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Vintage Rail Passenger Depots of Maryland

The purpose of this feature is to identify vintage rail passenger depots of Maryland that are currently standing. "Vintage" comprehends construction prior to 1950. Replicas of vintage depots are included if their construction since 1950 was to accurately copy the vintage structure. Any pre-1950 depot that at some time was used as an assembly area for rail passengers to await transportation is included, even if it shared space with other functions, such as a store. Freight depots - unless they also served passengers - are not included.

This updates the study introduced in the Bull Sheet in January 1991.

Special thanks to all who assisted in identifying depots, both in the original study in 1991 and the update to it in 2003. They include Matt Adams, Matt Atkinson, Rich Ballash, Bill Bartosh, Gordy Bjoraker, Ken Briers, Mark Camp, Mike Finzel, Beryl Frank, Scott Freeman, Ed Hack, Herb Harwood, Chris & Tina Hash, Tyler Horner, Winnie Kehs, Gerry Kiernan, Betty Kuigley Dick Lloyd, Bernie Loveless, Alan Maples, Wade Massie, Richard Meyer, Alexander Mitchell, George Paine, Darren Reynolds, Stewart Rhine, Jim Rogers, Jerry Rollins, Pat Stakem, Frank Tosh, Martin Van Horn, Mike Welsh, Roger White, Robert Williams, Ed Wilsey and others.

Certain additional information was obtained from reference material including:

This feature was presented in 2003 with selected revisions between then and 2008. Some of the information currently shown herein may be outdated..

ABERDEEN (B&O) - Harford County. Frame. Built 1886. Passenger service discontinued in 1958. Now vacant and in decrepit condition. Plans have been presented to move the building away from the track and restore it for civic use.
ABERDEEN (PRR/AMTK/MARC) - Harford County. Southbound side. Restored and used as MARC waiting room, also as a stop for Greyhound.
ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND (Army) - Harford County. Edgewood area of base. Stucco. Behind building E5101. Original depot of base railroad system.
AIREY (Dorchester & Delaware/PRR) - Dorchester County. Frame. Moved from original location several hundred feet and is now part of a residence.
ALESIA (WM) - Carroll County. Brick. Slightly altered from original appearance. In use as apartments.
ANTIETAM (N&W) - Washington County. Sharpsburg. Frame. Turned with the bay window now facing the highway instead of the tracks. Vacant but undergoing restoration as the future home of the Hagerstown Model RR Museum.
ARCADIA (WM) - Baltimore County. Frame. Now used as the Upperco Post Office.
BALTIMORE - CALVERT STATION (PRR) - Baltimore City, Centre Street & Guilford Avenue. Brick. Built as a freight depot for Northern Central Rwy. in 1865 and used as Baltimore terminus of Parkton Local from late 1940s until 1959. Now in use by the Downtown Athletic Club.
BALTIMORE - CAMDEN STATION (B&O) - Baltimore City, Camden & Howard streets. Brick. Built late 1850s and early 1860s, later altered. One-time headquarters of B&O. Trains were accommodated on two levels. Building has been cosmetically restored to original appearance. Reuse pending. (New MARC commuter station is located several hundred feet south of site.)
BALTIMORE - MOUNT CLARE STATION (B&O) - Baltimore City, Pratt & Poppleton streets. Brick. Built c-1850s, possibly earlier. Site of beginning of country's first passenger service. Now part of the B&O Railroad Museum.
BALTIMORE - MOUNT ROYAL STATION (B&O) - Baltimore City. Stone. Built 1896. Now used by the Maryland Institute College of Art.
BALTIMORE - PENNSYLVANIA STATION (NCR/B&PRR,PRR/AMTK) - Baltimore City, 1500 block North Charles Street. Granite, terra cotta and cast iron exterior; marble and ceramic tile interior. Opened 1911 as Union Station; renamed Pennsylvania Station in 1934. In regular use.
BALTIMORE - PRESIDENT STREET STATION (PW&B) - Baltimore City, Brick. Opened 1850. Was in use as a mainline passenger depot until 1873. Limited local service remained along the Fleet Street side until 1911.
BALTIMORE - WB&A TERMINAL (WB&A) - Baltimore City. Liberty & Marion streets. In use 1908-1921. Altered from original appearance. Now in commercial use.
BARNESVILLE (B&O/MARC) - Montgomery County. Brick. Originally a gas metering station. Moved from Rockville, Maryland, to Barnesville site in 1977. In regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains.
BAY SHORE (BTC) - Baltimore County. On grounds of North Point State Park. Georgia pine timber. It was a trolley depot for former Bay Shore Amusement Park which closed in 1947. Property was then used by Bethlehem Steel Corporation as a hunting & fishing camp for employees. Property was acquired by state of Maryland in 1987 which restored the depot as a park pavilion.
BEAVER CREEK - BOONSBORO JUNCTION (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Washington County (where line to Boonsboro joined the mainline). Brick. Now used as a residence.
BEDFORD SQUARE (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City, St. Paul & Charles streets. Concrete waiting shelter. Now used as a bus waiting shelter.
BETHLEHEM (Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic) - Caroline County. Frame with siding. Moved from original location about 1/2 mile; now on south side Md.331 about 300 feet west of Eastern Auto Parts. Now a private residence.
BLUE MOUNT (PRR) - Baltimore County. Enclosed frame waiting shelter. Used for Parkton Local until 1959. Moved from original location about 200 feet; now on east side of Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail north of Blue Mount Road. Private use.
BORING (WM) - Baltimore County. Frame with siding. Had combined use as depot, store and post office. Still in use as the Boring post office.
BOWIE (PRR) - Prince George's County. Frame waiting shelter. Moved to nearby Huntington Heritage Museum about 200 feet from original site where it is on display with restored Bowie Tower and restored freight depot.
BRADDOCK HEIGHTS (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Frame. Two-story. Now in commercial use.
BROOKLANDVILLE (Baltimore & Susquehanna) - Baltimore County. In service 1832 as the Brooklandville House located at the railroad & the Falls Turnpike. Building still stands and is in use as the Valley Inn across Falls Road from the depot built later.
BROOKLANDVILLE (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Frame and stucco. Built 1906. Used for Green Spring Branch passenger trains until 1933. Now a residence.
BRUNSWICK (B&O/MARC) - Frederick County. Maple Avenue west of crossing. Frame. Built c-1890. Restored on behalf of MARC service and is in regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains along westbound main.
CAMBRIDGE (Dorchester & Delaware/PRR) - Dorchester County, Maryland Avenue & Trenton Street, 1/2 block from drawbridge. Brick & frame. Was western terminus of line. Now a real estate office.
CATONSVILLE JUNCTION (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore County, Dutton Avenue near Edmondson Avenue. Stone waiting shelter. Used for #8 streetcar line at its south terminus until 1963. No longer in use but maintained as historical structure.
CHESAPEAKE BEACH (Chesapeake Beach Rwy) - Calvert County. Frame. Built c-1900; in use until 1935. Eastern terminus of line. Now restored and in use as the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum.
CHESTERTOWN (PW&B/PRR) - Kent County, 300 S. Cross Street. Frame, brick and stucco. Moved from original location about 100 yards c-1987. Restored, and now in use as office of the Tidewater Trader newspaper.
CHEVY CHASE LAKE (Capitol Transit) - Montgomery County. Streetcar station. Dismantled c-1970s and moved to private property in Hyattstown in northern Montgomery County.
CLAIBORNE (Baltimore & Eastern) - Talbot County. Frame train shed used for transfer of passengers between steamship and train. Moved from original location to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Saint Michaels where it is now used to house the museum's small boat collection.
COLORA (PRR) - Cecil County. Colora Road. Frame. Now houses Yardifacts store.
COUNCIL GROVE PAVILION (City Park Rwy) - Baltimore City. Druid Hill Park at entrance to zoo. Built c-1860s.
CUMBERLAND (WM/WM Scenic) - Allegany County. Brick. Four-story. Opened July 1913. Slightly altered. Now the Western Maryland Station Center in use as a visitor center & museum, and depot for Western Maryland Scenic Railroad to Frostburg.
DICKERSON (B&O/MARC) - Montgomery County. Frame. Built 1891. Rebuilt following fire damage and is in regular use for MARC Brunswick Line weekday trains along westbound main.
EARLEIGH HEIGHTS (WB&A/B&A) - Anne Arundel County, Earleigh Heights Road at the B&A Trail. Frame, Mansard style. Built 1889. Had combined use as depot and store. Restored and in use as visitor center for Baltimore & Annapolis Trail.
EAST NEW MARKET (Dorchester & Delaware/PRR) - Dorchester County, frame.. Now located along Murphy's Alley, about one-half mile southwest of its railroad location, where it is being restored as the Eastern Shore of Maryland Railroad Museum.
EASTON (Baltimore & Eastern/PRR) - Talbot County. Goldsboro Street & Pennsylvania Avenue. Brick & frame. Restored and in use as offices of Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage.
EDGEVALE ROAD (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City. Falls & Edgevale roads. Concrete waiting shelter.
ELKTON (PRR) - Cecil County. Brick. No longer used as a depot. Now used by Amtrak maintenance of way. Also southbound waiting shelter, metal. Both structures fenced from right of way.
ELLICOTT CITY (B&O) - Howard County. Main Street. (Across from Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum.) Formerly the Patapsco Hotel. Served as passenger depot 1831-1856. Original terminus of B&O.
ELLICOTT CITY (B&O) - Howard County. Main Street. Stone. Built early 1830s, later altered. Now houses the Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum.
FALLSTON (M&PA) - Harford County. Frame. Built 1904. Now in commercial use.
FEDERALSBURG (PRR) - Caroline County, South Main Street & Railroad Avenue. Frame. Restored and in use as office for the Maryland & Delaware Railroad.
FOREST HILL (M&PA) - Harford County. East Jarrettsville Road. Frame. Built 1914. Now houses a railroad hobby shop.
FORT MEADE (B&O) - Anne Arundel County, on Army base. Frame. Vacant.
FREDERICK (B&O) - Frederick County. East All Saints & south Market streets. Brick. Italianate design with Norman-style spire, and a canopy along the All Saints Street side. Opened 1855 replacing a depot (demolished c-1911) at Carroll & All Saints streets. Annexed with adjacent house and expanded with east wing 1895, with a further enlargement by 1921. In use as a depot with trains using tracks running within All Saints Street until March 1948. Sold by B&O in 1951. Restored 1979 and now occupied by Frederick Community Action Agency.
FREDERICK (B&O) - Frederick County. East All Saints & south Carroll streets. Built as a freight station, but it was used by passengers 1948-1949. Restored by city of Frederick, cosmetically painted and with a new roof, but building is evidently not in use except for its historical import.
FREDERICK (MARC) - Frederick County. East All Saints & south East streets. Brick. Opened 2001 to replicate vintage design for use of passengers using MARC Frederick Line weekday service. This structure does not exactly fit the criteria for this study since it does not duplicate anything that ever appeared on this site, but it is given HONORABLE MENTION due to its admirable replication of stylish, classic, vintage design. Station is also used as a terminal by city buses and by Greyhound.
FREDERICK (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Patrick & Carroll streets. Now a newspaper office.
FREDERICK (Monocacy Valley RR/Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Northwest corner Fourth & East streets.
FREELAND (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Frame. Moved from original location about one-half mile east to a farm on Freeland Road. Private use.
FROSTBURG (Cumberland & Pennsylvania) - Allegany County. Opened 1891. At western terminus of Western Maryland Scenic Railroad from Cumberland. Restored with use as a restaurant pending.
FULTON PAVILION (City Park Railway) - Baltimore City. Druid Hill & Fulton avenues. Built c-1860s. Altered from original condition and removed to nearby site within the park.
GAITHERSBURG (B&O/MARC) - Montgomery County. Brick. Built 1884, enlarged c-1905. Purchased by city of Gaithersburg in 1984 and restored. Portion of building in use as a coffee shop; another portion as a ticket office. In regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains along westbound main at Summit Avenue.
GARRETT PARK (B&O) - Montgomery County. Frame waiting shelter. Built 1935 for PRR stop at Landover, Maryland. Moved to Garrett Park in 1989 and restored. In regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains along eastbound main.
GERMANTOWN (B&O) - Montgomery County. Frame. Replica of 1891 depot which had been destroyed by fire in 1977. In regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains along eastbound main.
GIRDLETREE (PRR) - Worcester County. Frame. Moved a short distance from original location. In private use.
GLENARM (M&PA) - Baltimore County. Frame. Built 1903. Now houses Bella's Italian Market & Delicatessen.
GLENCOE (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Frame. Two-story. Built c-1870s. Moved back from original location in 1888 about 100 feet to accommodate new track alignment, & replaced by a later (now gone) depot.
GLENVIEW (M&PA) - Baltimore County. Concrete waiting shelter. Built 1911 by a hotel at this location.
GLYNDON (WM) - Baltimore County. Brick. Built 1904 and restored 1974. Now the Glyndon Post Office.
GOLDSBORO (PRR) - Caroline County. Frame. Now situated back in Goldsboro after having spent a number of years near Henderson. The building is slated for restoration.
HAGERSTOWN (WM) - Washington County. Brick. Three-story. Now in use as city police headquarters.
HAMPSTEAD (WM) - Carroll County. Frame. In the process of restoration.
HEBRON (Baltimore & Eastern) - Wicomico County, Main Street & Railroad Avenue. Frame. Private use.
HOMELAND (Baltimore & Lehigh/M&PA) - Baltimore City. Lake Avenue. Frame, Victorian. Has bay windows on both west and north side. Now a residence.
HURLOCK (BC&A/Dorchester & Delaware/PRR) - Dorchester County, Legion Drive & Railroad Avenue. (Not to be confused with Williamsburg station, which is also in Hurlock.) The Hurlock station is owned by the railroad, but not used.
HYDE (M&PA) - Baltimore County. (Hydes) Built 1883 by S.N. Hyde on the Maryland Central Railway (narrow gauge). Later used by Baltimore & Lehigh (also narrow gauge) and the M&PA as a store which shared space as a depot. Now a hairstylist and pet grooming salon.
JEFFERSON (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Md.180 east of Lander Road. Frame. Now used by a feed company.
KENNEDYVILLE (Baltimore & Eastern/PRR) - Kent County. Frame. Moved from original location to Marshallton, Delaware, where it is in use as a depot for the Wilmington & Western Railroad.
KENSINGTON (B&O/MARC) - Montgomery County. Frame. Built 1891. In regular use for Brunswick Line weekday trains on eastbound side of main.
KENSINGTON (Kensington Electric) - Montgomery County. Howard & Summit avenues. Now a residence.
LANTZ (WM) - Frederick County. Frame. Originally called Deerfield. Now a residence.
LA PLATA (PRR) - Charles County, 101 Kent Avenue north of Charles Street. Frame. Restored and moved to site away from the track. Now houses the Historical Society of Charles County.
LATROBE PAVILION (City Park Railway) - Baltimore City. Druid Hill Park. Built c-1860s. Relocated within the park.
LAUREL (B&O/MARC) - Prince George's County, Main Street south of US-1. Brick & frame. Built 1884. In regular use for Camden Line weekday trains.
LAUREL (City & Suburban Rwy/Washington Railway & Electric) - Prince George's County. Sixth & Main streets. Frame. In use as interurban depot 1902-1925. Altered and turned to new position. Now Oliver's Restaurant.
LINEBORO (WM) - Carroll County. Stone. Now an office for a feed mill.
LINKWOOD (Dorchester & Delaware/PRR) - Dorchester County. Frame. Moved from original location. Now a residence.
LINTHICUM (WB&A/B&A) - Anne Arundel County, 100 block Maple Avenue at the Light Rail Line. Frame. Restored. Commercial use.
LONG GREEN (Baltimore & Lehigh/M&PA) - Baltimore County. Board & batten. Built 1886 or 1896. From narrow-gauge line. Moved from original location. Private use.
LUTHERVILLE (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Stone. Built 1873 by John G. Cockey & purchased by Northern Central in 1886. Used for Parkton Local until 1959. Sold by PRR in 1962. In historic district. Now a residence.
MAPLE GROVE (WM) - Carroll County. Brick. Two-story. Original location. Now a residence.
MARION STATION (PRR) - Somerset County, 28380 Crisfield-Marion Road, 1/10 mile west of Tulls Corner Road, south of Md.413. Frame. Purchased 1997 for office space but it became a museum instead. Now houses the Accohannock Indian Tribal Museum & Gift Shop, Powhatan Nation.
MARYDEL (PB&W/PRR) - Caroline County. Frame. Moved from original location to a site 9/10 mile south of town on east side of route 311. Vacant. No current use. Decrepit condition.
MIDDLETOWN (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Frame pagoda-style waiting shelter, built 1896. Originally located on East Main Street in Middletown, adjacent to the current Amoco station. Moved in 1993 to a site on private property along the original H&F alignment in Myersville where it can be visited by the public once a year in October during the Myersville Trolley Festival.
MILLERS (WM) - Carroll County. Frame. In use as apartments.
MINEFIELD (M&PA) - Harford County. Frame. Had combined use as depot and store. Now a residence.
MONKTON (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Frame. Built 1898. Used for Parkton Local until 1959. Restored in 1989 and is now a visitor center for the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.
MONTEBELLO (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City. Harford Road & Lake Montebello Drive. Stylish brick waiting shelter. Now used as a bus waiting shelter.
MOUNT AIRY (B&O) - Carroll County. Brick. Built 1875, enlarged 1882. Now a pharmacy and medical center.
MOUNT WASHINGTON (Baltimore & Northern Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City. Smith & Kelly avenues. Frame. Altered from original appearance and now a veterinary center.
MOUNTAIN LAKE PARK (B&O) - Garrett County. Frame. Commercial use.
MYERSVILLE (Hagerstown & Frederick) - Frederick County. Brick, with columns in front. Commercial use.
NEWARK (PRR) - Worcester County, Patey Woods Road & Mill Street, one block west of Newark & Langmaid roads. Frame. Originally called Queponco. Built 1910. Now the Queponco Railroad Station Museum.
NEWCOMB (Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic) - Talbot County. Frame. Moved from original location. Now the Newcomb post office.
NOTRE DAME (M&PA) - Baltimore City. Wyndhurst Avenue. Frame. Built 1906. Originally combination post office, store & depot. Now in use as a store.
OAK GROVE (Dorchester & Delaware) - Caroline County. The first station into Maryland on the D&D Railroad. It was moved many years ago about 10 miles to Finchville, Dorchester County, painted bright blue, and used as a house. Currently it is not used.
OAKLAND (B&O) - Garrett County. Brick, Victorian. Opened 1884. Restored and in use as the Oakland Heritage Center.
ODENTON (PRR/MARC) - Anne Arundel County. Frame & brick. Built 1943. Renovated 1989 for MARC service. In regular use for Penn Line weekday trains.
OVERLEA (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore County. Belair Road & Overlea Avenue. Replica of original concrete waiting shelter. Now used as a bus waiting shelter.
OWINGS MILLS (Baltimore & Susquehanna/WM) - Baltimore County. Stone & frame, Victorian-Mansard style. Stone portion is thought to be original 1832 Baltimore & Susquehanna terminus. Enlarged c-1880s and altered several times from original appearance. Now a building supply store. (A later depot built c-1906 for new track alignment was demolished following fire damage in 1990.)
PARADISE AVENUE (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore County. Frederick Road & Paradise Avenue. Brick waiting shelter. Now used as a bus waiting shelter.
PARK TERMINAL (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City. Fulton & Druid Hill avenues. Brick. Now used by city water department.
PATAPSCO (WM) - Carroll County. Frame with siding. Now a grocery store.
PEN MAR (WM) - Washington County. Frame. Now used as apartments.
PERRYVILLE (PBW/PRR) - Cecil County. Brick. Built 1905. Southbound side at Perryville wye, across from now-closed Perry Tower. Restored on behalf of MARC commuter service. In regular use. Also houses the Perryville NRHS Railroad Museum.
POCOMOKE CITY (PRR) - Worcester County, 2nd & 4th streets. Brick. Built 1912, fire damaged 1989, rebuilt 1999, dedicated as Rev. Isaac Jenkins Center April 2000.
POINT OF ROCKS (B&O) - Frederick County. Brick, Victorian, ornate with spire, recognizable as premiere depot of the area. Built early 1870s and enlarged several years later. Called Washington Junction 1876-1923. MARC trains stop at this location but the depot is not available for public use. Building is used by CSXT maintenance of way.
PRINCESS ANNE (PRR) - Somerset County, Beechwood & William streets. Brick. Trackside, but fenced from right-of-way. In use by United Community Ministries.
REIDS GROVE (Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic) - Dorchester County. Frame, two-story, with bay window. Bought from railroad in 1929 and moved about one mile north to a site along route 331 where it is now in use as a residence at house address 5314.
RIDERWOOD (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Brick. Built 1903 as Sherwood Station; name changed to Riderwood in 1913. Used for Parkton Local until 1959. Now a residence.
RIDGELY (PRR) - Caroline County, Railroad & Maryland avenues. Brick & frame. Now used for civic purposes. Baggage cart rests on depot platform which faces now-abandoned railroad.
RISING SUN (PRR) - Cecil County. South Queen Street & Dairy Road. Frame. Two-story. Moved back from original location about 100 feet. Now a residence.
RIVERDALE PARK (Washington Rwy & Electric) - Prince George's County, Queensbury Road & Rhode Island Avenue. Brick. Now houses a book store.
ROCKVILLE (B&O) - Montgomery County. Brick. Built c-1873. In 1981 building was moved from original location to make room for Metro Red Line to a site on Church Street east of Rockville Pike and restored. Now in commercial use. (Rockville MARC & Amtrak passengers now use a newer facility next to the Rockville Metro stop.)
ROHRERSVILLE (B&O) - Washington County. Trego Road 3/10-mile south of Millbrook Road. Frame. Had combined use as depot and store. Private use in deteriorating condition, substantially covered by vegetation.
ROUND BAY (WB&A/B&A) - Anne Arundel County. Frame waiting shelter. Now incorporated into a wing of a residence.
SAINT JAMES (N&W) - Washington County. Frame. Moved from original location. Now a residence.
SAINT MICHAELS (Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic/PRR) - Talbot County. Frame. Moved from original location, presumptively to a site on Dodson Avenue south of Fremont Street, where it is now in use as a residence.
SALISBURY (PRR) - Wicomico County, Railroad Avenue & Wilson Street. Brick. Cluttered. Now in use by a sign company.
SEVERNA PARK (WB&A/B&A) - Anne Arundel County, Riggs & Holly avenues at the B&A Trail. Brick. Built 1919, enlarged 1925. Now the home of the Severna Park Model Railroad Club adjacent to the B&A Trail.
SILVER SPRING (B&O) - Montgomery County. Brick. Built 1945. Westbound depot now owned by Montgomery Preservation Inc. housing railroad artifacts with former baggage area leased for commercial use. Eastbound waiting room boarded up. MARC passengers no longer board at this facility. In 2003 a new facility was opened about 1/4 mile west of this location adjacent to the Silver Spring Metro station.
SMITHSBURG (WM) - Washington County. Stone. Now in use as a bank.
SNOW HILL (PRR) - Worcester County, Collins & Belt streets. Brick & stucco. Built 1916. Currently at the south end of Maryland & Delaware RR line. Restored and used for community meeting space.
SOMERSET ROAD (United Railways & Electric/BTC) - Baltimore City. University Parkway east of Roland Avenue. Brick waiting shelter.
STEMMERS RUN (PRR) - Baltimore County. Brick. Now used by Amtrak maintenance of way.
STEVENSON (NCR/PRR) - Baltimore County. Frame. Built 1901. Used for Green Spring Branch passenger trains until 1933. Commercial use as an architect's office.
STEVENSVILLE (Queen Anne's County RR) - Queen Anne's County. Frame. Built 1902. Relocated in 1988 to a heritage park on west side of Cockey Lane where it has been restored as a museum.
SUDLERSVILLE (Queen Anne's & Kent/PRR) - Queen Anne's County, Md.300 & S. Linden Street. Frame. Built c-1885. Restored and in use as a museum.
SYKESVILLE (B&O) - Carroll County. Brick. Built 1884. Restored and in use as Baldwin's Train Station & Pub.
TANEYTOWN (York, Hanover & Frederick/PRR) - Carroll County. Frame, board & batten siding. Built c-1900. Moved one block east of original location to northeast corner of E. Baltimore & George streets. Restored and in private use.
TRAPPE STATION (Baltimore & Eastern) - Talbot County. Md.333 and Almshouse Road, about midway between Trappe and Oxford. Depot was at one time named Oxford. Frame. Now a real estate office.
UNION BRIDGE (WM) - Carroll County. Brick. Built 1902. One-time headquarters of the WM. Also once used as headquarters for the Maryland Midland Railway (now relocated in a separate building east of road crossing). Restored. In use as Western Maryland Railway Historical Society museum.
VALE (M&PA) - Harford County. Frame. Built 1901. Had combined use as depot and store. Now a residence.
VIENNA (Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic) - Dorchester County. It was disassembled a number of years ago and moved by barge up the Nanticoke River for use in a new building near Seaford, Delaware.
WALKERSVILLE (York, Hanover & Frederick/PRR/Walkersville Southern) - Frederick County. Frame, Victorian. Built c-1900. Restored. Used by Walkersville Southern as depot & ticket office.
WESTERNPORT (WM) - Allegany County, 117 Maryland Avenue. Brick & frame. Restored and in use as a museum of the Westernport Heritage Society.
WESTOVER (PRR) - Somerset County. Frame. Moved from former location to a field north side of Md.361 about 3/10 mile west of Md.413. Private use.
WHITEFORD (M&PA) - Harford County. Frame. Built 1893 by the Baltimore & Lehigh (narrow gauge). Later used by the M&PA. Building was repainted as a Boy Scouts project in 1980 and adorned with a station sign repainted Whiteford from a sign previously displayed at Fallston, Maryland. Private use for storage.
WILLIAMSBURG (PRR) - Dorchester County. Frame. Moved to Hurlock to the corner of Charles & Mill streets where it is in civic use as meeting space. (Not to be confused with the Hurlock station, which is also in Hurlock.)
WORTON (PW&B/PRR) - Kent County, 9868 Route 297. Frame with brick-design siding. Moved from original location to a site on west side of Md.297, 7/10 mile north of Md.213. Now in use as a residence or farm use.
WOODLAWN (WB&A/B&A) - Anne Arundel County. Near Ferndale. Frame. Private residence.
WOODSBORO (York, Hanover & Frederick/PRR) - Frederick County. Frame. Vacant but undergoing restoration by local historical group. Structure has a new foundation and base timbers.


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