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Railroad Interlocking Towers

Allen Brougham, the editor of the Bull Sheet and webmaster of this site, was an interlocking tower operator for over 30 years. He began as a student operator with the Baltimore & Ohio in 1970, and he ended his career with CSX upon his 60th birthday in 2000. Included here are stories and articles about life in the towers, and submitted features:


Remembering HB Tower

The JD Tower Story (1992, when it closed)

The QN Tower Story (1992, when it closed)

Remembering West Cumbo Tower

Remembering Miller Tower

Eight Hours at Miller Tower (December 15, 1995)

Carroll Tower Memories by William Loechel

Preserved Interlocking Towers by Bill Haines

A Lesson in Tower Preservation by William A. Burke Jr

A Visit to Harrington Tower (2002)

Martinsburg Tower (2003)

Hunt Tower on the PRR

Staunton Cabin on the C&O

The Saga of 'Saucerman'

List of B&O Towers in 1928

List of B&O Towers in 1958

Staffed Interlocking Stations on CSX (February 4, 1991)