMOTIVES: Southern Pacific announced on March 17 that it will purchase 100 class CW44-9 units from General Electric for delivery in the second and fourth quarters this year. SP will also lease three 5000-horsepower units from Morrison-Knudsen during the second quarter. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

UNION PACIFIC TO BUY AT LEAST 140 AC4400 LOCOMOTIVES: Union Pacific plans to purchase at least 140 AC4400 units from General Electric over the next four-year period. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

FIRST REBUILT GP40-2 LOCOMOTIVE FOR MARC DUE THIS MONTH: The first of 19 rebuilt GP40-2 units for MARC is expected to be delivered early this month. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

AMTRAK'S EXECUTIVE SLEEPER SUSPENDED: Amtrak's Executive Sleeper between Washington and New York has been suspended temporarily due to an equipment shortage. [Bull Sheet, April 1994]

CSXT TRASH TRAIN PLANNED FOR MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD.: A new incinerator in Dickerson, Md., nearing completion, is Montgomery County's solution to disposing of trash rather than covering it with dirt in a landfill.. This incinerator, which will be served by CSXT, could provide two to four trains a day on the Metropolitan Subdivision. The trains would originate at the trash-packing facility in Derwood (Milepost BA 19.6) where the trash will be loaded into containers on flats or gondolas, then transported to Dickerson (Milepost BA 35.5). The trash would be unloaded and burned at the Potomac Electric power plant, and the empties would be returned to Derwood. The facility in Derwood is being upgraded with a new area cleared for a right-of-way where a new siding serving the plant will be put in place. The new track adjacent to the old existing Sears siding will connect to the main track at the west end of the power crossovers at Derwood. New environmental smoke-cleaning stacks are in place at the Dickerson site. Early plans call for the use of two locomotives, and a caboose for reverse movements. An engine at both ends may be required depending on whether or not they could run around the train at both ends of the run. If the project stays on target, the trains may be running by late summer or early fall. [Bull Sheet, April 1994, from report by Sol Tucker]

CSXT SCHEDULES WEEKLY BUSINESS CAR FOR EMPLOYEES: CSXT now operates a regularly scheduled business car one day a week in each direction between Jacksonville and Washington for use by employees on company business. The car, operating on the rear of Amtrak trains 81 and 88, leaves from Jacksonville on Tuesdays and from Washington on Thursdays. The service is an experiment to evaluate its money-saving potential for business travel. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

CSXT DONATES FP7A UNIT TO C&O HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Retired CSXT FP7A unit 116 has been donated to the Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society. Tentative plans are to paint the unit into C&O passenger colors, renumber it 8016, and eventually restore it to operating condition. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

COALING TOWER IN RICHMOND DEMOLISHED: The landmark 1920s-era 800-ton capacity coaling tower at CSXT's Fulton Yard in Richmond was demolished February 2. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

CONRAIL, AMTRAK ASK ICC TO SETTLE TRACK MAINTENANCE DISPUTE: Conrail and Amtrak have applied to the Interstate Commerce Commission to resolve a dispute over Conrail's recovery of incremental track maintenance costs for Amtrak's use of Conrail tracks. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

CONRAIL BUYING SD80MAC LOCOMOTIVES FROM EMD: Conrail will purchase 21 SD80MAC locomotives from EMD for delivery beginning mid-1995. The units will be rated at 5000 horsepower. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

BURLINGTON NORTHERN BUYING 500 JUMBO COVERED GRAIN HOPPERS: Burlington Northern has announced the purchase of 500 jumbo covered grain hoppers from Trinity Industries. The cars, which will be delivered beginning in April, have a gross-weight capacity of 286,000 pounds. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

B&O MUSEUM NAMES GERALD KUNZIO CURATOR: Gerald Kunzio has been named curator of the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

PLANS FOR POWER LINE TO CROSS EAST BROAD TOP DROPPED: General Public Utilities has withdrawn a planned project to build a 500-kilovolt transmission line across Pennsylvania which would have crossed the East Broad Top Railroad a number of times. The Friends of the East Broad Top organization had been a party to regulatory proceedings while the matter was debated due to the project's potential impact upon the railroad's status as a landmark. The project was withdrawn following a rejection by the regulatory commission in New Jersey of a wholesale power purchase agreement for which the line would primarily have been built. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

CSXT ADDS BUSINESS UNIT: The C&O names lives on! CSXT president and CEO Pete Carpenter announced on February 23 that the company is forming a business unit devoted to the management of all aspects of the railroad's business operations on the principal coal-hauling lines of the former Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. It will be called the C&O Business Unit. Michael Ward, who has served as CSXT's vice president-coal, will head the unit, which will be based in Huntington, West Virginia. He will be joined by 15 to 20 managers who will be responsible for the unit's administration, finance, operations, sales and marketing. According to the announcement, the staff will be in place by May 1. The operating territory of the unit extends from Toledo, Ohio, to Elkhorn City, Kentucky, and from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Newport News, Virginia - essentially the limits of the present-day Huntington Division. Employees already located in the territory involved will comprise the C&O Business Unit Team, according to the announcement. The C&O Business Unit is the fourth such unit established by CSXT in recent years. The others are CSX Intermodal, the Florida Business Unit (formerly the Fertilizer Business Unit), and the Cumberland Coal Business Unit. [Bull Sheet, March 1994]

CSXT BUYING 300 LOCOMOTIVES FROM GE: CSXT will purchase 300 locomotives from GE Transportation Systems through 1997. Included will be 50 CW44-9 direct-current units and 250 alternating-current units. The AC units include 197 with 4400 horsepower, and 53 with 6000 horsepower. The new locomotives will be equipped with electronic fuel injection, and the AC units will feature individual axle control and other technological advances. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CSXT EXPANDS LOCOMOTIVE CONSIST LIMIT: CSXT now allows a maximum of 12 units to be used in a locomotive consist in multiple-unit control. (Lower maximums apply in certain territories.) Previously the maximum allowed was eight. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CSXT RENAMES FERTLIZER BUSINESS UNIT: CSXT's Fertilizer Business Unit is now known as the Florida Business Unit. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CSXT WITHDRAWS PLANS TO ABANDON TWO LINES IN W.VA.: CSXT has withdrawn an application to abandon its Belington, Tygart and Laurel subdivisions (121.7 miles) between Tygart Junction and Bergoo, West Virginia. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CSX REPORTS 4-Q RESULTS: CSX Corporation's fourth-quarter net earnings were $1.46 a share compared to $1.47 a share for the same period the previous year. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CONRAIL COMPLETES CORNING-BUFFALO SINGLE-TRACKING PROJECT: Conrail completed the single-tracking project of its Southern Tier line between Corning and Buffalo, New York, on January 3. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

NS, FEC ADD DETROIT-MIAMI MULT-LEVEL SERVICE: Norfolk Southern, in cooperation with the Florida East Coast, is now offering dedicated multi-level service providing two and one-half day delivery of automobiles from Detroit to Miami. [Bull Sheet, February 1994]

CSXT ADDS TWO OPERATING DIVISIONS: CSXT has added two more operating divisions: the Blue Ridge Division (based in Erwin, Tennessee), and the Nashville Division. This brings to five the number of divisions the company has added since this past September. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

CENTRALIZED DISPATCHING NOW IN EFFECT AT CSXT'S TOLEDO TERMINAL: Centralized train dispatching became effective December 13 at CSXT's Toledo Terminal, with responsibility transferred to the AX train dispatcher in Jacksonville, Florida. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

CSXT REALIGNS ITS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: CSXT has realigned its engineering department with the formation of regional design and construction offices in Atlanta, Cincinnati and Richmond. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

NS, CONRAIL OPERATE TWICE-WEEKLY ROANOKE-BALTIMORE COAL TRAIN: Norfolk Southern and Conrail are now operating a coal train approximately twice a week from Roanoke, Virginia, to Consolidated Coal in Baltimore. The train has 80 to 100 cars, and uses two Conrail units with a third Norfolk Southern unit being cut off at Manassas. The train interchanges with Conrail at Potomac Yard. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

CONRAIL PETITIONS PORTION OF MEADVILLE LINE FOR ABANDONMENT: Conrail has petitioned the Interstate Commerce Commission for abandonment of the western portion of the Meadville Line between Meadville and Corry, Pennsylvania. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

CONRAIL OFFERING EARLY RETIREMENTS: Conrail is offering a voluntary early-retirement program to about 400 of its non-union workforce age 55 and over. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

WASHINGTON UNION STATION IS D.C. METRO'S BUSIEST STOP: The Metro station serving Washington's Union Station is now the system's busiest stop. A new passenger entrance is planned using a pedestrian tunnel section constructed 17 years ago but never completed, and an existing entrance is to be enlarged. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

SOUTHERN PACIFIC PLANS DISPATCHING CONSOLIDATION WITH DRG&W: Southern Pacific intends to consolidate its Roseville and Houston dispatching centers with that of the DRG&W in Denver. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

BN, MORRISON KNUDSEN GET COMMUTER/SUBWAY PACT IN ARGENTINA: Burlington Northern and Morrison Knudsen are partners in a consortium that has received a 20-year franchise to operate and maintain the Urquiza commuter line and subway system serving Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

AMTRAK NAMES THOMAS DOWNS CHAIRMAN, PRESIDENT: Thomas Downs has been named chairman and president of Amtrak replacing Graham Claytor Jr., who retired December 6. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

END OF THE LINE FOR 'TRACKS END' IN GLADSTONE, VA.: At the end of 1993: 'Tracks End' was the name of a 24-hour restaurant that served railroaders for many years at this one-time railroading hot spot along CSXT's former C&O James River line. The restaurant and adjoining motel were closed December 31, 1993 - ending a long tradition. Gladstone was at one time a very busy spot. It had an engine facility (now gone), a large yard (now all but gone), and many trains which stopped here both day and night to change crews. The restaurant and motel - then the function of the Railroad YMCA - served as the home for crew members while they rested awaiting their turn for a run back to their home terminal. The Railroad YMCA ceased this role about four years ago, and CSXT then made a contract with the Motel Sleepers Company of Little Rock, Arkansas, to manage the facility. Motel Sleepers also manages similar facilities elsewhere, including one at Brunswick, Maryland. In the end it was economics that saw the demise of this once proud and busy facility. CSXT decided to sever its Gladstone contract with Motel Sleepers, and crew members still in need of lodging will now go by taxi to another place. [Bull Sheet, January 1994]

CAPITOL LIMITED PASSENGERS GET THANKSGIVING 'ADVENTURE': Passengers on board eastbound train 30, the Capitol Limited, had quite an adventure on Thanksgiving, November 25, 1993. After a normal departure from Chicago, the train was proceeding on time through western Indiana at track speed when the driver of a Pontiac Firebird disregarded crossing warnings and collided with the train at LaPorte, Indiana. The vehicle struck right between lead and second units, causing them to uncouple, and the auto spun off into a ditch. Both occupants of the Firebird survived, but the engines could not be recoupled due to damage. So after a three-hour delay - and the transfer of short-haul passengers to the eastbound Lake Shore - the Capitol Limited proceeded east with its second unit as its sole power. After a brief station stop at South Bend, the train continued. But halfway to Elkhart, the next stop, the remaining diesel died - its engine unstartable due to a now-dead battery. A Conrail unit was dispatched to drag to train to Elkhart where the Capitol Limited was annulled. Passengers were put up for the night in a local hotel, then took the morning Capitol Limited back to Chicago to continue their holiday journey the following night on the next train 30. (Amtrak made alternate travel arrangements for some.) The disabled Capitol Limited was hauled back to Chicago the morning of the 26th, stripped of its stock, and the two equipment consists were shipped out to Washington that evening, hooked into one long 20-car train. [Bull Sheet, January 1994, from report by Mark Sublette]

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